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Camp Miiverse Returns For Another Year

camp_miiverseCamp Miiverse has returned for another year. Running now through July 20, the latest Miiverse-themed summer camp splits campers into two teams: Yoshi vs. Toad. The camp allows you to participate in activities for games such as Splatoon, Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The first Camp Miiverse kicked off last year.

38 thoughts on “Camp Miiverse Returns For Another Year”

  1. Sony Emperor Xperia

    The babies my be existed about this news,I can see Sickr Bitch and Dick Commander Dildo boy excited about this News.


      1. 1. Obviously exclusives for the system you dumb fuckin retarded scum can’t
        2. Yeah ps3 games which may have the same or more content
        3. Plenty of ports I haven’t played and I’m not getting a ps3 or ps4 for a long time
        4. Of course indies
        5. There are a lot of games I haven’t played on past playstation systems that I would like to play and the vita is a good start until I get the system or systems to play more of the games I missed out on since I like a wide variety of games
        6. Obviously there will be more exclusives that are coming go the system that I like that I know of and I’m sure more will keep coming you fucktard stay fuckin ignorant and gargle horse shit straight from the source ya whiny bitch and I bet you will be sucking nintendo ass once the next metroid game comes out

          1. 1. I have one as of now called freedom wars and don’t remember the others but I’m sure there is more then enough but I’m also sure the majority are most likely rpgs and that I would have to look up the rest but don’t feel like it
            2. Persona 4 is an updated port you retarded dumb fuck
            3. Of course yo dumbass would know uncharted because its popular but wouldn’t know the other non popular exclusives since you know nothing about the vita but I can’t blame a retard for not knowing that
            4. You can look up a list of current and upcoming vita exclusives you stupid ass damn yo ass stupid

            1. He asked what those exclusives are, and you didn’t name them, yet you call HIM a dumbfuck? Take your rude ass outta here and polish up your argumentative skills before you harrass someone else.

              1. 1. I said I only remember one off the top of my head and they are mainly japanese games so since I don’t know them all and the names are hard to remember and i only know a few at best it would be much better for someone to look them up ya stupid retarded shit get the fuck outta here
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                5. Your insults are dumb when you whine and complain about the same shit over and over lol you know how Nintendo are and how they do business now they are opening up more and more and doing things nobody would have thought they would do but it’s still not enough to meet some people’s gaming standards
                6. Hopefully you and someone else can fucking read what I wrote lol why are so many people on this website do stupid
                7. Since I looked at the exclusive games there are a few I want that I have seen game play of which are lost dimension which is like disgaea 3d and lost raven which is a fighting game
                8. There are much more exclusives and games period I will be getting for the system since I like a wide variety of games and because I play games not specs, not whining, not petitions, not company policies, not the good and bad about a company, not fanboys etc etc just games and read bitch

    1. I don’t consider myself an alienated person, but in fact never heard about this stupid, shitty camp miiverse.

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  3. Well this is mighty late.
    But what’s up with all the hate comments? It’s not like the news is horrible.

  4. I bet all the little children on the Wii U are happy about this. After all, they are the only people actually on Miiverse that get treated right by the fucking horrible control freak badmins.

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