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Here’s A Massive Unboxing Video For Fire Emblem Fates

NintenDaan has got his hands on Fire Emblem Fates which has recently launched in Japan. But, that is not all. He’s also got hold of the Special Edition of the game, the New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates and the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game. That’s a lot of Fire Emblem merchandise. As we reported earlier today the game shot to number one in the Japanese video game sales charts, which you can view here. Enjoy the unboxing video!

15 thoughts on “Here’s A Massive Unboxing Video For Fire Emblem Fates”

      1. No the important thing is that it includes both sides of the story on one cartridge. I don’t want to make my path decision when I buy the game retail and I don’t buy digital games.

    1. I hope I can snag a special edition when it gets released in NA.

      Initial sales already surpassed Awakening in Japan, that’s one top selling game.

      1. To be fair though, are they counting both of the releases in the same sales figures? That’s kinda cheating because a lot of people probably bought both versions.

        1. Yes it includes both versions. But it’s also a partial week of FE sales vs every other games full week

      2. I Need those trading cards, need that art book, need that face plate, and I need my regular size N3DS! Please, Nintendon’t do this to me!

      3. I wonder if the special edition has a giant faggot Ambino and a dike ambino waveing a faggot rainbow flag ….

        1. Who would wanna play a rpg with lesbian and faggot characters?….hopefully not a straight or Christian guy

          1. pretty sure they cure a girl or something from that and for some dumb reason, this game is getting hate for it. it’s a fantasy srpg. I find it funny that they cure her from liking cute girls or whatever lol its just meant to be funny.

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