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GameTrailers: Top 10 Series That Deserve To Die

It wouldn’t be a Sunday if it we didn’t feature a top ten list from Game Trailers. This week the team have put together a list of franchises that they believe deserve to die (or be put to rest for a long time). There’s one glaring omission on that list and that is Call of Duty, which has started to become a little stale. I think most people could agree that Sonic could do with a nice vacation though.

10.HyperDimension Neptunia
9.Tales of
7.The Sims
5.Metal Gear Solid
4.Saints Row
3.Dead Island
1.Assassin’s Creed

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210 thoughts on “GameTrailers: Top 10 Series That Deserve To Die”

    1. I think call of Duty, and forza needs to be on that list. They are never big enough improvements to deserve yearly releases.

        1. I agree to some extent, to be honest. Kojima and MGS solid cannot go separate ways. It’s me, though.

        1. Konami has been going downhill… It seems that most of Japanese software houses are completely lost nowadays. Problems in general administration, likely.

          1. No. It’s all of gaming going straight to hell. It seems only Indies get the fucking picture of what gaming is about. Like what I always said and you can quote me on this: “Indies are now the gaming industry’s past, present and future because their value its essence”

            1. Least til they start getting greedy. But thankfully, there will be new indie developers taking their places as indies & will eventually take their place on the big stage. And the cycle will continue with the next group of indie developers & the next after that.

              “You either die the hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” -Harvey Dent from The Dark Knight. That statement holds very true, sadly.

          2. I blame it on the fact a lot of Japan is actually pretty mobile crazy. Home consoles are getting their asses handed to them because of handhelds & mobile phones.

      1. There hasn’t been a good Tales games since arguably Vesperia so yeah, Tales deserves to die, specially after the disaster that was Zestiria

    1. As much as I love Tales of, I kind of agree, I wouldn’t want it to die but it sure deserves a long break. The amount of Tales games that we have rival CoD very closely.

    1. Nintendo Magistrate: Lance Bulmer

      tales of doesn’t neither battlefield or mgs although call of duty defiantly does but the whole list is just flame war bait

  1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn


    That seems a bit off.
    If anything needs to die (or rest I guess) is CoD hands down.
    Pokemon (which would never just die) also needs to take breaks, from annual releases at least.
    Anything with annual releases needs to stop

      1. What Gideon said. Pokemon is the ONLY one that comes to mind so I don’t know how the hell you got 75% out of that.

              1. Well why not? When CoD is brought up they bring up all the mobile crap ports as well, so why not count those spin off? I mean the CoD games sell because of the name, and so does Pokemon.

                1. Even not counting the spin offs, Pokemon is still pretty much an annual series. Pokemon is 18 years old. Out of those 18 years, only 5 years have been without a game releasing. 5 out of 18. I’m sorry to everyone in denial but Pokemon is an annual series. Even if you don’t count the remakes, that’s still one year between each new game.

            1. Isn’t the last game a festive POS that nobody is still asking for a new game? Out of all of the spin offs, that game is one of the most boring. PKMN Rangers actually serves a better challenge.

              1. I don’t know, I played the first Mystery Dungeon and it bored the shit out of me, ive never touch any of the games in that series since then. Or the ranger series but only because MD left such a sour taste in my mind that I neglected all spinoffs. Rumble, Rangers, and Trozeie, I did however played the last trozie and I loved it lol.

    1. If you think Pokémon should take a break you just suck at them or you’re a genwunner. I’ve completed both X and Omega Ruby 100 % with completely full Pokédex. You need to try harder, don’t blame them if you can’t keep up. Speaking of the witch, there never was a main series game this year so there you go. Now stop whining.

      1. Yea right, casual. Show me a completed dex. I completed mine on AS and I hated the damn game. The series needs to slow down to pump out better quality games.

        And why are you talking like this year is over?

        1. Same here. I completed the Pokedex with all of the Pokémon available to me at the moment (my full PC Boxes prove that).

          I’d continue to play Alpha Sapphire, but I already did just about everything relevant in doing within the game, and I have a backlog of other video games I’ve yet to touch, such as Bravely Default, Project X Zone, Bayonetta 2, etc.

          1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

            Did that motherf*cker just call me a genwunner?
            Bitch I’ve been playing Pokemon before you were sucking at your mother’s mammaries.

