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Here’s A Great Game Boy-Inspired Smartphone Mockup


It would be extremely unlikely that Nintendo would release a smartphone, but if the company did then it could look like the one that artist Pierre Cerveau has created. It is titled the Smart Boy and certainly looks rather fancy, but minimalistic at the same time. Clearly it has been inspired by the iconic Game Boy. The Smart Boy would also come with a Game Bat controller that would slide into the phone to enable you to use traditional controls, which would certainly be handy. You can check out all the mock-up images of the Smart Boy, here.


Thanks, Dustin W

62 thoughts on “Here’s A Great Game Boy-Inspired Smartphone Mockup”

              1. Yes because I’m Wilkin Chan. And there are few games that can use those awkwardly placed controllers. Cheaper option than buying Razer Serval.

                1. Give me your phone so my bud’s dog can shit on it.

                  “Cool I guess I will be borrowing your phone.”

              2. The button attachment would work better with some form of grip case. Similar to the Foam or plastic cases many people use for their 3DSs, but obviously to fit the phone for better handling….as I could see the buttons being at the bottom of a fairly large phone, not secured to anything other than a jack, being a serious issue. Though an attachment with buttons on each side could also be a solution, making it similar to the gamepad in structure, and allowing hand control on both sides of the device, preventing it from just falling off the top like it could with the mockup.

                    1. You need to calm down. Obviously most people think this is amazing. I do. Its just a mock. You need to go somewhere else were you’re opinion is needed. Oh wait, that’s no where. Thank you get off the internet

                    2. Or Nintendo could just sell a gameboy controller that works on any mobile device. Preferably blue tooth enabled with adjustable grips for holding the screen up.

                    3. PlayStation made a phone once… It was one of their many experiments that never took off, but they reworked the 3G part into their Vita, though I don’t think many people outside of Japan actually use that feature… I would love to buy a 3DS or 3DS successor with built-in 4G though…

                    4. With or without the existence of this mock up, which is rather impressive if you ask me. I’ve been hoping for a bigN phone for a long time. I’d gladly drop my Samsung for a nintendo phone any day

                    5. I like the callback to the GameBoy brand. I doubt they would do a phone but they could still do a Nintendo branded pocket pc and tablet (same OS) with internet functionality like other smart devices.

                        1. It’s the best handheld name they ever had. DS is lame. And the gameboy systems were all more comfortable. In fact, the only thing better with the new systems is their power.

                                    1. Galactus The Planet Devourer

                                      I would switch from my iPhone 6 to that. That should speak volumes since I’m all up in Apple ecosystem. iPad Apple TV. Apple music phone MacBook

                                      1. MacBook Pro, MacBook, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac, Mac Pro, iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, MacBook Air, etc.

                                        Now, give me your phone.

                                        “Cool I guess I will be borrowing your phone so I can look into your social media.”

                                      1. They are good at making decent games small file sizes so I see that coming from Nintendo making mobile games.

                                      2. NINTENDO NO! I don’t think Nintendo should make smartphones, leave that up to Apple and Android. Nintendo should just make the games and focus on their own console/handheld.

                                      3. I think I would get on the mobile bandwagon if Nintendo went about it this way, you know, with REAL games and not some sort of bejewelled knock-off.

                                      4. Shut up and take my… freedom!!!

                                        Shut up and take my…. blood!!!

                                        Shut up and take my… soul!!!

                                        Shut up and take my very existence!!!!!!!!!

                                      5. Ugliest phone ever… Even Samsung Phones look better and those are super ugly if you ask me… The only good looking phones are made by HTC, LG, or -hate to admit this- Apple…

                                        Samsung is just no… And this is a “OH HELL NO” wouldn’t but it… Like ever. Nintendo has made much better looking devices than this.

                                      6. this is good looking concept. but for confort playing controler must be integrated in body of this device (not external). i hope if this is android, nintendo games not lost quality of games..
                                        android games is too primitive a stupidness.

                                      7. What a horrible abomination. Burn it with fire. Nintendo games on a phone is terrible, nightmarish blasphemy.

                                      8. Not a bad idea for a fan concept. But that Nintendo XDS one on YouTube blew my mind and its what’s exactly the next system should do and look like with some tweaks in its somewhat edgy design.

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