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Pachter Says Nintendo Should Continue Making Hardware

If anyone divides opinion it is outspoken analyst Michael Pachter. In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Patcher discussed Nintendo’s recent financial results for the first quarter of 2015. The results given by the Kyoto based company beat overall market expectations. While Pachter criticised sales of the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS and compared them against Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and smartphones, he said that Nintendo should continue making hardware if it continues to turn a profit, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.

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107 thoughts on “Pachter Says Nintendo Should Continue Making Hardware”

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Patcher is that crazy guy shouting in the darkness of the hospital, telling everyone that they should stop eating food because it contains computer chips that let the cia track you.

  1. sony loosing billions

    xbone loosing billions

    nintendo profiting




    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      Has the Xbox division ever made a profit? Surely someone at MS is looking at this and thinking “Why do we continue with this?”

      1. Don’t they make a profit by how their consumers buy games…cancelling out the production costs of the consoles and breaking even?

            1. Even though I’m not a Microsoft fan in the slightest, it would be terrible if they left the console industry. Why? Simple-less competition for the remaining consoles.

              1. I would agree with this… if the price of video games was high during the Nintendo vs Sega age because of there only being two competitors. But that wasn’t the case for the high prices. So if Microsoft leaves, it won’t be too devastating. In fact, I like to think Microsoft leaving would actually help out Sony AND Nintendo in the long run.

                    1. Nah. I’m pretty sure they’ll just focus back on the PC and mobile devices. Lol.

                      1. If Microsoft is no longer making a video game console, they’ll want to maximize profits & that includes supporting EVERYONE, not just PCs & mobile.

                        1. You do realize how silly that sounds, right? Competition helps drive prices down, and not to mention having diversity in offerings is important too. Did you see what happened to Oil prices back several months ago? Or when the GTX 900 series of graphics cards were released? The same goes for what happened during the holiday season last year. Microsoft dropped the price of the Xbox One and gained some traction against Sony and their PlayStation 4. You get more bundles on games, lower prices (sales), etc… Microsoft leaving would be the equivalent of Nintendo leaving: It would be a horrible thing for the industry.

                          Especially with what Microsoft is doing right now, if they leave, that means Sony has no reason to keep the PlayStation 4 competitive as the Wii U is selling like a turd, and does not offer the same kind of games most people want (third party games)…

                          Game prices do rise, and they also fall, but when you have no competition, then it is difficult to lower the price on a product because there is no reason to lower it, as nobody is going anywhere else (to buy a different product of the same kind).

                          The only ones that will benefit would be Sony and Nintendo. You are right about that. It will help them, but the consumers lose out… Of course, Valve could take Microsoft’s place and maintain the Status Quo, but then again they don’t usually do so with their Steam Sales.

                          Bottom line: It would be horrible for consumers if Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo left the console market.


                              XBOX ORIGINAL LOST 4 BILLION

                              X360 5 BILLION

                              RED LIGHT OF DEATH FIX 1 BILLION

                              KINECT 1 BILLION




                              THEY HAVE SPENT THAT 20 BILLION AND TOPPLED NO ONE


                              NINTENDO CONTINUE TO PROFIT

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                                      1. Space Pirate Initiate

                                        You do know High Command is tracing your post right? Say hi to the Space Pirate Elites that will soon be knocking on your front door Earthling.

                                            1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

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                                                1. Not a chance. The only FAGS who like that racist fuck is, of course, GOP, Republicunts and minority of other racist fucks. Other than that, Bernie Sanders is getting a lot more popular.

                                                2. I doubt he’ll win. He’s pissing off women & Hispanics. “Hilary Clinton can’t even satisfy her husband, much less the country.” Yeah! That’s definitely going to get you the women vote, Trump! *rolls eyes*

                                                3. “Nintendo should continue making hardware if it continues to turn a profit, which at the end of the day is the most important thing.”

                                                  Your crazy or what? How is profit the most important thing? Does he really think that everybody sells their soul for money like he does?

                                                  1. I want to agree with you but sadly even Nintendo has become about profit. They are still chasing the very fickle casual crowd because the Wii made them so much money & think they can replicate it. Wii=Worst Gen for Nintendo because ti’s made them arrogant & ignorant at the same time. Very bad combination that is. Arrogance+Ignorance leads to the Dark Side of the Force.

                                                      1. Federation Force is a product of Nintendo’s ignorance & arrogance of chasing after casuals & hoping it makes them a profit. It’s got casual written all over it: chibi characters & a sports game thrown into the mix. No offense to many sports game fans but sports games are casual. It’s not bad casual crap but it’s still casual.

                                                    1. At this point, I don’t care what this guy has to say about anything. Be it good, or bad. Pachter is probably as hated on here, as Sasori.
                                                      Actually, that begs the question, Who do you all hate more, Pachter, or Sasori?

