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Analysts Discuss Which Direction Iwata’s Successor Should Take The Company

Online gaming publication Gamastura has gathered a number of respected analysts and asked them a number of questions regarding which direction Nintendo should go in with the tragic passing of Satoru Iwata. As you might have expected famed industry analyst Michael Pachter has given his two cents and said that he believes the company should exploit their IP and develop for other video game systems, presumably the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

What would be the advice you would give to Iwata’s successor? What direction should they take Nintendo in?

“My advice to the next CEO of Nintendo is to consider exploiting Nintendo IP following the Disney example, with movies, toys, toys to life, pajamas, theme parks, etc. Nintendo has already begun to do this, but the successor should redouble their efforts. I also think that the strategy of proprietary IP for proprietary devices is dying, and think that Nintendo would be far more successful if it supported all consoles.” – Michael Pachter

“The company is struggling to find its way in a world that has changed all around them. My advice would be to take a harder look at understanding the changes to the game industry on a global basis and how that may require a reassessment of Nintendo’s long held practices. A successor will really need the ability to look outside the company and understand how the world has evolved, and what it means for Nintendo’s core products and audience.” – David Cole

“Think what you like about mobile, but smartphones and tablets have created the biggest gaming market that ever existed. In no other time have more people played games than right now. It’s the right target group, and it offers a huge potential for Nintendo, the only video game company left that doesn’t produce mobile content. I think the reality is Nintendo must become a big player on mobile as well in order to thrive going forward, and Iwata-san’s successor should be following the path that he had already put Nintendo.” – Serkan Toto

“They need to do something revolutionary on the online social side of gaming in my view with NX, similar to how Nintendo sent the industry in a new direction with the Wiimote. My main concern is that Nintendo sometimes seems too beholden to its history. They’re behind the curve on online multiplayer gaming, and in online community infrastructure in general, and so whatever they’re planning to do with NX, I sure hope that it involves a reinvention of how social gameplay can be easily enabled around the globe while remaining all-ages friendly as well as secure. ” – Lewis Ward

137 thoughts on “Analysts Discuss Which Direction Iwata’s Successor Should Take The Company”

            1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

              This isn’t the 90s anymore. I for one welcomes the change as long as it’s positive. Also why are you still here? I thought you were done with Nintendo? You said that you’re done with Nintendo like ten times now. I’ve been reading your comments but never relplied; you have been complaining more than me so I don’t know what’s your deal. One cannot simply be done with Nintendo, like dude come on, this is your childhood you are talking about. Whenever you complain about Nintendo just ask yourself this question: when shit hits the fan, is you still a fan? That’s the real question you should be asking yourself. Come back to me when you finally made a consensus.

              1. And history does repeat itself very often so Sony will try to claim Nintendo again because they’re desperate for money and they know Nintendo has it. Why you think they’re still interested in them? Because they want their money to stay alive for another 10 years before they fuck up again.

                Yes I’m done but not entirely. I still have the 3DS as my very last console from them and I don’t care if the NX turns all of their BS and misfortunes a complete 180 and become the best thing ever. Like Sony, Nintendo will fuck it up again with their usual assed arrogance.

                Yeah, they’re my childhood but like what Toy Story 3 taught me, all good things must come to an end and move on with those memories as nothing but memories.

                Shit already hits the fan…since the N64 days and gets worse every time. I’ll ONLY come back and IF I come back, is when Nintendo reminds themselves of what they are and reborn into what they are from the early 90s and that I’m damn convinced that they are themselves again. Until that second Jesus coming happens, I’m just gonna stand and watch them make a complete disgrace of themselves and burn because their same ignorant prideful ass on steroids called for it.

                1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

                  Why Don’t is interested in Nintendo? Idk maybe they want their ips? If they two merge then gaming would be perfect (at least for me). Yes history repeat itself, but there are things you can do to prevent that from happening. Even if that’s not the case, would you rather things go down the shitter now, or later?

                  P.S You still wouldn’t care about the NX even if it was one of Nintendo’s best? I don’t know what’s the deal with you man. If Nintendo fucks it up again, then that’s their problem that they are going to fix while you will be missing out :/

                  1. No. If they merge, then they’re more fucked and the fanbase will become a distant memory. Only morons like you would consider this shit to be a positive move. Both are fucked and will implode the universe if they merge.

