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China Completely Lifts Video Game Console Ban

Good news for would be gamers in China as The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the ban placed on video game consoles in the country has been completely lifted. You may remember that the ban was temporarily lifted by the government in January, but the only way console manufacturers could sell consoles was with government approval. Let’s hope Nintendo gets its foot in the door.

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47 thoughts on “China Completely Lifts Video Game Console Ban”

  1. Considering that China is a huge country with over a billion people, this could either be huge in terms of sales for game consoles… Or almost no improvement.

        1. Apparently you, since you know all about it. Not a problem I experience on Apple products. Good thing your not in charge of a company cause you’d sink it with your mentality.

          1. Like what? I would’ve cut the price of their products/accessories as primary resolve #1, open up some trusted 3rd party support while continue testing and monitoring their software for any negative surprises. Yeah, I would destroy a company by doing exactly what would make the consumers happier than ever.

            1. Dude… websitelol wasn’t talking about games on Apple devices, he was talking about the success of Apple’s sales in China in general. They have been ridiculously successful in China to the point where they have surpassed the United States as the country with the largest amount of iPhone sales last year. And he was comparing this to the possibilities for Nintendo’s success now that China has lifted the console ban.

            2. Cloud I be only one that thinks the NX is a console cheap in comparison with the current gen suppose to be target an emergent game market like China? Maybe Nintendo already predicted this and started to develop NX with China in mind…

              Plus I read here, maybe last year or not so long ago, Nintendo talking about the lift on the video game ban in China and some plans regarding it

              Would be nice if they could take the advantage that people in China already are used to smartphone gaming and think about the opportunity to make some type of connection between the games in smartphones with the NX, you play in the smartphone during your time outside like work or whatever and when you get home you can use the saved game in you device to unlock new items, exclusive content and more. Probably they already mention the connection but just to make a point.

              Then I would understand why they refuse to talk much about it, as today gaming companies are always paying attention what each other are up to. China is a big market so everyone will want a piece of it. Regardless all that just hope Nintendo won’t forget more about the core gamers as they already been doing for so long :-/

              I may have said a lot but is what I think. Still miss Iwata

          2. Nintendo. This is your chance. China has like the highest population on Earth. Wii U sales can easily reach more than Gamecube numbers if you act quick enough. Seize this opportunity. Do it.

            1. Like if Nintendo has any chance. It’s already said and known that Sony won that region so if PS4 is approved there, Wii U is fucked. In fact, it’s been fucked since before it came out.

              1. No, it hasn’t been fucked since before it came out. It had potential, but poor marketing led the Wii U to where it is. Besides, you are done with Nintendo, so Why do YOU even care???

                1. And the way it’s build, not power wise, that turned down the third parties to work with it. But that’s also them being liars and lazies in some occasions. Both fucked each other.

                    1. Not really, it was actually keeping a head of the Xbox One for a while.
                      Wouldn’t really call that a “Flop”

                          1. What has Reggie done for the company? I heard that the former president was involved in getting Rare involved with Nintendo. The days where Nintendo consoles were awesome.

                          2. They still have pretty strict ruling over what games go into the country though.
                            Violent videos games aren’t going to do so well so Nintendo would destroy Sony and Microsoft.

                              1. I love GameCube. After that you could tell Nintendo was done with the console wars. Its not even about matching up anymore for them, its about trying to keep up now. And its sad as fokk. N64 was good times, friends and I still get together and bust out perfect dark or golden eye when time allows. Dk mode with paintball bullets equals good times for us stoners.

                                  1. Actually they didn’t say shit, they don’t have a voice box. And, what are you even saying that for? Wii had a few games that impressed me on terms of graphical output. 3ds is still selling and I happen to love the 3ds. Your comment is really far away from being correct in any sense.

                                    Humans say hi.

                                    1. “I love GameCube. After that you could tell Nintendo was done with the console wars. ”

                                      That’s why I said it. Those two systems completely dismantled the competition in their respective markets, and they came AFTER GC.

                                      YOU didn’t like the Wii lineup, the customers sure ate it up tho.

                                      So then Nintendo is still in the console wars this generation thanks to 3DS, making your initial statement far from being correct.

                                    2. KEEP UP

                                      NINTENDO MADE BILLIONS LAST GEN


                                      WII AND DS ARE THE MOST PROFITABLE SYSTES IN HISTORY

                                      GAMECUBE MADE MORE PROFIT THAN PS2

                                      SONYBARE HEADINGTOWARDS BANKRUPCY

                                      WIIU IS THE MOST ADVANCED GAMINGBSYSTEM IN EXISTENCE


                                      NO MOUSE POINTER NO ADVANCED MOTION NO GYRO MOUSE

                                      ITS 2015 A BOX AND A DUALSHOCK IS FANNED BY MORONS

                                      SONY LOST BILLIONS LAST YEAR NINTENDO ADE 300MILLION IN PROFIT


                                  2. I imagine this will get more consoles in the market, but they’ll be modded and games bootlegged for less than $10 a piece. This is what happened in Taiwan where Wii was officially launched. People share the same culture, I bet it’ll be the same outcome.

                                  3. I believe that Nintendo has the biggest chance in China then the other two consoles. Think about it, China banned consoles 15 years ago, where did those 2 billion game on? The PC. Now that consoles are back, it’s more like a too little too late scenario. Hell I saw an article where the Chinese gamers are completely disinterested in the PS4 and Xbox One because of PC gaming. With Nintendo it does offer a good chance since it does offer exclusives you can’t get anywhere else but since China has to censor a lot of things, it might hardly be a consolation prize for Nintendo.

                                  4. China can go suck off an egg roll with its communistic ass. It’s been months and still haven’t approved shit so you can forget about that ban lift because they’ll still turn around and say fuck off to consoles.

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                                  6. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

                                    The Chinese have being buying consoles for decades, they just import them from Hong Kong.

                                    Obviously having consoles available in China would make them more accessible but you’ve got to wonder about software sales, due to the fact that the Chinese have no copyright laws thus piracy is on a whole different level over there.

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