            But are you bloody well aware that since B2W2 there has been a Pokemon game every year?

            And because of that, B2W2 had a lifespan of exactly one year until X and Y, and as of ORAS, X and Y are obsolete, after only one year those games have been ditched.

            Lately the Pokemon Company have rushed games at the expense of other games longevity. It’s not that they didn’t release a game this year, they COULDN’T release one this year, people were complaining about that.


            1. Still got 5 months left of 2015. Plenty of time to announce a new one at Gamescom next month & have it released at least in one country by late November, early December.

      2. genwunner lmao. Pokemon should take a break, some of the new “Pokemon” are straight up trash, literally. Call it what you want, people start the mud slinging when the truth hurts.

          1. Exactly why I find it funny that certain people hate some of the new Pokemon from the generations after the second one. They are being hypocrites & don’t even realize it. I hate this term but those people definitely need to take off their nostalgia goggles.

          2. Which are far more creative than a bag of trash, honestly how can you defend that. Voltorb is meant to look like a Pokeball, Grimer is a living slugde pokemon. Sorry, but I know the difference between creativity and rehashed work, at least for me and my tastes.

            No one said any one person has to like any of them. Again, people only start labeling people when the truth hits hard. You can call me a hypocrite all day, it doesn’t change the fact im right about the lack of creativity. I own and play several versions after the first game, so your “point” is kind of pointless. And, not being the only person that feels that way can’t make me wrong, because I know others hold the same view on it as I do.

            Porygon for life.

            1. Every gen had their share of horrible designed Pokemon. You can’t say a slime or a ball with eyes is creative just because they’re “meant to look like that!” and then a living trash bag isn’t just because. And there are others that feel the same way as you do because they’re also genwunning, hypocrites. What makes you worse is that you know you’re a hypocrite.

              1. Seriously. Him using Trubbish & Garbodor to defend his belief that every Pokemon gen after the first two are horrible is pretty hypocritical when you got Grimer/Muk that are no different. After all, they are just toxic sludge, literally. (Using his own words against him is fun.)

        1. Use names.

          Ps. I thought you said you were done here? Can’t resist the purenintendonews I know. I can’t either!

          1. Im confused, do people actually attempt to use Fanboy as an insult? Can we please get that word in the Dictionary?

      3. Pokemon has not changed with the times. The graphics are almost two generations behind. The pokemon themselves are recycled over and over again from game to game. The gameplay and story have not changed since the 90’s. Pokemon should be first on that list. Gamefreak and Nintendo should be ashamed at how they have let that franchise fall behind. The Wii U should have a fully fleshed out pokemon title with up to date graphics and all new Pokemon. But nope, they would rather milk thier slowly shrinking fanbase into oblivion.

      1. xD We still have 5 months left of this year so don’t talk as if 2015 is over. And technically, Pokken Tournament released to arcades this year so there’s a Pokemon game right there.

          1. Do you even play Pokemon? Because you are trying your best to ignore the fact even Pokemon has sadly become an annual series. Just because they, on occasion, skip a year doesn’t change that fact.

    2. The annual release of Pokemon, yeah that needs to hit the breaks but at least it’s not pulling off what Activision is doing by deliberately hiring another studio to keep spamming COD to death while using that new studio as an excuse to answer to fans cries for the series to take a “two-three year break” from another game release and that needs more time to polish.

  2. This list is BS.

    Sonic, MGS, Sims, and even Assassin’s Creed are pretty iconic IPs. Just because the development studio is putting out crap or releasing new games too frequently DOES NOT mean it should die. They just need some fine tuning.

  3. Sonic doesn’t need a break, it just needs another good game. What we don’t need is games like Call of Duty every single year.

    1. It seems that you and some others here have misheard what they said in the video. This is a list of franchises that they like and want to die with dignity.

  4. 10.HyperDimension Neptunia
    If all the games had been like the first then I might agree. The rest of the RPGs in the series for the most part have gotten progressively better. The thing that really needs to die is their retarded approach to DLC crap.

    9.Tales of
    How the hell can they even put this over any other RPG series? If they are saying the Tales series needs to die then they should have put Persona and Final Fantasy right along with it.

    I can’t really see how this needs to die when there isn’t even that many games out for it.

    7.The Sims
    The watered down console ports and cash shops is all that needs to die.

    Same with Fable, its not like this is a yearly series or anything. How can they single out Soul and not list Street Fighter or ArcSystem’s fighters?

