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New Brush And Zapper Coming To Splatoon

Nintendo Japan has announced the latest update to the weaponry in its immensely popular ink-based shooter, Splatoon. You will soon be able to get your hands on a new Brush weapon as well as the N-ZAP89. Both of these will be available either today or tomorrow depending on where you live.

98 thoughts on “New Brush And Zapper Coming To Splatoon”

              1. It’s not a standard FPS it’s an amazing, new, fresh, colorful, intense, third person shooter, with really unique features only Nintendo can make.

                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                  >>>You are supposed to belong to Darkness and yet know so little about it, you bring a shame upon us all>>>

                                    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                      >>>Darkness is eternal and the only truth, it has no sides>>>

                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                          >>>Your “insults” gives me an idea of what clip I can include you in later>>>

                                              1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                                                Account terminated due to severe violations in the MyNintendoNews community

                                                1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                  >>>It’s not healthy terminating yourself like that doggy style>>>

                                                    1. Yea, unique features such as a very questionable way of handling maps, unbalanced matchmaking, events that don’t reward you for being good, and an overall bad online multiplayer experience in ranked battles, ranging from disconnections, even when caused by Nintendo’s bad network itself, automatically making you lose rank points, to matches team mates disconnect in still counting towards your rank, even though it’s pretty much a guaranteed loss. Truly features only Nintendo can make.

                                                      The game is not bad, but in my opinion, it’s far from “amazing”, when taking its major flaws into account.

                                                          1. Wow I say um way to much I should probably stop lol. But sometimes the ignorance just causes me to do it!

                                                              1. I was too tired of dealing with your stupidity to write a bigger comment. Not that you’d be smart enough to understand what life outside your grandmas (not even your moms, no even worse) basement is, so I don’t want to waste my breath (or rather touches of the screen I’m typing this on.) Man all this joking around is fun, I should do this more often.

                                                              2. Aw, very flattering. :p
                                                                There’s still a bunch of other people around here who are much smarter than me though, so it would be all good without me too. :)

                                                                1. Don’t believe him, he’s a jerk and a suck up. I’m sure your a perfectly fine person Namie, but that guy is not.

                                                                  1. Haha, thanks for both the compliment and looking out for me, but I’ve actually known him for a while (as far as you can know someone through the comments section, of course), and he’s really not a bad person. :)

                                                                        1. Anubis, even though we’re not really fighting nor are enemies, I declare a truce! If your not a jerk I will not be a jerk to you, and we can all be friends here, agreed?

                                                                          1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                                                                            Very well then you have my word. However I’m still going to comment the way I am, at least I can respect you.

                                                                          2. Um, maybe you should try having good internet, when I play online, it always runs at a smooth 60fps, with every once in a while a person being slightly laggy due to their internet. I’ve only been disconnected 1 time and I’ve had the game since launch. As far as being unbalanced, it always teams you up or puts you against people who are close to or the same level as you. I don’t know what you mean by “questionable way of handling maps” but all the maps, are fun unique and fresh to me, all playing different, and causing you to use separate strategies. If your talking about the rotation of maps I actually kind of agree with you on that, 4 maps every 4 hours is weird, but they already said they would fix that and much more in the August update. As far as people getting disconnected, there’s nothing Nintendo can do if someone’s power goes out, has internet issues, ect and get disconnected. I’ve still won with one of my teammates not being there though I admit it’s much harder. So yea, it’s not perfect but it is in fact amazing.

                                                                            1. Considering I’m having no problems at all with any other game on any other platform, I’d like to believe that my internet is good enough.
                                                                              I’ve had the game since launch as well, and I can’t even tell how many times I’ve been randomly disconnected from a game, definitely not caused by my connection being bad, as I was able to rejoin a game right away; disconnecting due to one’s connection being bad causes the game to take a couple of seconds reconnecting to the servers, with a message being displayed on the screen.

