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“Thank You, Mr Iwata” T-Shirt Available And 100% Proceeds Go To Charity


To commemorate the life of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata you can now purchase a “Thank You, Mr. Iwata t-shirt. The proceeds of the t-shirt sales will go to two respectable charities. 50% off the revenue will go to Child’s Play to benefit young children in hospitals, and the other 50% will go to Cancer Research. You can purchase the t-shirt in either blue or black. The t-shirts are funded through Tee Spring and the preorder goal was 35, they’ve hit that goal so these will print. One can be yours for $17.

Thanks, WanaT

19 thoughts on ““Thank You, Mr Iwata” T-Shirt Available And 100% Proceeds Go To Charity”

      1. Don’t believe everything that says its for charity sir, BELIEVE ME. About $10 billion dollars was donated to Haiti and they received only a penny of every dollar. I’m buying this shirt but not for the charity.

      1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

        A profit ain’t a profit until he ask this question, when shit hits the fan is you still a fan?

  1. I’d like one. But darn…..pretty pricey just for t-shirts. I only pay up to $7.50 for my t-shirts at Wal-Mart normally. Now THAT’S a good price.

    1. $7.50?! WOW. I thought $17 was cheap, but then again all of my t-shirts that I never wear come from Hot Topic or Kickstarters bonuses, and the only two shirts I actually wear were $70 each (they’re identical and I do laundry on a daily basis so that in public, I look like a cartoon character).

      1. Sounds like you shop at rich people stores. I KNOW that Hot Topic charges WAY too much for t-shirts. I bought a couple Nintendo t-shirts there years ago for about $40.00 each (if I remember correctly. Could have been $20.00 each). And then I never even wore them because I didn’t care for the material (plus the material was too thin). So I swore I’d never waste my money there again. So Wal-Mart it is.

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