    5.Metal Gear Solid
    This one I will agree with, not because its becoming stale, but just because I think the series should end with a complete wrap around after Phantom Pain. Though I would like a updated retelling of MetalGear/SoildSnake as the finale of the series.

    4.Saints Row
    Kind of can agree with, but not to much. The outlandish and silly plots at least make it stand out from say GTA which just does hardware updates for the most part with each new game.

    3.Dead Island
    I don’t think 3 games, one being a spin off and another sort of an expansion, really makes for a overdone series that needs to die off.

    No reason for Sonic to die (unless we are talking about the mobile or download only shit), just give him to a company that knows how to make a good game.

    1.Assassin’s Creed
    Not the biggest fan of the series (played up to Revelations) and I probably would say its overdone (at least 2-Revelations), but I do like how they seem to be experimenting with different time periods and locales. Sadly it seems like the only way we get these historical set pieces in big budget games is through the AssCreed series.

    Can’t really take most of this list seriously when they don’t have stuff like Call of Duty. MOBA’s or Angry Bird/mobile cash grab shit listed on it.

    1. Also how the hell is Dynasty Warriors not on this list? Not saying its bad, but its basically Japan’s CoD.

    2. Persona NEEDS to die so Atlus stops being retarded and making shitty weeb games with pop idols in panties and goes back to real SMT.

    3. I think your kind of missing the point. It’s not really the amount of titles being made that makes these franchises dull. It’s the quality of the titles themselves. You argue Fable only has three games, but you fail to mention that the first game was the best in the series. The games got dramatically worse with each new release. The same could be said with Dead Island. They get worse with each release.
      Also AC, while the games havent all gotton worse, they have become lazier with each release. The gameplay is stale, and unchanging. In fact, all they do is change skins on the characters and add in new backgrounds….
      Sonic has had progressivly worse games aswell. While your argument about getting another quality game sounds good, the odds are slim that will happen. The Sonic franchise has been treated so maliciously in the last ten years it’s IMO unforgivable. Sega does not deserve the Sonic franchise anymore. They have proven time and time again that they have ZERO respect for not only the franchise itself, but the fanbase aswell. Sega needs to die, and give the Sonic franchise to a more responsible developer.
      I’m not going to go over anymore titles, but I agree with this list and could honestly add another ten to it.

  5. Well Tales of series I wouldn’t want to die because it’s honestly better than some of the final fantasy games we’ve had, and their stories are a joy to play through. Sims I could agree with, HyperDimension I haven’t really played much of but it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me what you do in that game XD. I think everything on the list could use a break minus tales of. Sonic definitely needs it with his recent history.

    My top 10 would be, and in no particular order:
    10.Call of Duty
    9. The Sims
    8. Assassin’s Creed
    7. Sonic
    6. Pokemon (just so the series doesn’t get too stale)
    5. Fable (was never a great series)
    4. Street fighter 4 (how many versions do we need)
    3. Mario Party (they have strayed too far from the original formula and there is just so many)

    2. Final Fantasy (if it keeps being subpar)
    1. Halo (good series just, I feel like it’s only here for money now)

    I would also say destiny because of bungies 10 year plan for it.

      Because you totally fucking nailed it!
      ESPECIALLY………That Gawd damn FINAL FANTASY!!!!! Not a terrible series but, feels like literally THE SAME GAME OVER & OVER & OVER FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!!

    2. I disagree with Halo on your list. I think God of War should never died. It was Sony’s biggest series ever. Kratos was almost or at the same level as Mario, and Sony killed the series off. It should took a break instead. That was Sony’s fatal mistake. Microsoft better not make that mistake.

  6. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Assassins Creed needs to die!!!!! Prince of Persia needs a comeback!
    Also. COD can die.
    Rainbow six was always better anyways.

  7. Why Saints Row and MGS? The last proper MGS was released in 2010 and Saints Row isn’t annual either. Saints Row the Third was a crazier (and more fun) GTA and SR4 took it too a completely new level with throwing inFamous-like super powers into it! I can’t wait to see what they come up with for Saints Row 5!

    Where the fuck are the obvious series such as COD, Need for Speed, and Battlefield gamefailers?

