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Animal Crossing New Nintendo 3DS Coverplates Coming To Europe October 2nd

These three totally awesome Animal Crossing themed New Nintendo 3DS coverplates will be arriving in Europe on October 2nd. No doubt collectors will be foaming at the mouth at the prospect of these arriving. Pricing has yet to be announced, but no doubt they will retail for the same price as other coverplates.

13 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Nintendo 3DS Coverplates Coming To Europe October 2nd”

  1. Not in America! Maybe since Iwata is gone things like this won’t happen anymore. But we are talking about Nintendo so, fat chance.

  2. is it just me or do these seem like New 3DS XL sizes? they look very large. I know kids are holding them, but still.

  3. The little girl on the right just looks too sexy for words, I’d do her right, put it on her belly and get her sprung, she seems to know her A,B,C’s im sure she would love it if i gave her the D.


    1. …….okay. Who invited R Kelly to our Nintendo Blog room? Or better yet: BILL MURRAY VISITING STEVE MARTIN AT THE DENTIST IN “LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS!!”
      Under age girls
      Illegal sexual advances
      Shiny torturous dental tools
      An Over Abundance of laffy gas

      *A Singing Monster Plant who sounds like the late lead singer from the “Four Tops”

      Jeez Louise!!!! When will it end?!!!

    2. You do know that even joking to be a pedo is illegal right? I’ll send FBI your way. You’re welcome motherfucker.

  4. Seems like Europe is getting more Nintendo love by the month. & as far as the small 3ds cover plates that are NOT available in America.


  5. I want the right one but alas I’m in the US and can’t get the standard New3DS and the faceplates here. How much longer is NOA torturing me….

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