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Hyperkin Developing A GameCube Controller Compatible With 130+ Wii U Games

In what is likely the most ingenious concept of Wii U’s lifespan, Hyperkin is currently testing a GameCube-esque Wii U wireless controller that will be fully compatible with Wii U Pro Controller titles. Not to be done by some of the other third-party controller announcements this week, the new controller titled “ProCube” showed up in a reddit post on /r/SmashBros early yesterday. Unlike Nintendo’s proprietary Wii U GameCube controllers, the ProCube is able to sync via the same method as a Wiimote or Wii U Pro Controller, making the “Wii U GameCube Adapter” completely unnecessary. Even more interesting, the controller (utilizing an additional few buttons) is fully compatible with any of the 130+ Wii U Pro Controller titles, meaning you can use this modified GameCube controller with games such as Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

The ProCube is still in its prototype stages, however Hyperkin hopes to have it at EVO 2015 to get player feedback. The current price expected is somewhere between $30-40, with no definite release date.

31 thoughts on “Hyperkin Developing A GameCube Controller Compatible With 130+ Wii U Games”

      1. Because now days they pack so much tech into them, that it drives up the price.
        I miss the days of the NES and SNES and the MASTER SYSTEM and the Sega GENESIS.
        No rumble… no fancy motion junk… none of that.
        So the controllers back then ranged between 15 and 21 dollars, i know cause i remember buying a controller for my super nintendo for right at 20 bucks back in the day.
        And all it had was some switches for “turbo” which was basically just.. a repeated tapping by holding the button down.
        The more complex controllers got as more gimmicks were introduced, the more the cost went up.
        Until now we have a 150 dollar controller from MS… which is fucking nuts for a controller in my mind.

        1. You havent really accounted for inflation for the old controlers. Byt controlers nowadays are so much better, wireless, dual joysticks, rumble everywhere you want it its great.

          1. Better is subjective. To me they’re bloated and uncomfortable, and even at times heavy depending on what console. And i did take inflation into account, but i dis-guarded it. I can still find snes controllers for around 20 bucks new in some places. The sheer amount of tech is mainly to blame for the price. If you stripped a PS4 controller down to only 4 face buttons, 2 shoulder buttons a cross pad and a start and select. It would only be around 20 bucks. Things like tilt function, rumble, pressure sensitive buttons and triggers. Analogue sticks.. gyros.. That adds up to a lot.

        2. This shows how Nintendo has been lazy.

          That being said: Nintendo, where are the GCN games for the Wii U VC???

          1. Completely agree. I would even love to see more HD re-releases like we saw with Wind Waker on the console.

          1. They are considering making a wired version, depending on the popularity. This wired version would have a USB cord, versus one compatible with a GameCube port.

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          1. I’m wondering the same thing. Looks like it, unfortunately. Either the shoulder buttons are simply mimicking the Wii U Pro’s, or they had an issue w/ the dual-click versions in the original GCN controller. But I suspect 1 of the reasons why VC has no GCN games is due to a lack of analog triggers, which worked so well w/ games like Luigi’s Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm, & F-Zero.

            My major gripe w/ the original GCN controller was the small D-pad & its awkward placement. But both Wii Classic Pro & Wii U Pro fixed that. Hyperking’s GCN controller looks great, except it seems to be including the small D-pad. I can forgive digital triggers since Wii U games lack that input, but a reasonably sized D-pad is important to me.

        4. I remember when GameCube came out everyone bashed the controller for its toy look and weird button layout… Now it’s coveted by all but mostly smash players. I love the GC original and Wave Bird wireless , but don’t see the problem with the pro controller or why this would have to replace the current pro controller as the are both comfy to me :) I guess certain games would work better with either or so options are nice

        5. Lol. Why did this take so long? I didn’t start playing Smash until Brawl, so I don’t mind playing with a Pro Controller, but I like the design of the GC controller, so I will probably pick one up.

        6. I hope Hyperking addresses the issue of the small D-pad that the original GCN configuration was plagued w/. 2D GCN games suffered for it. If they’re reconfiguring it to fit the Wii U Pro, then include its D-pad, which is bigger & much better. Alas, that pic suggests they’re going w/ the small D-pad of the original. I use the Wii U Pro for 2D games, too.

        7. I must have this! Hopefully they end up working well and being a good quality, I really don’t like the button layout of the Pro Controller.

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