    1. Oh yeah, I’ve always preferred Saints Row over GTA.
      In GTA, you literally are just a regular person with money.
      In Saints Row, you are a super powered gang leader who could literally single handedly destroy an army
      Also with lots of money.

    2. The Battlefield games are pretty good. 4 was supposed to be the last but then Hardline came along and fucked it up. CoD really needs to be on this list.

  8. Hah, yeah let’s kill off Sonic. How about no? Fans have been waiting for Sega to get their shit together for YEARS. There hasn’t been an excellent Sonic game since the days of the Gamecube. (With the exception of Sonic Colors and Generations, those were alright.)

    This list is stupid though, as all of these games have their fanbases. Why would you take away something from people that enjoy it?

    1. Sadly, if Sega is just going to constantly churn out crap Sonic games, Sonic deserves to be killed right now. He’s been dragged through the mud long enough. That or Sega needs to actually sell Sonic to someone that will care for him & make good games with him & his friends in it instead of handing him off to any small group of “amateur” developers & forcing them to release the game within a strict deadline.

        1. One good game after a few bad ones is not a good thing for a series like Sonic. In fact, it’s very bad because it means the owners are just getting lucky & it’s not because they are actually still good at making games.

    2. I don’t think SEGA is the main problem, at least not in the way you’re putting it.
      The problem with modern Sonic lies in its original concept and its incompatibility with modern gaming mediums.
      Think of Mario; Mario has never had a bad main-series game, all 2D and 3D games, even the ones from the “New” series, have been met with good reception, and rightfully so.
      The thing is, Mario’s formula is extremely simple, which makes it easy to modernize it and adapt it to other genres and styles; on the other hand, Sonic’s speed gimmicks require a very specific implementation or they become a complete disaster.
      All of this has a consequence: While Mario’s developers can trust in their formula and instead focus on expanding and innovating the gameplay, Sonic’s developers spend most of the time trying to create fixtures and make compromises.
      Contrary to popular opinion I believe that the best game Sonic has produced since the 3D leap is Sonic Lost World; by taking a page from Mario and slowing Sonic down, SEGA made a game in which the level design is actually relevant and not just the background to pointless boost-to-win “gameplay”. Sadly, the game gets a ton of shit from idiots who would rather see Sonic run stupidly into a wall headfirst than having him intelligently jump over it like Mario would.

      1. Wow, an intelligent comment. This isn’t common on MNN.

        I agree with all of this. I thought Lost World was a huge step in the right direction, it felt the most true to Sonic’s roots than the other 3D Sonics. Sonic was not always just about running fast, it was a platformer as well. Lost World was both fast and had pretty good level design overall. But like you said, there were too many whiny kids saying he wasn’t fast enough. Which means we’ll probably never see them improve the Lost World formula further, despite doing many things right.

        Honestly, I’ve come to really hate most of the Sonic fanbase. Majority of them seem incredibly stupid and ignorant. It’s like the only Sonic game that ever existed to them is Adventure 2 (which is god-awful) and Generations (boost in a mostly straight line to the finish). To Generation’s credit though, the Classic Sonic stages were mostly great. I just got overly bored with the Modern stages where mostly all you do is hold the boost button and the game plays itself.

  9. Honestly, I agree on the Tales series, which sucks because it used to be my 3rd favorite RPG series.

    The series has gone to crap of late with half-baked games like Graces and Xillia, and Zestiria looks no better. Also, it’s been a sign on Namco’s greedy ways, putting games on the X360 and Wii but purposely withholding content to release on the PS3/PS4 versions. They pander so much to people on those consoles that it’s infuriating.

    1. I can agree with Graces being horrible, however Xillia is my 2nd favorite in the series and a lot of people will agree that it’s a really good game. xillia 2 was pretty annoying with its debt thing, and Zesteria looks to be good as well. The reason why it’s always a Playstation release is cause that’s the biggest market in Japan. They’re doing fine.

      1. I wouldn’t mind that if they wouldn’t tease other systems.

        Was it so hard to not have Flynn as a full character in Vesperia 360? What reason was there for Graces Wii to not have the second story arc? That’s what I hate. They purposely hold stuff back and screw owners of those games.

  10. All these games are coming to your Wii U console today!!!

    Hurry, go buy them. Oh wait, this isn’t related to Nintendo.