                    NX is already known to do another fucking “Wii/Wii U” like innovation route by making the next system subpar to the fucking Xbox One, a much terrible console on multiple accounts. It’s not gonna be as powerful as PS4 or more. Here we fucking go again with another retard Wii U mistake repeating itself for the third time in a row; not evolving core technologies for third parties to stop bitching and casting out more hardcore gaming audience.

          1. Sony games on Nintendo platforms? Sign me up! (My prefered scenario, face it Sony’s gaming devision is loosing much more then Nintendo. Nintendo faced a few rough quaters, profits have been down for Sony (And Microsoft Gaming) for years.)

    1. A question to Michael Pachter: If he can spend some bucks on a new smartphone for example, why not just buy a nintendo platform and get over this idea to have Mario on PS4? Jesus….

    1. Most of it was a interesting read (the actually full article), but I kind of skipped the Patcher parts cause its really difficult to take him seriously.

      1. ░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░

    1. Its sometimes said the opposite of whatever Patcher predicts tend to come through, so all the game companies, just hope that Patcher doesn’t predict your console as successful.

  1. Patcher is fucking stupid. If they were to make their games multi platform, then their own systems would suffer, they’d pretty much be third party at that point. That’s like asking don’t to put uncharted on all consoles, and Microsoft to put halo on everything.

  2. “I also think that the strategy of proprietary IP for proprietary devices is dying, and think that Nintendo would be far more successful if it supported all consoles.”—Aren’t the Xbox One and PS4 proprietary devices and don’t both Sony and Microsoft have proprietary IP for them?

    1. Your a dumbass if Nintendo put their IPS on fagbox and playstation their would be no need to buy Nintendo consoles anymore

    1. Nothing wrong with that so long as the new CEO also has a vision that’ll be very beneficial for the future of Nintendo. Sometimes the ” old way ” isn’t the only way

  3. Michael patcher does not get the story, never ever. “More succesful”?? Yeah, in terms of sales. But he does not get that succes in game developing is not about sales, its about the fun and uniqueness of the experience. And david cole, wtf?? So you are saying that if the majority of the music market consumers preffer meanstream shitty-pop, it means famous bands that play other generes should adapt and play pop music?? And mr. Toto, how is the smartphone market the right public?? Just because they have money to spend on shitty experiences?? The right public will always be those who whant to live the core experience. That is the whole point of nintendo as a hardware producer, which is to create a sistem that enables you to play the nintendo experience at its best.
    These analist are completely retarded, they think that Nintendo is just the owner of property rights of an bunch of succesful IPs, and think that the only point of owning those IPs is to generate money with them. Nintendo is a fucking filosophy to life that teaches you that facing challenges can be interesting and fun, Nintendo literally teaches you that you can enjoy the process of mastering a skill. Nintendo has been and is a school for many of us, and treating it just like a fucking “sales-oriented” business shows how little thesfuckeded up annalist know about gaming.

    1. I agree with everything you said.
      These analysts are not consumers of said market, therefore they will never get the whole picture.

    2. Taylor Swift started as country. Now exclusively does pop. Look how successful she is. Wow you sound just like the Nintendo execs living in the past, that’s why the psvita sells better than wiiu in Japan :)

    3. Wow… Lol you are hilarious and sad at the same time. It is funny that people like your little rant too. You would never be able to run a successful business with that kind of mentality. “Make good games that don’t sell, it is the philosophy that matters!” Sounds like wiiu!

      Even Nintendo doesn’t agree with you, that’s why they are going mobile, whoring out their ips, making amusement parks, and make overpriced toys that add nothing to their games (opposite of what they promised).

  4. All of them have extremely shitty views. Nintendo, in order to be somewhat successful needs to either A. Go mobile as it’s focus (god I hope this doesn’t happen) or B.Fully dedicate itsself towards the “hardcore gamers” (basically the ps4/xb1 crowd). I would die of happiness if Nintendo actually went with B!

    1. However, for their portable consoles, I think they might be able to fend for themselves as the experiences brought by a 3ds are vastly different to that of a smartphone.

  5. No. No. No. No! I do not want Nintendo on other hardware. I was already a bit uneasy with them doing stuff with smart phones. I don’t want Nintendo to turn into another Sega.

  6. To me, what makes Nintendo special and unique is their IP’s, if they were to share that with other consoles that would be the end of everything Nintendo has achieved,

  7. Yes yes, smartphones And tablets is the future of gaming.

    We understood.

    But does this games are good?

    Does angry birds, clash of clans and candy crush are better than Mario, final fantasy, pokemon, Zelda, ratchet and clank….

