The Inkbrush Nouveau And Range Blaster Are Available Now In Splatoon

Two new weapons have been added to the ever-expanding arsenal of Splatoon. The Inkbrush Nouveau brings the same abilities as the standard Inkbrush but allows wielders to lay Ink Mines and use the Bubbler special. The second newly-added item is the Range Blaster, which is essentially a Blaster with shots that travel farther before exploding. Both weapons are available now for free.


  1. Fuck this game and all its constant articles and the fans who have no problem seeing this shit on here every single day for the last six months. It’s old Jesus this game needs to never be mentioned again on here. It’s pathetic man. What other game even Zelda or Mario gets this many damn articles?

    1. Correction: everyone who still owns & plays it loves it. So no. Everybody doesn’t love Splatoon.

  2. Yes! I was always frustrated by the range of the blaster. Now it’ll be easier getting towards those pesky snipers

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