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Crunchyroll App On Wii U Is Now Available To Everyone

The Crunchyroll application on Wii U is now available to all members of the video streaming service. Free members can now enjoy the same freemium experience offered on Crunchyroll’s other apps and website. Users can also upgrade to a premium account that gives them access to high-definition content with no ads. The Crunchyroll app can be downloaded for free from the Nintendo eShop.

32 thoughts on “Crunchyroll App On Wii U Is Now Available To Everyone”

    1. I’m not sure how it is for the other shows, but Crunchyroll apparently has the English dub of SAO season one on their site and apps. And then there’s RWBY, of course.

    2. The availability of dubs is on a case-by-case basis, mainly because CrunchyRoll focuses on simulcasts with Japan. Like Funimation and other studios, they license animes to stream as they air in Japan, but the licenses for dubbing anime go elsewhere if at all (FUNimation, for example, gets the licenses to both). Their major partner is TVTokyo.

      A few dubs I know are the Bushiroad animes (they air internationally, so it’s available in English audio the same day the Japanese audio becomes available), Sword Art Online, and the Saban-dubs of Digimon.

        1. Majority of the Anime shows I can’t take. I like Paranoia Agent, and there was another weird show called Fooly Cooly or something I liked but could never continue to follow.

        2. i’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Too bad I found kissanime. Now both my Wii U and 3DS stream anime of the highest quality.

        3. no one piece
          no cowboy bebop
          no dbz
          no digimon
          no bobobo-bo-bobobo
          only 5 episodes of the 1st yu gi oh

          1. Umm… don’t know about you… but it does have a seach feature on the ps4..
            have yet to try it on my wii u.

          2. I’m pretty sure they have One Piece….

            And they have the Saban-dub of the first five seasons/serieses (I still don’t get why they’re called seasons in the US when Bandai Namco considers each series a separate series) and the subbed seventh series, all three seasons of it (Xros Wars).

            Not Savers/Data Squad for some reason though.

          3. It has One Piece and simulcasts it. It has four seasons of Digimon. It has search. What are you going on about? Overall Crunchyroll is for newer anime anyway since it focuses a lot on simulcasting with the Japanese airing of the shows.

        4. Has anyone seen the new Japanese splatoon trailer. New wepons, maps and gear. August update looks awesome.

        5. I know CrunchyRoll just announced it, but I feel like that’s been available for a while now. I watched an anime at a friend’s house once and it wasn’t until like two episodes in that somebody pointed out it wasn’t Hulu and the reason why there were still ads was that I didn’t log in for him yet.

          1. pink0crystal0midbus

            Probably means every region in which Nintendo is located. The person who runs this site is from the UK so I don’t know why “everyone” would translate to USA here anyway.

        6. pink0crystal0midbus

          Is Crunchyroll free? If I sign up for a free “trial” can I just use that free trial forever without paying and lose a couple benefits from the premium membership, or will it force me to upgrade.

          1. This is great! I mostly and will probably continue to use Hulu for anime needs, but it’s nice knowing I have an additional outlet for anime. Cable is meaningless if you have Hulu and Netflix. :)

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          3. Ew fuck crucnhy roll. if you want HQ anime for free that works on the wii u browser go over to www,

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