    1. But, it wouldn’t be Sunday if they didn’t compile a list of games that weren’t coming to Wii U, on a Nintendo related site. Go ahead, search you Wii U search bar for these games. They’re super cheapnon eShop right now…

  11. Oh look, another group that wants Sonic dead. No surprise there since most games other than Colors and Generations had been either mediocre or flat out horrible. Sonic Boom and Sonic Free Riders easily comes to mind when it comes to awful Sonic games.

  12. Call of Duty? Fifa? They’re not on it, but Sonic is? I’d rather play a mediocre Sonic Game, than play a Call of Duty or Fifa. And I live in the U.K, where these Franchises are the most popular…

    1. The team that worked on sonic colors seem to be going the right direction Still the best sonic game I’ve played, next to sonic rush

  13. Why isn’t the guy who wrote this on the list come on you can’t just go around stateing your opinions on the internet when it involves the end of 3 big franchises with humongous fan bases…and why didn’t this guy put CoD on it

  14. Saw Sonic Lost World at a local pawn shop for a decent price and decided to pick it up just for the hell of it. Honestly don’t get the hate. Some of the levels are hard as fuck, but they give you ten tries to pass each one for chrisakes (I realize this is post update). I’m having a great time with it. The fact that this (if you look at reviews, you actually see that they were pretty divided), Generations, and Colors were good tells me that Sonic hardly needs to die. Sonic games may not be on the level of Mario, but they are fun in their own right, and claims of Sonic sucking balls now are greatly exaggerated.

    1. I agree. I thought Lost World was fair. Definitely flawed (concept doesn’t entirely work and lame bosses) but it was alright.

    2. I find interesting how a lot of the criticism directed towards Lost World boils down not to the things it does wrong, but the things it does differently.
      Truth is, in downplaying the speed gimmick and focusing on exploration and actual platforming, SEGA created a very good product, and most of the people complaining are simply butthurt that SEGA needed to take a page from Nintendo to achieve it.

      1. Lost world was horrible, the Camera sucked, the story sucked, andthwe bosses sucked. Sonic Generations shits on Lost Worlds and tbh the last few maim series Mario games. Mario is just copy an paste now pretty much.

    3. I played it a few months after it came out, and I unfortunately was not impressed with Lost World. I didn’t like many of the level designs, sometimes I would do things I didn’t want to do because of the parkour system and I wound up killing myself because of it, the boss fights were awful and pathetically easy, the Deadly Six are terrible antagonists, Sonic and Tails pulled 180s in their personalities and made their interactions seem like soap opera material, Stage 5-2 was one of the WORST levels I’ve EVER played in any game, the game forced you to replay levels until you rescued enough animals to open the next stage/world… I could go on, but I’m sure I’ve lost everyone’s attention by this point.

      I will say this though: the soundtrack was awesome as usual. Somehow Sonic games have great music even if the game itself is junk.

      I don’t believe Sonic needs to die or take a long break- what he needs is a development team who knows what it is doing.

    1. I don’t either, I actually find it to be improving in recent years, it’s no Super Mario and definitely has its ups and its downs, but Id rather put up with one Symphonia 2 every few years if I get another Xillia.

  15. If they wanted to kill sonic they would release a spinoff with him as the main character, then make it a AAA series and in the sequels remove him entirely, only to reboot the whole franchise using elments from sonic 2. *rayman cough* spyro cough*

  16. As far as Nintendo are concerned, the list should contain:

    Mario Party
    Mario [insert generic sport here]
    Mario & Luigi
    Animal Crossing

    1. Most Yoshi games had been mediocre since Tilt n’ Tumble (with Wholly World being decent), so I agree with that wholeheartedly.

        1. Damn it, I meant Topsy Turvy. The fact that forgot the game’s title just shows how forgettable it is.

    2. I have a feeling that Super Mario Maker is going to be the NSMB grand finale. Why release more when people have the tools to make an infinite amount of NSMB games. If a new game in the NSMB series were to come out someone could basically replicate it in Mario Maker and release it to the public for free and Nintendo couldn’t do anything about it. (Unless Nintendo added a bunch of features that couldn’t be replicated in Mario Maker.)

    3. You know your nostalgia goggles are way too tight when you think Mario & Luigi is inferior to Paper Mario in any way.

    4. I agree with everything except Kirby. Return to Dreamland was good and Epic Yarn/Triple Deluxe were great. Mario and Luigi would be good if they went back to its roots, same goes for Paper Mario.

