Sega: “We’ll Talk More About Sonic’s 25th Anniversary Early Next Year”

With Sonic’s 20th anniversary coming up it is rather strange that Sega has neglected to mention what they have in store for fans. Many are hoping that we will finally get a next generation Sonic title on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, as those two consoles have yet to have their own Sonic game. The only Sonic titles in sight are Sonic Runners, which is out now on iOS and Android, and Sonic Boom Fire & Ice, which is coming out sometime in the winter for Nintendo 3DS. Aaron Webber, Sonic the Hedgehog PR & Social Media Manager, has said that they definitely have something in store for fans to celebrate Sonic’s 25th anniversary and says that they should have something to share early next year.


    1. How? There is one game that has come out for the main series since Generations. It took 20 years of Sonic games for Generations to come out, and you’re expecting them to do another in 5 years? Please explain (not trying to be mean). :)

    2. When you see your series dying right in front of you and there’s nothing you can do:
      “Please stop Sega, have mercy!”

  1. Is that a typo on the first sentence, or am I missing something.

    Either way, for some odd reason I feel like Sega is going all out for their 25th anniversary.

    1. i wanted SEGA to put the 25th anniversary on every console like Wii U Xbox ONE & PS4 so all the fans will enjoy that so yeah i want that to that i know sonic 06 does not sell well but still its a good sonic game and lets hope this anniversary sell well next year in every console i mean all home consoles.

      1. Sonic ’06 a “good game?” Delusional much? Also, it did actually sell reasonably well – mostly because too much of the fanbase doesn’t have any concept of quality and will buy anything Sonic-related…

        1. well i was thinking that SEGA can make a better decent sonic game and see what fans think of the new sonic game for next year sonic 06 was ok and also sonic lost world was the best and i enjoy it pretty much.

    1. i wanted SEGA to put the 25th anniversary on every console like Wii U Xbox ONE & PS4 so all the fans will enjoy that so yeah i want that to that i know sonic 06 does not sell well but still its a good sonic game and lets hope this anniversary sell well next year in every console i mean all home consoles.

  2. It’s going to be a port of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the PS4 and X1 and a sequel to the Wii U because that’s what everyone wants.

  3. Please be Sonic Adventure 3. Or at the very least a Sonic game that plays just as good as Generations but with a better story and more levels. And DO NOT FORGET the Chao Garden!

    1. Chao Garden is what MAKES it a Sonic Adventure.

      But I agree- give us the thing we’ve all been wanting, Sonic Adventure 3! And don’t be afraid to implement Sonic’s friends and make them playable. I want to play as Silver and Blaze in a main title again.

    2. No, don’t say that. As much as I love you for saying that, please don’t. We shouldn’t get our hopes up, or we’ll end up crying when the game’s announced.

  4. After the disasters like Boom, LostWorld, mobile cash grabs etc.

    1. Looking back after sonic boom, sochi olympics, and runners, was lost world THAT bad?

      1. They were a bit too easy. Remeber when Final bosses in Sonic made you work for it?

  5. “Now that we’re finished with Sonic Adventure 1&2 and Sonic Heroes, let’s make another Sonic game! Wait, what’s Sonic again?” -Sonic Team 2005-2009 (A.K.A. Shadow the Hedgehog/Sonic ’06 saga).

    “Oh yeah, that’s Sonic. -Sonic Team 2011 (Sonic Colors/Sonic Generations).

    “Ahh crap, I forgot again, something about rolling fruit into blenders right? RIGHT?!” Sonic Team 2013 (Sonic Lost World).

    “It may not be Sonic, really, but at least it’s still a good game.” Sanzaru Games 2014 (Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal).

    “WHAT THE FUCK IS A SONIC?!” Big Red Button 2014 (Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric)

    “So when’s Sonic Adventure 3 coming out, yo?” Me 2003-Present.

          1. Have to give credit to Unleashed though because they created the boost system and it’s really fun to use in Generations. Lol.

          2. Lol wait, I think boost was already in Sonic Rush. But Unleashed basically created the Modern Sonic we use today. :P

        1. Lost World was a frustrating mess. If they’re gonna put so many death traps and obstacles in the way, they need to at least make sure the controls work right first.