                                                                              By unbalanced, I don’t mean being teamed up with people on lower/higher ranks than myself, but rather being teamed up with people who use the same type of weapons. Ending up in a team with 3 rollers isn’t exactly the best combination against a balanced team that consists of people using a variety of weapons with different ranges and utilities.

                                                                              The map rotation every 4 hours thing is exactly what I meant by “questionable way of handling maps”. You might like every map, but many others, such as myself, don’t. I also don’t want to play on the same map 10 times in a row, no matter how much I like it. The same could be said about the game modes for ranked battles.
                                                                              A big update coming in August doesn’t help me in these first 2-3 months of owning the game. Plus, we don’t even know how exactly they’ll handle custom matches, so whether or not these kinda problems will be entirely solved still isn’t clear.

                                                                              And about the disconnecting team mates, yes, Nintendo could actually do something about it. They could change it so matches people disconnection occur in don’t count towards your rank.

                                                                              Lastly, the game is not “in fact” amazing. It might be amazing in your personal opinion, but that doesn’t make it a fact.

                                                                              1. Well I guess we can agree to disagree, there’s no problem with having different opinions. I hope the problems your having can be fixed with a new update or in the sequel. Have a nice day:)

                                                                              2. They could use servers, instead of this peer to peer crap. That is why there is so much delay when playing with Japanese players. Also why if you end up dominating a team, and the host quits, everyone is booted out.

                                                                                And is it just me or is the player base outside of Japan seriously fading in this game? Lately it has been nothing but mainly Japanese players, give or take 1-2 people outside of Japan in these rooms. At first it was just in ranked, now even Turf War, it’s almost nothing but Japanese players. Which I wouldn’t have a problem with if it wasn’t a peer to peer game, the delay is so bad sometimes you’d have to be a psychic in order to counter some of the better Japanese players.

                                                                                The map rotation sucks also, more of a problem with the randomization of said maps. Like you said, yesterday and today I swear I ended up playing the same map more than 10 times, even when I was in the same room for a majority of that time. That should not happen, and because of that it can make the game super stale to me, when I just want the damn randomization to pick another map already.

                                                                                And don’t get me started on the communication that is needed for ranked, which this game severely lacks. Just give us some better commands at least, rather than the pointless ones we have now. Since it’s pretty obvious Nintendo will never provide voice chat in any of the games they have a hand in.

                                                                                How is it that third parties are using the Wii U’s hardware better than Nintendo? Can someone please explain this to me?

                                                                                1. Can’t really tell if the number of non-Japanese players is decreasing, as I haven’t even touched the game since the last Splatfest, but there must be a reason why you’re only getting matched up with Japanese players. But yea, I haven’t played in a while because the game has kinda lost its appeal for me personally, as we’re barely getting anything new, and some things in the game make it get stale kinda quick imo, and I wouldn’t be suprised if others did the same thing.

                                                                                  And yea, I absolutely hate the map rotation thing. Not only because the game forces you to play on the same map a billion times in a row, but you’ll also see the same map being included in the cycle multiple times in succession. The game’s all like “Oh look, the 4 hour cycle is over, I bet you’re glad you won’t have to play on fucking Kelp Dome anymore… Well, sucks to be you because I’ll force you to play on it in the next 4 hours as well”. They seem to do that a lot with new map releases. I could swear I’ve seen Kelp Dome being included in the cycle 3 times in a row when it first came out (no worries though, I haven’t actually played 12 hours in a row, sometimes I just happen to play between two cycles and come back later for the 3rd, lmao). I’m guessing they’re doing that so everyone gets a chance to play on the new map, but they have to keep in mind that there will be people playing during multiple cycles per day, and they probably won’t want to see the same map over and over again, so keeping it diverse would be a good idea – or, you know, just getting rid of that rotation bs altogether.