      Yoshi needs to die though. This is coming from a guy who considers Yoshi’s Island as one of his favorite games of all time. Yoshi’s Story is trash and every ‘Island’ game after is a cheap imitation of the original. If you need proof, look no further than the collectables and how the final battles are structured.

      And before someone tries to strike me down, compare Mario 3 to Mario World and convice me how that is the same circumstance.

  17. Final Fantasy is to games what The Simpsons has been to animation for over 15 years (and funnily enough, their declines roughly coincided), namely a tired, depressing shadow of its former self.

    Changes and innovations feel forced and half baked, and appeals to nostalgia feel cynical and half-hearted. And it would be SO easy to steer either one in a positive direction… All ot would take is someone with skill, and some goddamn passion for what they do.

    Death would be a mercy compared to the fate worse than death it’s living at present.

  18. I will fight anyone who think Tales of needs to die.

    What needs to die is trash articles on mynintendonews like this. it’s not nintendo news. It’s not even news.

    1. I think the series needs to slow down, not die. Too many games in a short amount of time. I can’t keep up with them.

  19. At this point Sonic the Hedgehog is SEGAs sick and twisted Frankenstein experiment. The series has been dead for years yet they keep artificially pumping life into its slowly decaying corpse.

  20. MGS? A series of only 5, with each game containing an amazing story, movie quality cut scenes, fantastic gameplay, insane attention to detail, and graphics that push whatever system its on to its limits?
    Yeah, no more of that shit, CoD 4 life yo

  21. I agree completely with this list. And don’t forget they said they just need to take a break.

  22. Why does every MNN article have biased opinions How hard is it to write news from an objective viewpoint?

  23. I don’t think Sonic needs to die at all. On the contrary, he is desperately in need of a competent game, whereas franchises like CoD, Assassin’s Creed and Pokémon all need a year off.

    1. Agree that the Sonic series shouldn’t die. The imagination is there. Look at the TV series. The Sonic Boom animated series is surprising good. I mean really good. If they apply that imagination to the video game series, Sonic will rise back up.

  24. Nintendo series that are most deserving to die imo are:
    Mario Party
    New Super Mario Bros
    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon
    Pokémon Rumble
    Mario and Sonic

    1. New Super Mario Bros. hasn’t had a new installment since 2012. 3 years ago.

      AND the last entry on the Wii U was met with high critical acclaim.

      I agree though that the rest of those Nintendo owned franchises are pretty lackluster.

      1. Also, in New Super Mario Bros defense, the last two games had some bad booking, to put it in wrestling/boxing terms, as they were released too close to each other.

  25. I disagree with the tales of series being on the list imo. Tales of Graces F had a mediocre characters, but excellent unique gameplay. Each game of the series adds something to the action rpg battle system in all of its games in some way to differ each game. Also, the characters and plot are all unique to each game. I rather have a rpg series that creates new story, characters, and combat elements to each game continue on making new games. I enjoy getting new rpgs like the Tales of games, Shin Megami Tensei, Persona, and Final Fantasy games.

  26. As a huge Sonic fan since my first console, the Sega Genesis, I can’t say I want Sonic to die. I do, however, want to see him in quality games. Sonic Boom was a disappointment not only in game form but in television form as well. Sega should get rid of that travesty and work on something like Sonic 4 or Generations.

  27. pink0crystal0midbus

    Why is Soul Caliber on this list? Those games don’t come out often ENOUGH.

    I really enjoyed IV and V.

    1. I can tell the guys who made the video were sour about half of the newcomers in Soul Calibur V or flat out hated the Story Mode. Many of the characters weren’t too bad, but Patroklos definitely could have been handled better.

  28. You can tell they’re fucking noobs for wanting more than half of the series that aren’t as terrible as, let’s say, fucking Madden and especially Call of Duty. Anything from UbiSHIT, Electronic ASSholes, Konami and even Bethseda can die. Sonic needs help and a better company to own and manage the IP as well as Megaman, Crash and Pac-Man. Too late to save Spyro though. XP

    1. According to one commenter, this list is of game franchises Gametrailers loves & want to see die instead of getting dragged through the mud like Sonic is having done to him. Apparently it’s said on the video included with the list.