                                                        1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                                          >>>So you’re like number 46 in that list of my supporters, thank you for your continued vote>>>

                                                              1. Only because of some nobody reminded you somehow to remember me. Imagine that out of the equation. You probably wouldn’t remember me even if there’s a sticky note on your face with my name on it. lol

                                                                1. No, he didn’t remind me of you. When he mentioned you, I thought about this. Pachter is almost always giving a terrible idea to Nintendo, which is why he’s hated, Sasori is just a Troll, which is why he’s hated, but your comments almost always cone off as Sour and Angry to me. And that alone, makes me dislike you more than any Troll/Spammer/”Analyst” that appears on this site.

                                                                  I know that Pachter and Sasori are the 2 most hated people, to the majority on this site, which is why I had those two as the options and not you.

                                                                  What I just said, might sound stupid, but quite frankly, that’s how I feel.

                                                              2. I can’t stand this guy…
                                                                He just got done ridiculing Nintendo like a hundred times and (somewhat) recently said the company should consider abandoning making consoles and become 3rd party company…
                                                                Now he’s done a 180 a year later and is saying they should continue making hardware (which I agree with).


                                                                How is this guy even still relevant? I’d rather take the Nintendo insight from a 10 year old than this guy! Why is he still employed, he clearly doesn’t know the industry or whats good for Nintendo. This has to be the only thing he’s said that I agree with, but it goes against what he previously said… All he does is spout nonsense, most of which pisses off the fans and now I’ve learned he doesn’t always stand by what he said!

                                                                He’s a moron among morons and shouldn’t even be mentioned here!

                                                                1. As I said in another comment further up on this article: Michael Pachter is the Mitt Romney of the Video Game Industry. Flip flopper alert!

                                                                2. It’s weird, isn’t it their job to estimate the best course of action, and not simply observe it. Even an idiot would realize that if the hardware business doesn’t make a profit, it must be changed or abandoned, and if it does, then keep it, but that is giving advice after the fact. It’s like advising investors: “it’s a good investment if the company makes enough profit”.

                                                              3. It’s way too generous to call opinion on Pachter “divided”… I’ve yet to see a guy whose “analyses” are more frequently dismantled by even the less intellectually gifted.

                                                                I appreciate MNN’s effort at providing some measure of hard truth to Nintendo fans and fanboys alike (Iwata only knows this site fucking needs that), but we all deserve a better representative than a biased, intellectually stunted troll like Pachter. Stop promoting him and his moronic views. There must be someone better out there… hell, there’s even the odd person or two on here with better viewpoints!

                                                                1. I don’t think he’s paid to be an ANALyist but rather an attention whore-bringing in traffic for various sites-basically a troll.

                                                              4. Pachter is trying to make himself relevant again… aha ha ha

                                                                He doesn’t even know whether to like Nintendo or not, the only issue he can think of is comparing unit sales of the competition. If he’s a really good analyst he would have realized that even if the PS4 or XBO sell millions they are still losing money for selling both products at a significant loss.

                                                                By comparison, the Wii U is already earning a profit for every unit sold since May 2014. It may not be as big as they want but the reports are there and Pachter cannot deny that. Had most of the 3rd party stuck with the Wii U then it would have done much better.

                                                                His bosses from Microsoft are probably wondering why he’s been quiet about Nintendo recently.

                                                                  1. Sony themselves said that they sold at loss in launch. They also said that after 2 games and year’s worth of PSN subscription starts making them money (so basically every PS4 owner makes them money within a year or sooner).

                                                                  1. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely won’t be putting down my Wii U or Nintendo 3DS for the foreseeable future. Plenty of great games on both systems, and it is that that allows you to make a profit at the end of the day in the gaming industry for a company like Nintendo. The problem is that Sony and Microsoft don’t realize this and blow tons of money into the development process of making games as well as the hardware of the consoles themselves…so they usually end up already selling their consoles at a loss, and their AAA games (which could have millions in their budget at times) barely churn a profit, no matter how good those sales are.

                                                                    That said, the PlayStation division is separate. It’s doing good. Sony is doing poorly everywhere else, though. That’s just a fact. Sony’s been losing a LOT of market value over the past decade. Microsoft is fine. Xbox is where the company is dragging its tail between its two legs. They really should just forego Xbox and focus on PC and smartphone gaming because that is where they are best (PC more than anything else, of course).

                                                                    Anyways, the whole point of the matter is that Nintendo is still churning a profit with each hardware and software sale made. On top of that, now they have Amiibo. They’re expanding into multiple fields of entertainment as well. But, the really smart choice they made was with going with the cheaper hardware this gen. The Wii U Deluxe is still selling for $299.99, but you get two games with it: your choice of Nintendo Land and the Super Mario 3D World bundle or Splatoon instead of 3D World. Add them up? That’s about $100 added on top of the console’s value to buy it alone (which would easily be about $199.99).

