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Video: Here’s Some Footage Of The Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Title

We heard a while back ago that Luigi’s Mansion is headed to arcades in Japan and now we have got some footage of the game in action. The game is played in a first person mode with players tasked with sucking up various menacing ghosts using a Poltergust 3000 replica. Luigi’s Mansion Arcade is currently only available in Japan. Sadly we haven’t heard any word regarding if it will come to the west or not, but it would certainly be more than welcome.

8 thoughts on “Video: Here’s Some Footage Of The Luigi’s Mansion Arcade Title”

  1. mariooo :-)
    it looks like fun, but the grafics….
    jesus nintendo!
    how about a wii u version with online mode and voice chat, like in splatoon… oh there is no voice chat :-(

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