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Gamescom Attendees Will Get Free Pokemon

If you are considering heading to Gamescom this year then you will be pleased to learn that you will be able to grab some Pokemon at the event. If you have a copy of Pokemon Omega Ruby or Pokemon Alpha Sapphire then you will receive a serial code that gives access to download two free Pokemon. The Pokemon that are up for grabs and have been chosen by Game Freak’s Shigeki Morimototo are:

  • Aromatisse with Trick Room, Heal Pulse, Disable and Moonblast.
    It holds the Babiri Berry and the ability Aroma Veil.
  • Malamar with Superpower, Knock Off, Facade and Rock Slide.
    It holds the Assault Vest and the ability Contrary.
  • Sableye with Calm Mind, Will-O-Wisp, Recover and Shadow Ball.
    It holds the Sablenite and the ability Prankster.
  • Bouffalant with Head Charge, Facade, Earthquake and Rock Slide.
    It holds the Choice Band and the ability Soundproof.

4 thoughts on “Gamescom Attendees Will Get Free Pokemon”

  1. Wow. Look at these Pokemon anyone that really wants them can easily get in their own game with those attacks, items, & abilities so they don’t have to go to some event to get them. They’d entice more people that don’t go to these events & live a good ways away if they offered up Mystical Pokemon instead of freaking commons. Once again, GameFreak is trolling the fans of their games outside of Japan that are actually trying to “catch ’em all.”

    1. Pokemon Trainer Blue

      I would rather have the original starters than any “special” ones. I still have download cards for the mystical Diancie (or whatever it is) and the Shiny Gengar. Never used either of them. I did use the Dragonite card, and have an extra one for keeping! :D

    2. They give away so many pokemon you cant find in-game it doesn’t feel unique. Pokémon needs to be reinvented imo, or at least make an MMO console Version alongside the pocket mainseries…

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