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Here’s What Pokemon Would Look Like Running In Unreal Engine 4

We have already seen what Mario and Sonic would look like running in the state of the art Unreal Engine 4. Now it is the turn of the Pokemon franchise. CryZENx has brought the series to life in an open world environment complete with lush grass and grazing deer. The star of the show is Charmander’s wonderful fire attacks which look truly gorgeous. You can check it all out in the video below.

62 thoughts on “Here’s What Pokemon Would Look Like Running In Unreal Engine 4”

    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>The Zelda one looks good if you wanted a clay style of game, otherwise it looks horrible if going for a “realistic” approach>>>

      1. Speaking of, I wonder when Nintendo will try a claymation artstyle for a Zelda game. We all know it’s coming eventually since Nintendo is always trying out new artstyles for Legend of Zelda. (I’m fine with this because I actually enjoy seeing them experiment with artstyles for the Zelda series as it feels like an important part of Zelda development these days.)

        1. If they really wanted to do chibi artstyle bullshit, they should have done it with Zelda & kept it far away from poor Metroid.

            1. Apparently Nintendo likes catering to people that don’t give a damn about a certain game or don’t give a damn about video games on home & handheld consoles. But more than likely it’s Nintendo once gain giving in to their favoritism for Japan over everyone else even though we outside of Japan are responsible for most of their money.

            2. I have always wanted a pokemon game like the handheld for the console. Especially since Wii U was made. I thought the idea would have been perfect but I guess not.

              1. People have been asking for the game for years, it wouldn’t be as hard as people think. Start an MMO staring the original 151. Build on from that, boom a money making Pocket Monster adventure.

            3. Who ever made these needs to stop all of them are ugly the Zelda one is the worst an the character models of the pokemon are ok but the background is ugly

            4. Man, this “game XY running in Unreal Engine 4” bullshit needs to stop. It’s not that impressive and we really don’t have to see EVERY game being made to run in UE4.

            5. ok, that looks just plain silly. Why are the Pokémon in realistic surroundings, instead of Pokémon-type world?

            6. I like how no one clicks on the YouTube link that this page provided and personally telling the user who made the video that they do not like it.

              Here is looking at you, users ‘RPG Hacker’ and ‘Anonymous’.

            7. The only game I would be curious to see with Unreal Engine 4 would be Star Fox. The other examples are absolute shit. I’m surprised somebody hasn’t tried to butcher Mario Kart yet.

            8. God I want this to happen. Open world main series pokemon game on a home console. I’d forget how to speak to humans, though.

            9. Hell, I would buy a version of the kite demo just to play as Squirtle if I could. I think it would make a insanely fun game. How are people finding issue’s with this?!

            10. Pokémon was intended for handhelds, not consoles. Open world/MMORPG’s do not offer anything other than to fill a void in the hearts of nostalgiafags who only watched the anime and didn’t play the games.

              And they always mention the first 151 Pokémon, never mind the fans of the other Gens.

              1. I personally feel you’re wrong. Prove Pokemon Stadium wrong, I never got to play the second game but I’ve never heard bad of it. A full on Pocket Monster adventure MMO would kill, in a good way. If Nintendo could get a game running on their platform it would have a huge game that could be expanded upon like the handheld games. Start with the first 151, then later regions could be introduced and new Pokemon generations could be added. Im a hardcore pokemon lover, still play the original Blue version I paid for the day it came out. I’ve thought this out and it would make money. If (and there’s a big IF here) it was done correctly. Yes I am one of those “genwunners” or whatever the kids call it, but I don’t give a fokk. Blue, yellow and silver versions are my home.

                1. Here’s the thing: with a new region, you have to take level scaling into account. Kanto had weak Pokémon, but strong trainers. And Johto had this problem with low level Pokémon as well. Now imagine balancing out six regions in one game. They couldn’t do so with two, and it shows.

                  Pokémon is meant for on the go travel, to meet others and battle or trade. Online has only made it more accessible, but you can still do so locally. Honestly, your comment proved my first post.

                  1. I disagree. If your a single player moving freely through the regions, why would it matter what levels the mobs were? And, you should drop the whole I proved your comment right crap, because that never happened. You would meet lower level pokemon in certain area’s and higher ones in other’s. You’re reaching for anything to make it not enjoyable or possible and sadly thats not the case in this day and age of gaming.

                    1. And I would rather have a consistent series that dips its feet every now and then (Pokken, Nobunga) than to just throw an established formula away for some shitty mod that looks good but plays like shit. You don’t know a damn thing about Pokémon and just think that your idea of an open world, which isn’t particularly new is better simply because of some stupid video.

                      GameFreak knows what they’re doing, you do not.

                        1. I’m just letting that tart know that his glorious idea isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, from a business standpoint.

                          But keep being hostile, nostalgiafag.

                        2. Lmao, yes because you know me so well right? I know enough about Pokemon to completely piss you off over nothing apparently. You are blind to the idea by your own doing. My idea came waaay before I saw one damn video on here. Give me a fucking break child, lets act really stupid. Whip out your cell phone, I wanna see who’s screen’s bigger….

                          Gtfo of here with your bullshit.

                          1. Since you brought up online, if Nintendo, and GameFreak who develop the Pokemon games & have near full control over Pokemon games, would get their head out of their asses & went full on with online, Pokemon wouldn’t have to be stuck on handhelds all the time & it could actually evolve into something even greater. But this is GameFreak. They take longer than everyone else to actually get with the times. They only recently went full on 3D graphics with Pokemon which shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to happen. A lot of us Pokemon fans want a full game on a home console that is similar to the handheld versions. If GameFreak is worried that it might interfere with the mainline games’ sales on handhelds, just make it to where people need to connect the home console game to their handheld mainline game to get certain Pokemon to appear on the home console game. This is the beauty of wireless connectivity through wi-fi.

                              1. I’d also like to see some gay relationships in the Pokemon games so I can feel like the Pokemon world is a little bit more like ours: realistic.

                            1. What work went into this besides creating the Pokemon models? They don’t even interact with the world environment that they were obviously slapped into.

                              1. Pokemon Trainer Blue

                                Could follow the end of his tailna little better but other than that I like it.

                                It would have been funny if he caught that one deer on fire.

                            2. My only problem with seeing these is the fact that it shows us what could be done if Nintendo wasn’t always holding themselves back by clinging to their past tactics which sadly have doomed the Wii U to be one of their worst selling consoles ever. And the NX could very well be next if the rumor that it’s going to be weaker than the Xbox One is true. :/

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                            4. I wish gamefreak would make another 3d pokemon home console game like pokemon xd gale of darkness, colloseum, or even a new stadium game.

                              1. I’m still waiting for a Pokemon Snap 2. Hell! I’ll take the original Pokemon Snap but in HD as an expansion pack with an extended story & Pokemon from other gens added into it.

                            5. And of course Nintendo would opt for the shortcut “cel shade” or some other “graphic style” excuse to avoid tapping full potential like this. Retro Studios, an American studio who saved/revived/evolved Metroid, can do it so WTF is Nintendo’s excuse to hold back?

                            6. Never will happen game freak is clearly not interested in changing the Pokémon formula they just want to make the same game over and over again and watch the money roll in. Historically speaking Pokémon invented rehashing and milking in games

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