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Splatoon is $44.95 At FRYS With Promo Code

If you are in the United States and have yet to pick up Splatoon then you may want to take advantage of this offer at FRYS. The retailer is selling the ink based shooter for $44.95 if you use their unique promotional code. That’s a saving of $10. The FRYS deal is available in store and also online.

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24 thoughts on “Splatoon is $44.95 At FRYS With Promo Code”

      1. Sweet. I think we’ll see more and more of this in the near future. They really coulda had something with Splatoon, shame they worked so hard to sabotage and gimp the game. It looks like it could have been a huge bump for the WiiU, now it’s just a fad, one that’s popularity appears to be dwindling, just as I thought it would.

        1. Lol I knew it would too, fanboys are the only ones who thought it would last and are the ones trying to make it last. Like you said, they shouldn’t have gimped it. I’m so damn tired of seeing splatoon articles now that I’ll probably never play the game. I can’t stand seeing it everywhere.

        2. What are you talking about how is this game gimped this is my GOTY and its a total blast man u guys must not like fun and like to complain about everything Nintendo if u don’t like it just say so but to say it’s gimped is laughable

        3. This game is gna sell 3-4 milloon in its lifetime dwindling down yet in the top of the sales chart each week especially in japan lol

          1. People that already have a WiiU and have little developer support except Nintendo are buying it. It’s not pushing WiiU sales. Which it would have if it launched complete with a robust set of maps, weapons and online standard features. Instead it came stripped down, and watered down. Yeah. It will have it’s pool of followers for a while, but most of the people I know are winding down.

        4. If the promo code brought the price down to 20 bucks or less, I’d jump at this as soon as Friday was here. My little 3 year old could play this game since voice chat wasn’t added so the little kids can be safe.

          I would have bought it in it’s first month of release for me & my son to enjoy but considering the game was unfinished & gimped in certain modes, yeah. My money went elsewhere and will continue to go elsewhere.

          1. The little kids would be safe if the parents took the time to parent them. Add voice chat to a game, give it the option to be turnd off and on if the system has parental controls. Problem solved, people who can’t handle the very immature nothing of children and those that can will be happy.

            1. Voice chat wouldn’t work unless you plays in a team ALL THE TIME.

              80% of the players I see online are Japanese, so there would be a major language barrier.

              Thats the real reason they don’t have it.

              1. Im sticking to my point. In Splatoon I do believe you’re on a team of four. Is there a lone wolf mode where you fight it out with 7 other people?

              2. No, that’s not the “real” reason. Nintendo gave us the real reason, and it was total bullshit.

              3. Well, if the voice chat was implemented like any standard online feature…you turn it off, so saftey isn’t an issue at all.

                Also, I don’t think it has local play, so you’d only be able to have fun watching… Sounds fun to me! ;D – Yeah. For $20 I’d be tempted. I’m sure I could get that much out of it. :)

                1. I know. That first part of my comment was just there to piss off the “no voice chat” defenders. Selfish pricks.

                2. Ha, I thought I was the only one that was sickr of seeing these articles. But, to be fair it’s like the main game that Nintendo has going for them right now. I always thought Nintendo would some day jump into FPS, I didn’t think they would reduce to squirt guns and paint brushes to achieve it though.

                3. It’s a fun game. Your not suppose to play it hardcore. At least I don’t , every time I’m bored I pop in splatoon, and have fun for a couple of hours.

                4. Still too expensive for me, considering the fact that I’m unsure about whether I’d like this game or not? I’ve thought about buying it many times. But just can’t see taking a gamble on the expensive price.

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