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Itagaki Says Don’t Believe The Rumours About Devil’s Third “World Brims Over With Lies”

The whole situation regarding the release of Devil’s Third in the United States is nothing short of bizarre. We have heard that Nintendo of America don’t particularly want to touch the game with a barge pole, but the game should be coming to the United States via a third-party publisher. Devil’s Third producer Tomonobu Itagaki has taken to Facebook to try to clear any confusion, but has seemingly made things a little worse. So who knows what is going on regarding a North American release for Devil’s Third.

Guys, which do you believe me or such site?
The world brims over with lies and rumors.
Thanks always, mates.

Thanks, Michelle

55 thoughts on “Itagaki Says Don’t Believe The Rumours About Devil’s Third “World Brims Over With Lies””

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      He said it himself. “I am going to release it in north and south america.” I completely dismissed the whole NOA debacle becase of that single statement. So you guys need to just chill while he tightens up the loose ends.

      1. I’m supporting these guys 100%, unless the framerate is like 20 fps or something outrageous. They’re not really a big studio, so I can understand if the game won’t compare to major AAA games.

      2. No, we dont need to chill. Whether the game comes out to america or not is completely irrelevant to the reasons most of us are disgusted with this.

        Our problem is noa refusing to comment or even acknowledge the existence of this game at e3 or in the weeks that followed. All the speculation that’s come from every corner of the web stems directly from noa’s bs handling of a situation that they, AGAIN, created for themselves. They could have just as easily said “yeah, devils third comes out in october for the americas” or something–anything–at e3 when asked.

        Instead, as always, their impropriety and disinterest has proven them out to be condecending and arrogant fools and that is precisely why fewer and fewer people view nintendo as a viable gaming option.

        You dont get to spend the last 5 years swearing that youre listening and making viable changes to your approach when you consistently prove otherwise in every conceivable way you can.

    2. We shouldn’t believe in any rumors but since it came from a reliable source and that we have no NA release date makes it sound legit. I really don’t know whether I should trust this guy

      1. You’d rather listen to some fat kid making guesses on rumors already circulating on the internet, than someone who actually knows something about things?

        1. Which those same people aren’t saying or answering shit themselves of if the game still exists and when and IF it’s coming to US. So yeah, I’m not believing those guys either. :/

        2. So the choice of who to believe is the creator/director of the game or a website spreading rumor based on and unknown inside source. That is a tough one.

      2. The title sounds a little confusing. I’d put “saying” right before the quotation. But that just my suggestion.

      3. When the game is released and fully reviewed, that’s the time I’ll consider buying or ignoring. I do hope it’s a good game based on previous videos.

      4. Is it me or this feels like an awesome marketing campaign? Nobody knew about Devil’s third a couple of months ago and now is the only thing I read in ‘nintendo news’ websites. Very effective!

        1. It wasn’t intentional though, we only came by this information because the a person gathered information from inside sources.

        2. Where’s NoA to clarify this situation?

          They are holding meetings to schedule the release of their next baby-ish and stupid casual mini-games!

        3. Who do I believe, a reliable independent source who gives a whole video’s worth of information, or the developer of the product who gives three short, and frankly poorly constructed, sentences worth of PR which do not address the main concerns of the public?

        4. I do not believe in rumors, as far as i am concerned, until nintendo says they are not publishing the game, or the developer, says so, then i don’t believe the biased media whch is full of shit.

        5. To be honest, I’m just tired at this point. They can play these little mind games with their releases in the US all they want at this point. I’m beginning to move to something other than video games, because between Nintendo trolling fans with constant rumours and lies, Sony not releasing the the ps4 games here in the states that everyone would love to play (God Eater Rage Burst), and microsoft’s constant deception, and vague lies on promises they never keep, it’s more work keeping up with the lies and bullshit when all I want to do is just use the console for it’s main purpose, spend money to buy game, put game in console, play said game in console, escape from terrible, mundane existence, is that too fucking hard.

        6. lol right just give us release date already you jack ass stop fucking around and release the game for fuck sake

        7. pink0crystal0midbus

          All I know is if it comes to the West, I will buy it. Plain and simple.

          Just waiting for a release date.

        8. Oh My, I see what is going on, they’re using this “controversy” to make people be interested in the game and keep an eye on it (almost like Hatred, GTA and other games had done over that years), if they keep this, USA is going to be all over this game.

        9. Yeah you claim its “all lies” but you same tightlip motherfuckers aren’t giving us any solid answers either so yeah, I’m gonna end up believing that this game is canned.

        10. Sometimes it feels like this unseen 64 makes these “safe” rumours to get good track record on these so called “insder informations”. When Nintendo didnt show this game at E3 or didnt give NA release date, its pretty safe bet to think its not released there (although im pretty sure Nintendo is gonna release it on NA).