    Does micro transaction, free to play etc… Are what gaming need to became?
    Does the history, character design and gameplay,gamefeel meen something to them?

    When everyone will be making those types of games, on smartphone, and when Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox will die, this industrie will certainly die.

    Only PC will remain.

    1. *sorry for bad English*

      It’s worse but it makes more money by seeing the consumer as a cash cow. It’s the Canadian devil.

    2. Yeah, only PC will remain. However, I really really doubt that the consoles industry will die because they got more profit from there. One of the main reasons why developer chose to develop games for consoles is mostly because of percentage profit they get.

      I really hope that developer don’t focus much on smartphone but hey who don’t want to get good profit with less effort. They can make mediocre/simple android ios games and got large profit. If developer got this kind of minded and their number are growing, the era of video games with quality will come to end.

      In my opinion, it s very good for consoles to exist along side PC. Good competition between them will make this industries grew bigger and stronger. For smartphone hmmm I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad but honestly, I hate play games on my phone/tablet and the games are terrible.

  8. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Considering all the innovations in hardware that Nintendo have made over the years, I don’t think that “going third party” would be a step back rather than forward.

    Also Nintendo make a profit on their hardware, so it wouldn’t make any sense to do that anyway.

  9. Put out great games on great hardware. Market the Hardware and Software. End of discussion. That’s all Nintendo needs to do. Does that make me an analyst?

  10. Ohey it’s Bitcher, erm, I mean Pachter.

    He needs to get his head out of his ass. If Nintendo left the console market then there would only be 2 big console producers and thus Nintendo would LOSE more money then they are now.

  11. *facepalm at Michael Pachter* He would continue this “Nintendo should go 3rd party” bullshit! Only this time, he worded it differently & left the term 3rd party out.

    The only analyst I read the quote of that said anything right was Lewis Ward. Nintendo is behind the curve when it comes to anything online. What’s the point in having the Nintendo Network if Nintendo is going to hold it back by keeping it console locked?

  12. Can someone please establish that smartphone games are pieces of shit, I really hope Nintendo can change that

    1. xD Oh god! Him being in charge would be as bad as Masahiro Sakurai being in charge. One of them would ruin the franchises & piss everyone that’s a fan of them off & the other would troll us at every opportune moment.

  13. The moment Nintendo succumbs to “current” gaming trends, such as lifeless, cash-in titles that bring absolutely nothing new to the table – is the moment I stop caring about new games. If it weren’t for Wii U, I wouldn’t be gaming at all anymore. Xbox One and PS4 are severely lacking in the “fun games” aspect. I thought Arkham Knight was good at first, and spent $100 on the crappy special edition. And now I’m bored as fuck of it.

  14. ” I also think that the strategy of proprietary IP for proprietary devices are dying, and think Nintendo would be far more successful if it supported all consoles. ”

    I would rather listen to cats fucking than to follow this idiot’s advice….smh facepalm

    1. Anubis, Son of Osiris

      “I would rather listen to cats fucking than to follow this idiot’s advice”

      Pause…Wait, what?

      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

        >>>The Goddess Bastet is a wise one, creatures like Pachter are no match for her>>>

  15. They just need a better online system and party chat. Imagine old Nintendo games online with voice chat playing with ur friends

  16. Wow theses people have no respect for Iwata theses companys just want to take over Nintendo greedy fucks just want money Nintendo will stay Nintendo there games will only be on Nintendo products puck off you greedy fucks

  17. Anyone else think licking womens assholes is the hottest thing ever? Sniffing them and their pheromones gets you horny as hell they smell so damn good. Don’t be scurred! Take a sniff and a lick and enjoy!

  18. Fuck that I want to play Nintendo games on a Nintendo system not fucking Xbox Sony I grew up playing Nintendo games on Nintendo systems this guy can go suck a big dick

  19. Pachter:”Nintendo should milk the fuck out of every single one of their IPs and go 3rd party,all to make more money”

    Cole:”Nintendo has to focus more on the changes in the industry and change accordingly ”

    Toto:”Go mobile.Or at least embrace it more cuz money is there”

    Ward:”Catch up with the times with online infrastructure ”

    Nintendo could make some good money by making official products like the ones you see at hipster and “geek” stores,I’ll give you that,patcher.But if Nintendo has any respect for their IPs,they will refrain from milking them the way Disney does.And quit it with wanting Nintendo to go 3rd party
    Toto doesn’t take into account the quality of these mobile games and apps.They’re mostly cash grabs and the consumers are mostly conformist casuals who aren’t gamers.
    The other two actually give some decent advice although I think they miss something and I can’t put my finger on what that is

    1. As long as people give him attention, whether positive or negative, he’s never going to shut up. The fact we’re in the comment sections mentioning his name is why he’s never going away.

