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Here’s A New Trailer For Rodea The Sky Soldier

The long-awaited Rodea the Sky Soldier is coming to Europe and the United States in October. To drum up some more interest for the flight based platformer, NIS America has unleashed a brand new trailer. The game, which is developed by none other than Sonic creator Yuji Naka, has been in development for what seems like forever. It started out as a game for the original Wii and 3DS back in 2010 and has since shifted development to the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. If you decide to pre-order the game then you will get the original unreleased Wii version as a bonus.

20 thoughts on “Here’s A New Trailer For Rodea The Sky Soldier”

  1. I know it’s always gameplay over graphics but this game looks like a Wii game. Way more than Starfox Zero does.

    1. It is also a Wii game too so there’s that. At least I don’t think this is the Wii version because apparently I’ve heard that’s the better looking version

  2. It’s NIS I don’t expect anything graphically impressive from them tbh lol.

    I’m getting this game though

        1. I don’t care about it being as good looking as fast racing Neo, but at least make it look like it was going to be for the Wii U not early Wii.

      1. If you dumb fuckd look at shovel knight, and mario maker. It’s always game play, all you 13 year old boys, get your mouths off your mother’s dick, grow up! This is why we don’t get many games, shut up and buy the games or don’t get anything, i plan to get this game. I will show my support for the wii u. The rest of you haters can suck it.

        1. Lol, good for you. At least somebody will show their support to the Wii U. Nintendo sure doesn’t.

          Shovel knight and Mario may not be as graphicly impressive, but they LOOK better, because they accomplish what they set out to achieve. If you’re gonna make 3D models, you should make them look good.

          Not buying this game, looks afwul to me.

        2. Shovel Night actually looks good, it’s not about that anyway. I like the game so far, and if it looks fun to play when it comes out I’ll buy it. It just looks sloppily made, that’s all I’m saying, and you can’t deny it would be better if it looked nicer, it wouldn’t even be that hard at all. I’m not hating on Nintendo or the Wii U, I LOVE both, so stop assuming. Over all your the one assuming and hating, so end of story, goodbye.

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        4. Can’t wait to get this game. Nintendo could you at least put this on your YouTube channel. So that way other people can know about it.

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