                                                                    Nintendo doesn’t even need to lower the price. They know the games are selling the console enough to make a profit, and they don’t care about getting better sales numbers to compete because they don’t view Sony or Microsoft as competitors. They just do their own thing. This mindset is what has kept Nintendo relevant for over three decades in the gaming industry now.

                                                                    In fact, I won’t be surprised if the NX is not a home console or a portable system, but a new type of “third” gaming platform altogether for Nintendo that will work with all their current systems ‘and’ PCs and smartphones in some way.

                                                                    1. But less than 15 million sales of a console in 3 years is still very, very bad no matter how much profit Nintendo is making on software. With that in mind, it’s no wonder people like Pachter spout bullshit that Nintendo should go 3rd party. Nintendo can’t keep going with this strategy of being behind the other two.

                                                                  2. Obviously Nintendo should continue making hardware. They’ve been doing it well since the 80s and there is no need for them to stop now. Granted there consoles are pretty much a gen behind But they don’t really need to be top of the line to sell. They are very good prices, their games look great on the Wii u And have no problems running at 60fps. Nintendo is and always will be a family console/entertainment system. They are very cheap and offer fun family games everyone can enjoy.

                                                                    I would really like to see built in bluray or at least DVD players, and even a media player that can read video files from hard drives would be nice, But as far as better hardware and 3rd party goes, they really don’t need it. For what Nintendo is they are killing it. And 3rd party devs making nintendo-like games such as Shovel Knight or Yooka-Laylee are on/coming to Nintendo’s hardware. If you are a hardcore gamer get a PS4 or Xbox One and don’t go on about how nintendo sucks for not being a powerhouse gaming console because that’s not their focus or audience.

                                                                    And do I even to mention the fact that Nintendo has dominated the portable gaming market since it started? The New 3DS has more RAM and a quad core processor. They were able to port Xenoblade Chronicles, a massive Wii title, to the system with glasses free 3d and it’s freaking BEAUTIFUL. I would love to see more upcoming new 3ds ports of games like that. *My fingers are crossed for Sonic Adventure port with bug fixes and maybe better graphics and SA2 style chao garden*

                                                                    So nintendo definitely should continue what they’re doing and anyone who says otherwise don’t know what they’re saying because Nintendo is doing great.

                                                                  3. NINTENDO ARE 140 YEARS OLD AND HAVE BEEN PROFITING FOR LIKE FOREVER


                                                                    THY HAVE NO CHANCE VS NINTENDO IN THE LONG FIGHT

                                                                    MS THOUGHT IT COULD BUY OUT THE GAMES INDUSTRY HOW FUCKING WRONG THEY WERE

                                                                    NINTENDO SOLD RARE TO MS FOR 250 MILLION POUNDS THAT WAS 500 MILLION DOLLARS AT THE TIME

                                                                    MS GOT NOTHING OUT OF RARE……NINTENDO PURCHASED RETRO STUDIOS FOR 1 MILLION DOLLARS

                                                                    AND THERE FIRST GAME METROID PRIME WAS GAME OF THE YEAR

                                                                    MICRSOFT ARE A JOKE

                                                                  4. XBOX DEVISION OF MS HAS LOST 20 BILLION TO DATE XBOX HAS NEVER PROFITED EVER

                                                                    XBOX ORIGINAL LOST 4 BILLION

                                                                    X360 5 BILLION

                                                                    RED LIGHT OF DEATH FIX 1 BILLION

                                                                    KINECT 1 BILLION

                                                                    THERE OTHER OFF SHOOTS LIKE THERE IPD COPYS ANOTHER BILLION

                                                                    XBONE HAD LOST 1 BILLION A FEW MONTHS AFTER RELEASE

                                                                    HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS,MS SAID BACK IN THE DAY THEY WOULD SPEND 20 BILLION TOTOPPLE SONY AND NINTENDO

                                                                    THEY HAVE SPENT THAT 20 BILLION AND TOPPLED NO ONE


                                                                    NINTENDO CONTINUE TO PROFIT

                                                                  5. This man is a nobody with a failed career that gets recognized because dumb ass failed journalist who dont know fact from fiction write about him. This guy changes what he says when he realizes he’s fucking wrong, no credibility.

                                                                  6. Michael Pachter, the Mitt Romney of the Video Game Industry! Flip flopping at it’s finest! But since he said this, get ready as Nintendo will soon go 3rd party because the opposite of what Pachter says always comes true! D:

                                                                  7. Patcher should SHUT THE FUCK UP with his twisted ass fanboy and hypocrite words. I can’t fucking stand reading another one of his stupid ass opinions that holds no weight nor ever being proven true.

                                                                  8. I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely won’t be putting down my Wii U or Nintendo 3DS for the foreseeable future because nintendo might be able to turn things around for the company.

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