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Terraria Wii U Has Local And Online Multiplayer

We finally got reconfirmation today that Terraria is coming to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, but what about the all-important multiplayer mode. Well, the Wii U version of the fantasy building game will feature local and online adventures. If you are interested in local multiplayer than you will be pleased to know that you can play four player split screen. However, the number rises to eight player if someone chooses to take the game online. The Nintendo 3DS version of the game only supports local four player multiplayer. As we mentioned earlier, the game will be playable at Gamescom next month.

42 thoughts on “Terraria Wii U Has Local And Online Multiplayer”

        1. its visuals are supposed to filter out graphic whores who ain’t know shit about content. But I agree, that filter is kinda rude as these visuals still look quite bad. There’ve been 2D crafting games like Junk Jack X on iOS around that are far more charming while also being presented via pixelart.

  1. I really hope it has the buy one get the other one and some sort of cross platform saving…. But eh, I’m just glad to finally get Terraria on Nintendo.

  2. Will be hard to justify a purchase at full price when it’s been free or very cheap on practically everything else, YEARS ago. But at least we get it. No online multiplayer is a big downer.

  3. And it’s sad that these indie guys gives their games online multiplayer and not any of the games Nintendo’s shits out that’s not MK with fucked up Battle Mode, Smash Bros. with more BS clones than Brawl along with a downgraded Stage Builder or Splatoon with only 8 players, barely any modes and no friends-only voice chat for the dumb whiners of “no voice chat = good” excuses.

      1. Not even trying to troll asswipe. It’s a little something called “reality check” of both sides. These guys offer online for a simple indie game and Nintendo, with fucking billions of dollars in their pockets, can’t even spare an online co-op for one fucking single-player oriented game.

        1. We get it dude, you’re mad at Nintendo. But it’s obvious they as a company have a direction they want to pursue, none of your words are going to cut them deep enough to cater to one person. Im not thrilled with the decisions being made necessarily either, but im still going to TRY and enjoy whatever I can from them.

          1. But it’s not “one person” though is it ;) Wii u has been selling horribly for legit reasons-dogshit online is just one of the reasons for why any true gamers won’t take them seriously. Only mad child fantards like you will continue to eat up all the shit they pump out, seeing as no matter what they make, you’re still going to “try and enjoy whatever I can from them”…in other words, only look on the bright side of things.

            Also, I didn’t know that stating facts=trolling. I guess that drones like you are too sensitive to think logically lol.

          1. It’s not that I’m “defending” him, it’s that I don’t suck Nintendo’s dick all day long like your type. While yes, they’ve achieved success in SOME areas, there’s a lot that Nintendo has fucked up in. True fans like me will call them out for it. True fanboys like you will happily turn a blind eye to it and attack anyone who tries to wake you up to the facts.

    1. I’m afraid I have to agree. wouldn’t really say it like that, but stuff like the battlemode in MK8 still hurts. Battlemode in MK8 would’ve been just such an insanely great opportunity to create 5 player asynchronous matches and promote the WiiU’s Gamepad capabilities, I still can’t believe they just didn’t do that. Would’ve been endless fun. But still, I don’t see why you need to cry around like this, it’s not like MK8 would be generally be lacking in content. You can always find anything to complain about in every single game because that’s what makes a good game: it focuses and polarizes. Games that always try to come after everything cutsomers demand aren’t necessarily the good ones and while some things would’ve been nice, it’s never a gamebreaker if they aren’t there. Why can’t Uncharted come up with chooting mechanisms that are actually fun? Why can’t Fallout let you destroy everything? Why was Ocarina of Time’s Hyrule field so small? Why doesnt Mario Marker include wool? Why (ok, that’s a serious why:) doesn’t StarFox Zero come with a real coop-mode and offers this worthless excuse instead?

      1. Why do you think that sonic generations did great critically and commercially? Because sega decided to give fans what they were asking for.

      1. If you’re referring to Smash Bros. 4 stage builder, yes it is downgraded and draw mode is not even perfected. Not so accurate drawing and worse, no erasing but total deletion of a drawn piece which is bullshit. Also, it has far less pre-set pieces than Brawl, how is that even possible?

  4. I don’t understand all of the hate for this game… It’s actually really good (if it’s your type of game). I guess it’s just that the trolls are the more vocal ones here…

  5. Well if the $30 PS Vita version is anything to go by, I really doubt it’s going to be at a reasonable price. If it is, I’ll definitely get it though. Terraria is a fantastic game, and the devs have supported it for years and years after release with free content patches; I bought it for like $1 on steam, so I’d like to actually support them a little more

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