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Ubisoft Studios Can Create Low-Cost Games Without Executive Approval

Creative titles at Ubisoft have just received a boost as the company has revealed that Ubisoft’s internal studios can create low-cost video games without receiving executive approval. Providing the games budgets are cheap enough (between $500k – $3 million) then the studios can begin skipping the arduous pitching process. This should lead to some very interesting video games coming from the studio which has brought us games such as Rayman and Child of Light.

34 thoughts on “Ubisoft Studios Can Create Low-Cost Games Without Executive Approval”

  1. This is great news. Ubisoft devs aren’t even untalented, the shitty interventions made by the higher-ups during the process is what ruins their games.

  2. Looking back at my Wii and DS games, I can’t believe how much casual shovelware Ubisoft made. I saw their logo on SO many games. *looking at Bing Images for examples* Party Babyz, the Petz series, movie games such as Surf’s Up and Smurfs Dance Party, Hell’s Kitchen, My Fitness Coach Club, the list goes on. I think they’re possibly the largest third-party company around. There’s SOOOOO many casual games made by Ubisoft. Hard to believe that the Assassin’s Creed series came from Ubisoft, when looking at all of the boatloads of casual games they’re responsible for.

        1. It’s simple, unchallening and doesn’t require much skill. It’s not shovelware-tier casual, but it’s definitely up there with other AAA casual titles like the Arkham games or GTA.

          1. By those standard super mario 3d world is a casual game, smash bros wiiu is a casual game, wind waker hd is a casual game and toad treasure tracker is a casual game… Because all of them are pretty easy. Dont get me wrong i love those games (in fact wind waker for the gamecube is my favourite game ever) but they are far from challengin… You cam argue that smash if you go competitive is hard as balls and its true but the game is easily casualised (invented word) if you play in normal difficult.
            I think that the difference between casual and hardcore is nowdays use like an insult for.titles that we dont like…
            Casual is a game you play CASUALLY that means a little bit on monday maybe a half hour on friday and so on while hardcore is attached for DIFICULT IN GAME and TIME YOU SPENT… So i wouldnt call assasins creed a hardcore game but neither casual… In fact by the time definition most wiiu titles except for bayonetta 2 are pretty casuals: pick up play for an hour put down.

            1. Yes, they all are casual games, I’m not sure why anyne would argue otherwise. Smash at least has the competitive community going for it, as you say, but it’s easily outmatched in depth by many ‘classic’ fighting series.

              “Casual is a game you play CASUALLY that means a little bit on monday maybe a half hour on friday and so on”
              This doesn’t mean anything, though. A game can have short sessions and still be a hardcore game. That definition was never a reliable way to discern between the two types of games and it’s become outdated, to say the least.

              “In fact by the time definition most wiiu titles except for bayonetta 2 are pretty casuals”
              Yes, they are. And as you said, that’s not a bad thing, so I don’t know what you’re evern trying to argue here.

                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                  >>>Smash Brothers is not a civilian game because you battle others online that are way more challenging than the game itself and if someone plays a normal difficulty while there being harder challenges in a game then it’s them who are the casual ones, not the game>>>

                  >>>Although the word “casual” is explained by your comment, it also has the meaning in the gaming world as being a game without any challenge just like Assassin’s Creed and the majority of the over-hyped garbage out there are today>>>

                  >>>No game in the last 10 years considered to be AAA titles even comes 20% close to the difficulty offered by game like Toki Going Ape Spit or Biohazard Battle at their most difficult settings>>>

                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                          >>>I see, yes it is needed badly today>>>

                          >>>I loved this game when I had the Genesis, it was one of the hardest games I’ve played ever and still is today>>>

                          1. Man, the Genesis had some amazing shmups. If we’re going fourth gem, though this would be my favorite. Amazing use of mode 7 rendering enemies as background. You should totally give it a try if you feel like emulating SNES.

                          2. I have to say that the most hardcore games i have played in the last 4 years are Ikaruga (talking about shmups) super meat boy and dark souls.
                            I know that ikaruga is old but i couldnt get a gamecube copy until last year and i wanted to play it on a gamecube.
                            About dark souls i really wish that from software team up with nintendo for dark souls 3… I really think that miyamoto could show them a good control scheme (i hate the way its control… It should definitely be control as ocarina of time) also a nintendo partnership could make the games less glitchier than it actually is.
                            Dont know if you are a fan of dark souls but i think that its a darkerned nintendo perfect title: FOCUS ON THE GAMEPLAY screw the cutscenes, story is told by gameplay, screw tutorials learn by playing. I dont think that this is the path that zelda should take as opposed to a lot of fans but i really think this is a game that miyamoto could have created if he were into a more dark tone.

                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                              >>>IT would be great if they did a trilogy release and Lord Miyamoto’s control scheme, I might be interested in that series then, it hasn’t really caught my attention, mainly because other games are prioritised first>>>

                            2. Just because you’re tired of Assassin’s Creed doesn’t make it casual. Not by a long shot.

                              1. AC4 is fun as hell. I LOVE just sailing around, sinking ships and building my fleet. Half the time I don’t even care about the plot. AC3 got really, really stale, but AC4 is a blast.

                                1. You guys are being elitist snobs. Assassin’s Creed is not “casual”. Games like Mario Party and Wii Sports and mobile games are casual. Casual gamers are your mom and dad and girlfriend. I think, perhaps, it could be argued that there is a class of “mainstream” gamers somewhere between casual and hardcore, i.e., people who game but don’t necessarily immerse themselve in gaming culture. This would be your COD/GTA/AC crowd.

                                  1. Which are casual gamers. It’s not about being elitist, it’s about separating the (usually) more challenging and niche games from the ones that can be just picked up and played by everyone. AC, like it or not, can be picked up and played (and more importantly: finisjed) by everyone with a pair of functional hands and brain.

                                    While I agree with your distinction between the types of people who play the game, I disagee with your idea that the people which play that game define if it’s casual or hardcore: it’s something inherent to the game’s design. Just take a look at the link I posted, even the fanbase knows it’s a casual game.

                                  2. Ridley 4 Smash DLC!

                                    The only time Assassin’s Creed is hardcore is when you are trying to complete it 100% by doing all of the challenges in each mission, which are optional by the way. Otherwise, I have to say the game is pretty casual for the most part.

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