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Here’s The First 15 Minutes Of Yokai Watch: Busters

Yokai Watch has taken Japan by storm and is now one of the highest grossing Japanese video game franchises in recent times. The latest game in the series, Yokai Watch: Busters, is a spin-off action title that is based on a fun mini game that featured in Yokai Watch 2. The game allows you to play as various Yokai monsters to take out bosses. The Yokai Watch franchise is coming to the west later this year, so it is certainly something to look out for.

15 thoughts on “Here’s The First 15 Minutes Of Yokai Watch: Busters”

  1. If the game launches simultaneously with a dubbed cartoon, toys, and trading cards… I could see it taking off in the US. Worked for Pokemon.

    1. In the US it will be seen as nothing more than a Pokemon clone and eventually fade away into obscurity, just like Digimon. I mean it will have its fans but I don’t think it will survive.

  2. I could see it becoming popular in the west as a result of the show, but likely not vice versa. Tablets have become quite the hot commodity beside television, straying a little further away from handhelds every year…..toss in some excellent marketing on tablets and TV, and Bob’s your uncle, kids will be enticed, especially if said marketing is an entire 30 minute episode every week.

  3. The games are actually really fun, but I don’t see them taking off with kids in the west due to their monster designs being much more engrossed with Japanese mythology. I think if anything they should have ported the 3rd game in the series to the west first since that one actually takes place in the USA and uses more traditional “western monster” designs for its characters.

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