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Splatoon Clothing Is Now A Thing… Do You Want It?

How enamored with the Wii U exclusive Splatoon are you? Enough that you want to wear matching sweatshirt and leggings inspired by the distinct 90s theme? Thanks to PopComet, you now have that opportunity with their collection of Splatoon inspired clothing. The collection, which has kids’ (but no squids), mens’, and womens’ options, ranges from $20 (handbag) to $66 (jacket). However, would you wear any of these in public? If so, what squid-related item would you sport?

24 thoughts on “Splatoon Clothing Is Now A Thing… Do You Want It?”

    1. Well here you go, sorta. This site is making actual shirts from the game. The order date has passed but maybe a reprint will happen.

    2. Just give me a hat that looks like Inkling Squid of Inkling Girl’s “hair” and I’m good.

    3. I wonder if Nintendo knows about this.
      Either way, I personally think it doesn’t look appealing at all, but each to their own, I suppose.

    4. They don’t look appealing, sure they definitely are noticeable. Would be better if they mimic the brands in the game

      1. Yeah. For me, It would be embarrassing if I wore these. Some people at Redbubble have made the actual shirts from the games that you can buy.

    5. doesn’t look too great to me way to messy with all thoses random squids and heads
      a normal splattered shirt design with nothing else or one with the squid eyes in the middle of you’re chest would be cool

    6. It sucks that i don’t have a girlfriend, a girl wearing splatoon leggings or dress, oh well i would color all the truf with white ink and judd the cat shall raise his hand with a 100% .. sigh

    7. They put too much color on them… The pouch would be nice for a lot of color(I could put my pencils/erasers/markers/more) because it will stand out in my backpack. I don’t like the shirts and hoodies though. I feel like they should put a lot less color, lower the price, and I would buy. They would look cute with black leggings and boots that match the shirt. I would also carry the pouch and slay everyone I happen to pass. I would be getting my life.

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