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Ubisoft CEO Explains Why Digital Console Games Stay More Expensive Than Physical

One thing that puzzles many of us when purchasing a game is why digital versions of video games are generally more expensive than the retail versions. While retail games see extreme price drops on a daily basis, digital games generally retain their pricing and are only discounted occasionally. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has explained why this is.

“Digital is more reactive than what we put in stores, but at the same time, it doesn’t react as fast on consoles than it does on PC,” Guillemot said. “What we can say is that when games are older than one year, digital is a lot more dynamic on console because there are less units in stores. It’s a new business, a new trend, and we think all this will get more in line with time, but for sure, at the moment you see all sorts of prices depending on who is doing a promotion for that specific week.

“If you look at the PC [post-release discount] trend, I think you will see that on consoles, but you will have to wait a little bit of time for that to happen with the same speed,” he continued, suggesting Ubisoft could become more aggressive in discounting digital console games in the future.

“On digital we will not sell [a game] for a lower price compared to physical. After a few weeks or few months things can change, and as Yves has been saying, sometime you might have a promotion on Amazon [that is] not on GameStop, but we can also react on the digital side.

“We are actually more aggressive on the PC side where digital is very, very strong. We tend to be more conservative on the digital side for more console and more flexible on PC.”

30 thoughts on “Ubisoft CEO Explains Why Digital Console Games Stay More Expensive Than Physical”

  1. “reactive”? “dynamic”? Just drop the PR speak and admit that the reason they don’t drop prices on digital games is because they don’t want to. Gutting the consumer by making them pay full price for a game they don’t even own puts $$$$$ in their pockets.

    1. Agreed. It is a lazy thing. You can drive down to the store and buy a copy for $39.99 or just stay home in your underwear and pay $49.99.

      Also it is very nice to just start a game without having to swap discs every 5 minutes. I wish I could copy my physical games to storage and out the discs up.

    2. I have to say ibis oft is one of the few companies that drop prices, you can get must of their games pretty cheap. Not like physical, but compared to everyone else, they r the best companies so far.

      1. They drop the prices because their games can’t stand up to their hype, so to move units and recover the investment they need to practically give them away.

    3. The REAL reason why digital is just as or even more expensive than physical is because these publishers, like that lying piece of shit Yves Guillemot, are making more money from digital than physical by cutting costs of of blu ray discs, shipment of product, and retailers getting a small percentage of each sale.
      When A CEO of A company begins to speak, put some ear plugs in and ignore the bullshit that flows from the hell pit that they refer to as their mouths.

    4. they simply sell out physical copies and don’t care about digital pricing cause it is easier not to do anything

    5. I'm a Boss Ass Bitch

      Actually speaking as a digital buyer. Digital games are actually cheaper. No irrelevant fucking taxes are added when I’m making a purchase. If it costs 59.99 than it’ll just be flat out 60.00. If you purchase that shit at gamestop. It’ll come up to the Damn price of 65.96.

      1. On what console? I have to pay tax on digital games on both Steam and the eShop and it comes to around the same I’d pay for a physical game including taxes.

          1. Way to over-complicate a very simple situation:
            Retailer and publisher are not a single entity, and some retailers will carry out sales and price cuts regardless of the publisher’s recommended prices.

            1. exactly… if they were smart, they would drop the digital price and make it so they don’thave to print anything in the long run and get more people to buy digital (and buy altogether)… it’s a scam

          2. I.E. We are greedy as hell… fuck the players.
            I’m never buying a Ubisoft published or developed game again.

          3. I’m not live in US,but I use 3DS xl,so if I want to buy a copy of game,the eshop is the only way,and the price is too expensive.I think they want to earn the money out of US,like me.

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