Rare Originally Wanted Donkey Kong To Wear A Helmet With Flashlight For Cave Levels

You can certainly find some interesting information floating around Twitter. Mark Stevenson, who previously worked at Rare, has shared on the social network that the development team for the Donkey Kong Country series on the Super Nintendo originally envisioned Donkey Kong wearing a helmet with a flashlight for the dark and dank cave levels found throughout the original game. However, Stevenson says this was later replaced with Squawks the parrot.



      1. … Its not the same… Gorillas need oxygen and cannot breath underwater. Scuba diving helps air breathing creatures to breath underwater so it actually made perfect sense while underwears adds nothing to the functionality of DK on land stages.
        So i would love to see dk with a scuba diving suit!!


      2. >>>Our gorillas can breath underwater, High Command gave them the Modified Gorilla/Zora Silver Scale>>>

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    1. I don’t know why, but whenever I read the name, “Dankey Kang” I CANNOT help but laugh hysterically.


  1. Rare dwelling on what might have been with Nintendo IP is why they can’t get anything done with Microsoft. Get over it and move on, DK belongs to Nintendo.


  2. As cool as this would have been, if it meant taking out Squawks, I’m glad it didn’t happen. Not saying it WOULD mean no Squawks, but IF it did, then no. Also, howcome in DK 64 Squawks complains that he can’t lift up TINY Kong, yet in DK 2 he can lift BOTH Diddy AND Dixie, both of whom are bigger than Tiny. Is Tiny hiding an extra lot of junk in her trunk or something? Like seriously. She has to shrink even more to be the same weight as Diddy & Dixie? First World problems? Nah Nintendo World problems yo!


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