                                                                                  And I definitely agree on the communication thing. I guess losing in Turf Wars isn’t a big deal, so it’s alright if you end up getting defeated there because the team was just all over the place, doing whatever, and you couldn’t strategize together. But ranked battles are a much different story. It’s just as you’ve said, the fact that ranked battles are completely dependant on the team makes it necessary for decent communication options being available (voice chat being the best one), losing your hard earned points because the team has no coordination whatsoever is just extremely frustrating. I mean, even if you don’t feel comfortable about talking to strangers or something, you would still have other people in the team giving you directions and heads-ups about what to do, creating a general idea of how the team should advance to work together effectively, so you’d still be able to strategize just fine even if you yourself choose to not say anything.

                                                                                  There’s just so many wasted opportunities that could have made the game so much better, very unfortunate. I wonder when Nintendo will finally get with the times.

                                                                                  1. You both have made me increasingly happy I didn’t spend $60 on this game. Thank you!
                                                                                    I’ve got back into Mass Effect. Great online execution, can be played with gamepad or pro controller support and has voice chat…and it’s useful.

                                                                                    Anyway, thanks again for reinforcing my dodging Splatoon.

                                                                                  2. Hah, no problem. :p
                                                                                    You could reconsider it after the August update, as it might get some really important features with it, plus the price might drop by then as well. But right now, you’re really not missing out on much imo.
                                                                                    Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t regret my purchase, I still enjoyed most of the time I spent with the game, and I got it for 38€ only, which is a pretty good price for a video game over here.

                                                                                  3. So true. No one saying the game is terrible, people are just pointing out the obvious bad choices Nintendo made with it. To say it’s the best shooter around is a long stretch, it’s fun but it in no way is it the best given what it offers.

                                                                                    I could go on and on about all the problems this game has, but I’ve said it a million times already. And you basically covered most of it.

                                                                                    I’m just really tired of Nintendo making everything so luck based. I can’t even enjoy ranked mode, which is my favorite mode, because of the pointless chat commands and the fact it is solely dependent on the team you end up with, which would not be bad if you could communicate with these people other than “C’mon” and “Booyah.” As it is impossible to carry an entire team of people who have no idea what they’re doing in these ranked modes.

                                                                                    You can pretty much know when you’re going to lose a match within the first 30 seconds of seeing how your team plays, and all I can do is face palm the entire time knowing I can’t help them play any better. Sad when I can just walk away from my controller through half a match and still be the top player on the losing team, it’s just very frustrating trying to carry people all the time.

                                                                                    Each map and mode require a different approach, and I’m also tired of people acting like the game requires no tactical thinking what so ever. Because it’s the complete opposite, even in Turf Wars it isn’t as simple as painting more than the other team, you need to have a plan.

                                                                                    1. I feel you. I’m not exaggerating when I say 99% percent of the time I’m the one doing the most work and my team mates are doing jack shit. I had a team mate spray a TREE while in rank mode… A TREE

                                                                                      1. That, or you literally kill off 3 of the other team by yourself pushing forward, and your entire team cannot manage to dodge or kill one god damn person. Or even worse when you manage to kill the entire team yourself, and your team is pissing around on the opposite side of the map not backing you at all.

                                                                                        Or when you rush, busting your ass in Turf War painting the outside of the team base, so they can’t progress as fast, and your entire time is back at your base painting every nook and cranny as if it’s going to make a difference. Or when you’re the only person paying attention to this one rogue repainting everything your team painted, while they play the game as if it’s purely based on kills.

                                                                                        Or those idiots who come into ranked, who don’t even know what beacons do, just letting the team set beacons everywhere and walking right past them, and you’re the only one destroying them while your team gets raped left and right.

                                                                                        And when you’re the only person backing your teammates in ranked, when the other team is not only taking the tower or zones, but they’ve also covered your entire map with paint basically, and these idiots are trying to fight in enemy paint without covering it first.

                                                                                        Or when there is a good sniper, and you’re the only person killing him, while they constantly keep picking off the rest of your team who acts like he isn’t even there.

                                                                                        Yea… Very, very frustrating at times.

                                                                                        1. Ok fair enough people can be idiots, but what is Nintendo supposed to do about it? Wave their magic wands and make people good at the game? Or maybe give you that all powerful voice chat you all want, so that you can yell at your teammates to do better when most of them aren’t using it and the rest say “screw you I know how to play” and ignore you? Seriously how is that Nintendo’s fault.

