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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Launches Later This Month On Wii U And New 3DS

The wait for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is almost over. Nicalis has announced that the game will launch for Wii U and New Nintendo 3DS on July 23 in North America. The Binding of Isaac is a randomly-generated action RPG shooter with an emphasis on roguelike elements. It contains four chapters spanning eight levels, a slew of unlockable items, over 20 bosses and multiple endings.


  1. Might try this game out. So much ppl love it so it must have something good about it lol

    1. Careful with that statement since there are tons of people that love Justin Bieber. xD

  2. Yet another “New” 3DS exclusive, and I knew that Xenoblade Chronicles 3D wouldn’t be the only one.

    1. I’m honestly surprised that Hyrule Warriors wasn’t a New 3DS exclusive…..I just thought it would require a lot more power to throw down such a huge number of mobs.

      1. One thing that’s been noted from screenshots is that less enemies are on the screen- perhaps they had to lessen the amount of enemy AI units so it could run on the original models.

        Not defending this game though as it’s a kick in the teeth to Wii U owners…

      2. To be fair though, there have been Samurai Warriors games on the 3DS, even one at launch if I remember correctly.

  3. Glad I can get it on Wii U. That is my platform of choice and I don’t (and probably will never) own a New 3DS.

    1. It’s a legit question. Usually, indies have to lean on the crutch of “old school” difficulty (really just masochism) to stand out. This has already got the whole OMG SUPER DARK RELIGIOUS THEMES OMG going for it… and little else.

  4. At least I hope this sets a precedent for actually *good* games featuring “objectionable” content being able to pass through the bureaucratic dinosaur that is Nintendo’s censorship system.

    1. Sadly, at this point, the only way Nintendo is ever going to fully get into modern gaming is when all the old people finally pass away & none of the younger generation in the company is corrupted by “Ugh! Change is Evil! Back, demon spawn of Satan!”

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