  20. First of all guys…
    1. Shut up PACHTER!
    3. Pachter, please understand and SHUT UP!.

    Nintendo for other consoles WTF are you talking about it’s like Nintendo drop their pants and forget everything they have done in their history and let Sony/Microsoft f…. in their Pachter!
    C’mon guys. Doing a little games for mobiles to attract gamers to the consoles it’s fine, NOTHING more than than.
    Where is Sony and Microsoft Doing a loooot AAA games for Mobiles?? They are rich because of it? Where? WHere?? I haven’t seen one single game from Sony/Microsoft that has been a big success in the mobile market, So… once again… SHUT UP Pseudo-Analyists! oh and one more thing Shut UP GAMESUTRA!

    Mobile Market HAS success cases, but it not ever near the real consoles/pc games successes. I’m sorry but having 3000+ games on the mobile market that don’t sell and are crap games is not going to save Nobody!

    Damn it.. i read every bs in the web…

  21. People just don’t get it. They criticize the way Nintendo does things at every turn but guess what. They aren’t in a position they need to go 3rd party. Why would Nintendo ever make games for Sony the company for better or worse tried to screw them?

    If the next Nintendo CEO is to make sure the company runs smooth like butter here’s some things they can do to shut the masses up.

    Look at what you and the competitors do in the social media online side. take what the do good and build upon it with Nintendo greatness.

    Take your time and create new IP’s in only a way that Nintendo can
    Market your games because when you do they sale.

    Make your IP’s more visible that means going to car shows, have systems set up and sporting events and going back home to arcades. Smash would totally rock at dave and busters.

    Scoop up smaller developers that are going out of business or struggling. Developers that are at the point of breaking through and give them a opportunity to join Nintendo .

    Get out in the front of bad rumors the thing that killed Nintendo with the Wii and Wii U has without a doubt been the negative press.

    Don’t release the next console until 2018 at the earliest that would install confidence in consumers and laugh in the face of everyone that thinks they know more about Nintendo than they do.

  22. I don’t care who does it or how, but the next president needs to get Nintendo out of the trench it got into with the last E3. The big thing for them to do right now is to really focus on the hardcore fans and people who have been with them since the NES/SNES days since they won’t hold out much longer. I’m not saying throw Iwata’s vision to the wayside, but I believe there is a way to do both successfully. They just have to find it.

  23. My thoughts–
    -Stay in the hardware market and create a unified OS between NX and your next portable(s)
    -Exploit your IP with movies, toys, and merchandise more
    -Acquire some smaller Western developers and expand Retro Studios
    -Utilize Animal Crossing as your online gateway on NX and get with the times in online gaming and chat options
    -Return to one-handed motion controllers but make it work in 3D this time
    -Bring Dr. Mario, Mario Golf, Punch-Out, Super Mario Bros, LttP, and more to phones
    -Use a GPU and RAM that is on par with PS4/X1 so it can compete with them over the next five years
    -No more clam shell portables or dual screen devices
    -Market the NX during evening programs in the months before launch to reach the same audience as Sony/MS
    -Celebrate the way online games bring friends together over long distances instead of berating online gamers as children that only spew hate and filth during matches

    1. The only thing I don’t really agree with is the clam shell & dual screen portables. I prefer a clam shell design because it’s better protection for the screen. As for dual screen, I like having the second screen for touch controls, menus, & HUD (maps, health, etc.) especially if most games for it use it for the setting & battle menus, making it quicker to go through them. But I do think they should release a non-clam shell version of their handheld alongside the clam shell version. The non-clam shell versions are perfect for clumsy kids/adults if they are made sturdy.

  24. I completely agree with David Cole. He said a much cleaner and nicer version of what I’ve been saying for years.

  25. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

    >>>I was beginning to wonder when the Xbots would unleash their rabid creature again>>>

  26. Imagine if they made Pachter the president of Nintendo. The entire company would be doomed in less than a week.

  27. Well Michael Pachter, Its a god damn good thing that Nintendo didn’t ask for your advice. Surely Nintendo should broaden their scope with respect to who, when, where and how they do business and grow their IP. Iwata san set this ball in motion and they will follow up on his vision with class and dignity careful not to diminish the quality of their IP. If they adopted your heartless, mindless, capitalistic approach they would sell out, whore out the company until there was no shred of the original Nintendo values, virtues, and morals and just become a former shell of themselves. So no thank you Michael, Keep your worthless advice to yourself. Nintendo will survive and thrive in spite of your overrated opinions.