    1. 1. Yo dumbass already know there is metroid prime federation force and if you don’t like it then o well
      2. Maybe there will be a 2d metroid game coming to the 3ds who knows
      3. you already know a new 3d metroid game will be made down the line so stop bitching and shut yo retarded ass up and wait like the rest of us

      1. 1. Name calling, mature. And he’s not the only one that doesn’t like it. About 90% of the fanbase doesn’t.
        2. Wrong. The developrs themselves stated that there is no other Metroid in the works. This is the ONLY one being worked on. To start one now would result in it having to be on the NX.
        3. We don’t know that as nothing as been announced.
        Quit name calling, swearing, and grow up.

        1. 1. Ok I name call and lol
          2. Bullshit percentage
          3. Duh dumbass I said maybe I nor you nor anyone else knows wh as they the fuck Nintendo is up to that’s why I said maybe read ya dumbass retard
          4. Exactly so we know there will most likely or possibly be a 3d metroid game coming and miyamoto already said they were working on or going to work on a 2d and 3d metroid game and things must have changed obviously

          1. Look Brandon you can swallow dog shit for all I care shut the fuck up and I did grow up lol all because I message like this you think I’m not grown ha lol you need to grow up ya fucktard cunt

              1. You can shut the fuck up and drink dog shit straight from the source stay out of conversations that don’t concern you and sonic better have a good game for all of the sonic fanboys

                    1. And yet I’m not the one talking like a child. I’d call you retarded, but that’d be an insult to retarded people. I think “kid” is more fitting.~

              1. 1. Me commenting about something that is possible is damage controlling lol get the fuck outta here with that shut
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                3. I only buy games I like and it seems you are fuckin retarded and are commenting based on nothing and you can drink dog shit straight from the source you inbred bitch

          1. Like I said before you retarded fuck read I am no fanboy but there are plenty on this website and I only buy games I like I don’t care what the company or companies do lol all of the bitching and whining about changing stuff is for other people to do as I’m sure you have seen on this website and possibly several others

            1. You might not be a fanboy but you do come off pretty stupid like one 90% of the time. But carry on, little one. I know you will. You can’t help but to respond to even this comment. Go on! Give me your best shot, kid! (This will be fun to watch, as usual.)

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  6. Probably going to be another mediocre Sonic game like Rise of Lyric and Lost World. I don’t know, but the company seriously lost my respect after everything that happened this year and last year with their constant facepalm-worthy announcements.

  7. I fear Pontaff will be working on the story for the next game which would suck. Also, I hope the next game isn’t some kind of nostalgia Fest or overly simple but rather something new. We haven’t really had a game like that since Unleashed.

  8. Will this finally be the year we get Sonic Adventure 3?

    Will we be able to play as Sonic’s friends in a main title again including Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge?

    Will we see the comeback of older characters we haven’t seen in years like Fang or Mighty?

    I sure hope so.

    1. I’m afraid they WILL make Sonic Adventure 3. If they screw that game up, they’re done. No more Sonic, or they might sell the rights or something. Do you realize how many people are only still apart of the fanbase because of the Adventure series?

  9. Sonic Adventure 3 would be amazing, but seems unrealistic, I would REALLY like a good Unleashed/Generations style Sonic game, it would look BEAUTIFUL on current gen systems

  10. A new Sonic Generations with only the Classic Sonic stages, a physical version of Sonic 4, a “retro-style” Sonic 5 done in Mega Drive 16-bit like Capcom did with 8-bit versions for MegaMan 9/10 or a revival of Sonic Xtreme for 3DS are all my dream Sonic games.

  11. i wanted SEGA to put the 25th anniversary on every console like Wii U Xbox ONE & PS4 so all the fans will enjoy that so yeah i want that to that i know sonic 06 does not sell well but still its a good sonic game and lets hope this anniversary sell well next year in every console i mean all home consoles.

  12. Sonic Adventure DX: Director’s Cut!
    I played that game to death on my Gamecube back in the day.

    1. So did I. Personally, I find it to be more fun than Adventure 2. I liked how each character had their own seperate story. Except for Big. I hated his stupid story.

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