                                                                                          1. Nintendo could have put Voice Chat in the fucking game.
                                                                                            Most of their complaints could be solved with V.C. No magic wand required, just basic, fucking features.

                                                                                            Some dude saved me SO much time in MH3U by training me using Voice Chat. I used it to train others.

                                                                                            Same for Trine2, ME3 – any game requiring a team to work together need the OPTION for voice chat.

                                                                                          2. Actually I have problems with my teammates being idiots, but it’s not like having voice chat would automatically make them the best player ever, chances are 99% of the time no one will listen to you, or even be using voice chat at all. If you ever encounter that 1% that actually does listen then maybe something good will come from it. Now I have had times in ranked battle when I carried the entire team (especially on tower control) and gotten over 20 kills and less then 5 deaths, it’s actually not that rare. But I feel that there are plenty of people who actually do know what they are doing. That’s why Nintendo matches you up with people of similar rank, they can’t help that sometimes people let others have a turn on your account who hasn’t a clue what they’re doing. As for less European and American players, no I haven’t noticed that, most people I play with are not Japanese but I do get some here and there. But even when I play with Japanese people there is still zero lag, so I don’t know why you guys have problems. Maybe it’s different for you then for me, but I just don’t have those problems with this game. I hope maybe some updates, or a sequel can fix your issues. I do think that you should be able to choose your map, and I’m annoyed that we have to wait till August to be able to do that, but I still enjoy the game A LOT nevertheless. I usually play about 1-2 hours before the stages change so that I can play them and right around when I would start to get bored they would change. It’s still a problem but it’s not terrible and will be fixed soon. I don’t know what you mean about the host leaving and everyone gets kicked out, as far as I know no one hosts a lobby, it just sticks you in a random one, or randomly creates one. I’ve never been kicked out of a match because a host quit, I have disconnected one time since I got the game on release day, and the only time it lags is when one person is lagging because they have bad internet and everyone else is fine. The game isn’t perfect, but me and MANY other people have a great time playing, and you got to give Nintendo props for the things that they are doing right, and that they are actively preparing updates to fix a lot of what fans think is wrong.

                                                                                          3. Wait what? In the german version the 2 commands are “Cool!” and “To me!”. no wonder few people tend to jump to me when i do the latter…

                                                                                            1. That’s interesting. I wish they would take advantage of the left and right dpad directions for calls too. Maybe a “help!” or a “over here!” or something

                                                                                              1. This game is forever relevant, that’s why the sequel on the NX, Splatwoon (bad pun I know) will be amazing!

                                                                                                  1. I don’t care for the NX no matter what it turns out to be. I’m done with Nintendo home consoles for now, Wii U will be my last Nintendo console. I recently got a PS4 and I’m loving that and that should suffice for many years and later on I plan to build a gaming PC.

                                                                                                    1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                                                                                                      I don’t care how good the NX sounds until I see proof. They’ve been full of disappointments lately and I won’t fall for it again.

                                                                                                      1. I don’t feel like my Wii U has been a waste of money even if I had payed 400$ for it instead of 300$. You guys act like Nintendo never gave you any good games, when in reality they have given A TON and are still giving more. They are trying to fix there problems that’s why the NX is coming out, they have admitted a lot of there mistakes and are actively trying to fix them. Most likely you can’t see a lot of what they are doing because it’s being fixed by the NX. The Wii U has a ton of games to play, Nintendo never cheated you, nor betrayed you, stop whining.

                                                                                                        1. I never said I didn’t like my Wii U, I just said that I won’t be buying anyone Nintendo home consoles from here forward. And I really like Splatoon (not the team members and disconnections though)

                                                                                                          1. Skill of team members can’t really be helped, but I’m sorry your having disconnection problems:( I hope you don’t really give up on Nintendo and that the NX is really cool to you, I just want everyone to have a good time and I believe Nintendo is the best company at letting you do that. I do like Sony, though not as much as Nintendo, but they have good games every once in a while.

