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Despite What Play Asia Said The Nintendo 3DS NFC Writer Isn’t Region Locked

You may have read earlier that Play Asia were informing customers that the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer is region locked. Well, it would appear as though the company was wrong. Twitter user Chelsea has shown the device working with her standard Nintendo 3DS XL which is from the United States.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6, Rubberyen and Alex F

54 thoughts on “Despite What Play Asia Said The Nintendo 3DS NFC Writer Isn’t Region Locked”

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                      3. I think they were just trying to cover themselves in case anyone ordered it and it did not work. Their intent is to not make their customers angry because they bought it and it is incompatible. They are not trying to lie because what if launch 3ds’s don’t work with it or something like that happens? They will get an angry mob over that. So they are trying to cover themselves, but I assume by your comment that you don’t import much because Nintendo is well known for region locking and who knows what accessories will be locked and which one won’t?

                      1. If I were a shop owner, and I can tell PlayAsia was somehow misinformed, I wouldn’t want to sell a customer something I didn’t think would work for them. The customer if it didn’t work rightfully return the item and possibly complain.

                        They need to correct themselves and fix it on their website if they haven’t already.

                          1. I think the problem is they didn’t even wait to try it before giving the news. Whoever their source was(if not in house) is obviously mistaken and didn’t try the product first.

                          2. They are trying to cover themselves from anything. Compare this to PC gaming if you will where sometimes some games work properly for some and for others, they don’t work properly. If they got it to work on theirs that doesn’t mean it will work for everyone, so they put out a statement like that so that nobody comes back and complains and then a mob of angry people come after them. They are only being careful with their words.

                          3. It was probably a miscommunication between them and Nintendo. Most Nintendo stuff is region coded, but Amiibo have not been so the reader likely wasn’t going to be. Better to say it doesn’t and have it be than say it’s region free and have it not be.

                                1. Everybody knows that this “deleted” guy is that stupid faker who goes by the name “shuhei yoshida”

                              1. The NFC reader in my New3DS can read Amiibo from Japan, so I’m thinking…it wouldn’t be the reader to be Region locked, rather the NFC item?
                                IDK, But yay for those getting this!

                                1. I have not found a region locked amiibo yet. It wouldn’t make sense for them to do so because it’s the same thing no matter what (except defects).

                                  1. I did, it has the club Nintendo code and everything in it!!! HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO ENTER FOR SOME COINAGE! LMAO!

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