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Here’s The First Look At Monster Hunter X Gameplay

Capcom has showcased the first footage of the long-awaited Monster Hunter X for the Nintendo 3DS during a livestream. Thankfully, Arekkz Gaming is at hand and has uploaded the footage for the world to see. Monster Hunter X is the next mainline Monster Hunter title for the Nintendo 3DS and isn’t a spin-off like Monster Hunter Diary and Monster Hunter Stories. We have yet to hear when the game is scheduled to launch over here in the west, but as soon as we do I will publish it.


  1. “Monster Hunter X is the next mainline Monster Hunter title for the Nintendo 3DS and isn’t a spin-off like Monster Hunter Diary and Monster Hunter Stories. ”
    This worries me.


      1. Because they’re introducing more and more flashy moves after each game. I’m afraid about the quality of the hunts being sacrificed in favour of spectacle.


      2. It won’t be. It’s more likely they’re just trying to appease those who aren’t fans of frontier, but want some of Frontier’s features in the main game. It’s clear the flashiness is more of an added bonus if anything. But when it comes down to it, the quality of the hunt is the quality of the fun, and this looks pretty fucking fun to me :P

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      1. I’ve tried Trip, still didn’t like the controls; theres a huge learning curve and my friends didn’t have the game (so it wouldn’t be as fun playing alone). Then again I have the pro controller now as apposed to then, I might have to give it another chance just so that I can be more familiar with how most things work I suppose.


      2. You played it with Wiimote + Nunchuk? No wonder you didn’t like it. A classic/pro controller is almost mandatory, you really should give it another chance, yes.


      3. Lol I used the gamepad; it’s too big and light from the screen is distracting. I will definitely give this another chance eventually.


      4. With the screen brightness turned down the gamepad screen light isn’t noticeable, even in the dark. There’s also a shit load of people playing online so who cares if your friends don’t have it, you won’t have trouble finding hunters to play with.


      5. The controller is still uncomfortable to me, but I will take your word about there being a shit ton of players online.


  2. I hate watching youtube videos of games for Nintendo consoles. The quality is almost always total shit even when I go to 720 or 1080 for an HD effect. Could this be a conspiracy? *shrug* I don’t really care at this point since Nintendo only has themselves to blame at this bloody point in time.


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