  29. Why would Sonic die when he had one of his best games less than 5 years ago? Go fuck yourself Sonic haters.

  30. These games just need a complete reboot. They’ve just become very repetitive… Nothing new or fresh.. It’s like they’d hit that high point with their title and automatically think all their content should be THAT certain way than rather make something completely new and learn from their success. At the same time though, I guess that would make sequels pointless… Like AC for example. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed playing this franchise but at the same time, I’m sure I could just jump into any AC game and get the same experience with a different title along the line. Where’s the creativity anymore? I guess it just comes down to money when we really think about it :( I don’t think I’m making much sense too, I just want to play great games lol :'(

  31. Sonic doesn’t need to die. The poor thing just needs actually skilled developers to handle him. Sonic colours and generations prove that there is some hope…

  32. Kill off Halo please, because those fuckers at 343 are ruining it! Can’t believe I’m saying this about my favorite game series of all time.. *sigh*

  33. For all you Sonic Haters go play the Console version of Generations, it shits on alot of more modern platformers including recent Mario Games in my opinion

    1. Most of us are not hating on Sonic. Far from it. But we aren’t going to ignore the fact that Sega has been dragging him through the mud.

  34. “There’s one glaring omission on that list and that is Call of Duty, which has started to become a little stale.”

    Well, this is one of the most opinionated articles I’ve ever seen from sickr…

    I have to disagree with some of the choices on the list, but yearly games (or 3 games a year once like Assassin’s Creed) certainly deserve a break, but at the same time there are plenty of gamers excited for each yearly release so there’s no reason to rain on their parade simply because we disagree with the business model.

  35. Even before I read this list, I was telling myself “GameTrailers is a bunch of assholes if Assassin’s Creed is on the list”. And wouldn’t you know……it’s # 1.
    Go to hell, GameTrailers! Assassin’s Creed is an awesome and super-fun series.

    I’m currently playing Rogue, and I’m really loving it. They get better with each game. I LOVE A.C. III, IV. and Rogue. For some reason I didn’t really care as much for the first several in the series. Mainly because they didn’t have some of the fun gameplay elements that the sequels featured. Though I enjoyed Brotherhood.

    I didn’t like the very first one, and I stopped playing Revelations due to the complicating battle strategy parts where you have to send troops to stop that flaming cart-thing. I HATED those parts! Never could figure out how to do that?

    The only thing I consistently hate about the entire series is the real-time Abstergo/animus parts. Those are always the parts that feels like wasted game space. Ubisoft needs to just throw those god-awful parts OUT of the series!

    1. Well it technically is since people have been given the delusion that Sonic is still good because of that one game. One good game amongst a ton of terrible ones is not a good defense to keep something alive & going.

  36. annibo irosas: the master puppet

    Soul Caliber needs to be rebooted, MGS, Tales are ok though takes don’t need to come out yearly . Sonic needs to go back to 2d. Throw in COD, Battlefield, Halo (pretty much any other over rated FPS garbage) then this list makes sense.

  37. The reason call of duty isn’t on this list is because GT are a bunch of casuals, only casuals play FPS and think it’s “bad ass” most FPS players can’t play anything else except candy crush saga .

    1. Or it’s because they said they’re only listing games they enjoy. Everyone here seems to have missed that and only want something to bitch about as usual.

  38. 10.Hyper Dimension Neptunia

    Just because Ninty can’t get one of the most polished games in human history doesn’t mean it deserves to die. I can just smell the jelly off you guys.

    1. I almost bought it, I like the aesthetics of the game but when I looked it up it’s just another one of those highly aesthetic Japanese games with shallow gameplay.

  39. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

    Sonic should have been put down years ago, surprised to see them put Metal Gear on there even though it is overhyped rubbish.

    1. To clarify, I only half agree with your comment. Is Metal Gear overhyped? Maybe. Is it rubbish? I have to say no.

  40. Sonic doesn’t necessary need to die, but rather to be severely rebooted. Like a pure back to the roots of the game with TRUE innovation (instead of messy 3d games) and please sega, debug your games.

    1. I agree, but at the same time, if Sega isn’t going to do something to save Sonic, he should be killed off.

  41. Shit like this is part of the reason why sega won’t port sonic adventure, sonic adventure 2, sonic heroes, shadow the hedgehog, or sonic riders to nintendo switch. Sega must think ign and the like are more important than the fans. At the time of posting this comment, cream the rabbit is not confirmed for team sonic racing. That makes me hate omochao even more.

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