  28. ok so, mobile, mobile, mobile, multiplatform, mobile, mobile. I would rather see Nintendo die with dignity than go in the direction these “analysts” point out.

  29. 1. Nintendo need to make a powerful console as strong or stronger then the ps4
    2. The online needs to be better
    3. Unified accounts
    4. Get much more aaa 3rd party support
    5. Better os
    6. Advertise like in the wii days
    7. No more region locked consoles or handhelds
    8. Make a handheld as strong or stronger then the vita
    9. Nintendo already said they are looking into letting 3rd parties use their ips
    10. They already said they are thinking about a theme park or something along those lines
    11. Also they said something about cartoons and movies
    12. Their games from what we know will be free to play on mobile
    13. Hire more people for every department
    14. Take more risks
    15. Keep going with amiibos but hire more people to make them
    16. The virtual console should have all of the games that were on the wii and wii u and much more on the nx and also have much more n64 and gameboy advance and game cube games
    17. Make more remakes for the droughts
    18. Make normal controllers and the new controller optional and of course have the past system controllers
    19. More indie support
    20. That is all I can think of as of now and anything I left off someone can add to this
    21. More 3rd party partnerships

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      The only thing Nintendo need to do is 6 and 21.

      I’d say advertising is the biggest change they need to make, Wii U is a great system with a diverse library of games, not enough people know about it.

      The “get more third party support” by making a PS4 clone is a bit of a fallacy IMO.
      3rd parties have it too good with Sony and MS atm, as long as they dominate those two platforms, there’s not a lot that Nintendo can do at this point. Third party sales on Nintendo systems have been down since 96, it’s going to take a lot of time/effort/money to build those audiences up again from a fanbase which has largely been ignored for the last 20 odd years. You also need to consider PC and mobile here as well, that’s four massive revenue streams. Compare that to 200 – 400k sales on a Nintendo Platform.

      Nintendo need to work with willing third party publishers/developers which have mostly been Japanese studios up until this point. They also need to increase their output a bit more. The more exclusives the better, ventures like Splatoon and Hyrule Warriors are something they can really build on.

      1. So they can try to get more 3rd party support because obviously Nintendo is missing out on the good 3rd party games but of course people may also like the bad games but of course whether something is good or bad depends on the person but the more 3rd party support maybe the better because people will continually bring it up until it happens

  30. Pachter, a respected analyst? He is a respected dumb fuck. People still listen to him because everything he says happens on the other way around.

    1. And everything “prediction” he makes about Nintendo either fall short or just straight up the opposite.

  31. What’s this? Attack of the Anal-lysts?

    If Nintendo extends their IPs to XBO and PS4, then it’s like killing their own consoles. Pachter is doing the Jim Carrey again, speaking from his ass. He wanted Nintendo to become another Sega, a failing game developer whose IPs are dying.

  32. So everyone wants Nintendo to sell out and give up on home consoles. Because of one poor selling console. Forget the fact that Nintendo sold literally 260 million console devices last generation.

  33. “Michael Pachter has given his two cents and said that he believes the company should exploit their IP and develop for other video game systems, presumably the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One”

    Let’s just not m’kay?

  34. “I also think that the strategy of proprietary IP for proprietary devices is dying, and think that Nintendo would be far more successful if it supported all consoles.”

    I bet Satoru Iwata is rolling in his grave.

  35. I agree to a certain point with 3 of the analysts. However this patcher say nonsense shit and supposed to be a fame video game market analyst. I still found unbelievable that media give him some importance what so ever.

    Out of the 4 he is the one which has the most stupid “advice” and weakest arguments. It’s like saying to Microsoft that they have to develop Halo for PS4 and Sony to develop uncharted or god of war for Xbox 1….. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! o)

    1. There’s a reason we don’t take him seriously. He just has this unexplained vendetta against Nintendo and it shows.

      1. Maybe he was a Nintendo fan that just got let down one too many times & wants to see them pay for all the “sins” they committed against him. xD

  36. I rather Nintendo become a smaller, more niche company that sticks to traditional gaming rather then whore themselves out just to make a quick buck. All these ideas can go in the toilet with the rest of the shit.

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