          Same goes for that Metroid Dread rumour, everyone knew already it existed, it was hinted at Metroid Prime 3 and it was confirmed by that Sakamoto guy. Everyone knew it was cancelled, all Unseen64 did was that he added the part that it was cancelled because it looked too much like Fusion which is funny because no one hasnt seen the footage of Dread so its pretty hard to tell is he even speaking even truth of the reasons of its cancellation.

          Same goes for that Project Hammer game, again game that was cancelled and suddenly some unnamed developer comes and tells that Japanese Nintendo executives were xenophobic towards them and didnt understand their vision and oh its cancelled…..Should i believe or did he added some stuff into the story to make it more dramatic?

          Remember everyone, legends born when stories like this are spread, first its simple cancellation project news, then later it becomes this dark corporate conspiracy story were developers were wronged on their job and it was raining that night and so forth, you get the idea….

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        12. This doesn’t really clear up anything.Sounds kind if childish actually,”You gonna believe me or him?!”NoA should be the ones trying to clarify anything

          1. Yep, been saying this the whole time. Also predicted Amiibo’s would have more prints of hard to get characters by summer, even went so far to say DeDeDe to the Gamestop store I was buying through with a pre-order should have more by July. They gave me some crap answer about Nintendo holding back stock is why they never got it at there store. They were covering there own butts cause they sold it off the shelf, almost did it again when I went to go pick it up.

            Anyways, I have a feeling it will come out later than other regions (not an inside track or anything, just an educated guess).

          1. Given the amount of bad decisions Nintendo has made recently, can you really blame people for thinking it was true?

            1. Apparently these fools can blame people. Just look at all the people defending Nintendo in this article alone. They obviously blame everyone BUT Nintendo.

              1. At least its not as bad as another Nintendo news site I know.They would be completely ok and even welcome Nintendo’s bad decisions because its Nintendo

                1. True. We have it good here since half of us are fanboys & the other half are fans. Well 40% fans, 40% fanboys, & 20% trolls. lol

              2. Lets all slow clap for unseen 64. If this isn’t true its very possible that the other rumors of the NX being less powerful than the ps4 isn’t true either (rumor also started by unseen 64).

                  1. Wouldn’t have noticed the grammar if you didn’t point it out.

                    Just some food for thought on the NX, they have a partnership DeNA which they mentioned the NX during the announcement. DeNA has a partnership with google (Nintendo has partnerships with google too but nothing announced yet) for there cloud service. It leads me to believe there will be some kind of cloud account service and many other things that make it easy to connect up with people. They have already hinted on such things and that the virtual console will be on the NX.

                    The new system will have some kind of ARM chip in it, to work with the OS, the Wii U does and the 3DS line does. It makes sense since most portable devices do and you can work with the Google and Apple platform on it. Most of the Wii U games and now the New 3DS games have been built in Unity. Also, the eshop has the Nintendo Framework which is an HTML 5 based engine (Donkey Kong Mini game was built on it). Its also considered a 3rd pillar, so its not in direct competition with the Wii U or 3DS at this time. This to me makes the most sense if they are trying to Unify the eshop, which all the movement from the company, as slow as it is, says that is the way they are moving.

                    Also since they will reveal it at next e3 (they have said this over and over again), it won’t come out before June 2016. SO that puts it to be release anytime between Fall of 2016 and Fall of 2017. They need to get developers on board first and from rumors it sounds like they have started, but they need time to develop games for it which makes the latter date more viable, cause a system with no games is dead in the water.

                    I doubt the rumors about the power, since its not super difficult get more powerful than a PS4…technology updates really fast (which makes me wonder if this won’t be an upgradable system, also heard other rumors) and parts are getting cheaper all the time. PS4 manufacture wise have been building at a profit for awhile.

                    Also, Nintendo’s video chat for the Wii U, is based on open source that is technically compatible with many of google’s talk device. The guys who developed it had a presentation floating around that specifically mentions this, so it is possible to have cross platform chatting (even with the Wii U if Nintendo would unlock it). So if the NX is geared towards a more broad audience than kids, it could happen, but no new rumors yet.

                    As far as price, I doubt they got to a retail price yet. They usually start with a manufacturing target price first, which very well could be $150. If that is the case, its more powerful than they are saying or the cost is being put into something else. Still it would retail over $200 if someone got it mixed up. And likely they don’t have a target retail price a year or two before the console comes out, it just doesn’t make sense cause the market is always changing.

                  2. You are absolutely correct. I tweeted the guy that started the NX rumor from unseen 64, and he is one very rude mother fucker. I mean that very seriously.

                1. Some rumor spreaders just want to watch the world burn.

                  But I’m glad the man who’s responsible for that game (Itagaki) cleared things up himself.

                2. I’ll believe Itagaki when we get concrete info that it’s fucking coming to the Americas. The evidence that Nintendo themselves aren’t even hiding say otherwise.

                  1. What are you laughing about? You’re one of the prime examples of dumb people on this website. No real intelligent person insults every single person he comments to. Hell! You’ve even insulted the people that were being as nice as possible to you.

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