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Atlus x Vanillaware HD Project To Be Revealed Next Week

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It would seem as though Atlus and Vanillaware are teaming up to create an HD project. Details regarding the venture are extremely scarce, but we should hear more information about the venture on July 20th at 20.00 JST. It could either be a brand new project, or alternatively a series of HD remasters. I’m guessing we should find out what platforms this is coming to next week.

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35 thoughts on “Atlus x Vanillaware HD Project To Be Revealed Next Week”

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                    1. The one with the elfs, fairies, and dragons drag racing on lowriding UFO’s. Seriously though, he/she was replying to the first comment, they were just trolling the troll.

                    2. It was a cool story thanks, maybe it will keep people in their 40s and 50s from eating potato chips, and drinking coke while playing videogames all day long, and all the while getting fatter and fatter.

                          1. Playstaion is good. But Nintendo does NOT suck! Never has, never will. So shove a banana up your ass and shut up!

                                1. Good thing i sold my WiiU theres no games on that thing. Man im living a good time right now since i sold no wii u games. God im happy i got rid of wii u and brought ps4. Im looking forward to kingdom heart 3.

                                  1. Well that’s your opinion, and your entitled to it. But I’m personally looking forward to a bunch of Wii U games, such as Super Mario Maker, SFZ, LOZ, XCX, and many more that I guess you’ll just have to miss out on.

                                    1. While it’s most likely a PlayStation title, it’s Vanillaware, so it won’t be Persona. They did Muramasa for the Wii, so who’s to say this won’t come to Wii U? We’ll have to wait and see.

                                  2. This should be interesting. Vanillaware is one of my favorite devs alongside Platinum, Suda51, Treasure and the Nintendo Empire.
                                    For people that have no idea who they are, they do a lot of unique hand-drawn games. Basically you can tell something is a Vanillaware game just by looking at the art style. As far as titles released outside of Japan is concerned, they made Odin Sphere (a side scroller RPG) and GrimGrimoire (an RTS) on the PS2, Muramasa: The Demon Blade on the Wii and Vita (probably their best game, think Devil May Cry or Bayonetta done in 2D) and Dragon’s Crown on the PS3 (an old school arcade Beat-Em-Up like King of Dragons and Knights of the Round).

                                    All their games have been fantastic and gotten great reviews. Anything to come out of this collaboration has to be great unless Sega decides to stick their nose in the Atlus side of things.

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