                                                                                                            1. You’re a nice person lol and it’s not really that I’m giving up on Nintendo because I’ll always love Nintendo but money wise I think I own enough Nintendo consoles and would rather use that money towards a better computer which I really need.

                                                                                                            2. Ps4 is the first Sony console that I personally owned. I would play on Sony consoles at my close family and friends and that got me into kingdom hearts. I really enjoy my PS4 but it has it flaws that Wii U doesn’t have and the other way around too. I’m not dissatisfied with Nintendo (although they’re definitely not perfect) but I’m saying I’m good with Wii U for now. I won’t be getting a NX for now but I could in the future. Unlike people who upgrade their phone every generation I like to stop at one point. As of now I think Wii U is good enough for now and I have all my older Nintendo consoles too. And my Playstation and future PC would keep me busy too so a need for a NX would lesson. Don’t worry I’m a big Nintendo fan and I grew up on Nintendo my whole life since I was very young.

                                                                                                              1. Thanks, your a really nice person too:) I would like to stick with the Wii U if possible, but I will get the NX if it’s a big upgrade. Not like the difference between the 3ds and new 3ds, I didn’t buy a new 3ds because it wasn’t a big enough jump. If the NX is a big jump and has exclusives I want I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. If not, I’ll wait a bit for the price to go down, or just wait till the true next gen Nintendo console comes out (assuming that the NX isn’t which it may or may not be.)

                                                                                                              2. Nintendo castrated team players communication and gave them shit commands to use. It’s hugely in part, Nintendo’s fault.

                                                                                                            3. Cool! I really would like pictures though, I guess I’ll just wait for Splatoonus to post a thing about it. The n-zap89 is just a reskin of the 85 (one of my personal favorites) with new subs and specials, but I’m very interested to see what the new brush is. This game just keeps getting better and better!

                                                                                                              1. As soon as I left this post Splatoonus posted about the brush. It’s called the Octobrush (I’m guessing we hijacked it from the Octarions) and it’s a wider, slightly slower version of the Ink brush. Looks really cool, I always threw ink with the ink brush so maybe I’ll actually hold it down this time I bit more. The Octobrush also throws more ink then the Inkbrush.

                                                                                                            4. Like the game or not, anyone else tired of all the splatoon articles and constantly seeing an article about it getting this new weapon, or that new weapon? I mean shit before the game released it has tons of articles every day, you’d think by now it would have stopped but nope. And I’m guessing we have to deal with this till August at least when the game is done? Even if you love the game, you’ve got to be tired of seeing so many splatoon articles.

                                                                                                            5. They need to stop doing this and raise the level cap and use new weapons as the level unlocks. Splatoon has gotten kind of boring now that almost everyone has hit the level cap

                                                                                                            6. This game suffers from the same COD syndrome. I got it, and didn’t sleep for days. Beat the campaign, maxed out my level and tweaked my gear to optimum. Shit was a blast. Lasted almost a month before I was winning matches with no emotion on my face. Gave the shit away. An online shooter is an online shooter no matter how you slice it I guess. Not enough substance to hold you. Even online fighters are way deeper than Splatoon. You’ll either get put with good random people or bad random people, then spend the next 3 minutes fighting though you know you’ve already won, or fighting though you know you’ll never win, then rinse and repeat. Was great for a minute but no longevity there whatsoever. Releasing a paint brush every 2 weeks can’t hold my attention.

                                                                                                              1. I think it would be nicer if all the weapons were avalable at the start but there were ways you had to earn them. And that you could chose the ranked mode and there was a vote for stage kinda like Mario Kart.

                                                                                                              2. I try not to play it too much, because I know just like every other shooter, it’ll get boring fast if I put too much time in during a short span. Online gaming in general just gets really boring to me, probably because that’s all I relied on last gen. But, Splatoon’s scattered updates keep me coming back. The last map that was added is awesome.

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