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Yuji Horii Talks Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI was revealed earlier this week and Japanese publication Weekly Jump features an extensive interview with series producer, Yuji Horii. There’s quite a bit discussed including the theme of the story, the different platforms it will be available on at launch, and also the main protagonist of the game who Horii describes as your typical “cool hero”. The only downside is that Square Enix hasn’t committed itself to a western release for the game, but it is still early days.

Please tell us your role in Dragon Quest XI, Mr. Horii.

Horii: “I took on a supervisor-like role starting with Dragon Quest X, but I’m back on the scene in full force for Dragon Quest XI. I’m really shepherding it from start to finish, beginning with scenario creation. I want to also be involved in the final optimizations of the battles, etc.”

What’s the theme of this game’s story?

“This time it’s also the 30th anniversary of Dragon Quest, and we have the subtitle “In Search of Departed Time.” We’re putting a heavy emphasis on that 30th anniversary. The story itself has the theme of “time.” So, we’re hoping that people who have followed the series all along will have that sense of nostalgia, and that new players will have a sense of fun and excitement. The same may be said of the supported platforms. It’s already been announced, but Dragon Quest XI will be released on two: PlayStation 4 and 3DS. Furthermore, on 3DS, we you can enjoy both 2D and 3D. You can choose to play in either old pixel-style 2D graphics or fleshed-out 3D. Of course, you can switch [between modes] in the middle of the game, as well. Including the leading edge PlayStation 4, with 2D, quasi-3D [Editor’s Note: he’s talking about the chibi 3D from the 3DS version], and full 3D, we’re giving you various types of Dragon Quest so you can follow its historical evolution.”

You guys also revealed the logo…

“The logo gives off the impression that we’re turning back to Dragon Quest I, but the dragon in the background is actually facing in the opposite direction from the Dragon Quest I logo. It’s been a long time since we had the number behind the title, as well. [Editor’s Note: The last Dragon Quest title to have the number behind the logo was Dragon Quest III.] In many ways, it is a sign that we’re returning to our origins, while still evolving. It takes the idea of Dragon Quest I, but we’re beginning anew with Dragon Quest XI.”

What’s the reason you’ve chosen to make Dragon Quest XI for these two platforms?

“Well, we knew wanted as many people as possible to be able to play it. We’d like people to be able to really settle in and play on a console, but at the same time it was great to have so many people playing Dragon Quest IX when it came out on a handheld, so we were really torn over which system to put it on. In the end, we just said, ‘Well, why don’t we just make it for both platforms?!’ and kicked off the project. We thought about what style would be best for each platform, and the results are what we have now. It’s pretty interesting that you can play the latest game in 2D pixel form, right? Of course, you can fully enjoy the story of Dragon Quest XI even in this mode.”

When do you think the game will be released?

“We’re working hard with the goal to release it before the Dragon Quest 30th anniversary year ends, so please look forward to it.”

What other things are in store for the 30th anniversary?

“Actually, we’ve been planning a lot of events. Most of it still has to be kept secret, but I want to stir up even more excitement than the 25th anniversary. We’re thinking about various projects, and a lot of games are coming out, so please look forward to the future of Dragon Quest.”


19 thoughts on “Yuji Horii Talks Dragon Quest XI”

    1. Peanut Butter KitKat

      Depends if you plan on buying a Japanese model or not and long you’re prepared to.wait. NX version won’t be out at the same time as PS4 and 3DS

    1. I don’t think you mean live-action, you mean real time (Which is what Zelda is). The DQ games (the main series, not talking about spin-offs) are all turn based like pokemon.

      1. It’s Final Fantasy’s older, slightly more conservative sibling. If you enjoy those (or Mother, which is very similar to early DQ titles), you should like them. The third one (Dragon Warrior III in the west) is a great starting point.

        1. I’ve actually never played a Final Fantasy game. I did play Mother and it was fun up to a point, but my game save was, for some reason, lost on my Wii U Virtual Console and I just don’t feel like going back to redo everything I did. So, I never actually finished the game. :/

          If Dragon Quest XI is one of “the” huge game release on Nintendo’s NX, then I’ll consider getting it. I like turn-based, but I am pretty picky when it comes to them. I have played many and the only two I ever fell in love with were Pokemon and the Megami Tensei series.

          1. Just because the game designers want to do something doesn’t mean they’re able to, either by their own limitations or those set by the corporate level above them.

        2. “Well, we knew wanted as many people as possible to be able to play it.”

          Then why isn’t it planned for a western release yet!?

          1. That’s what they want, not what they can do. Just because the game designers want to do something doesn’t mean they’re able to, either by their own limitations or those set by the corporate level above them.

        3. xD That “Well, we knew wanted as many people as possible to be able to play it.” is going to harshly bite them in the ass when they start to refuse to bring it to the West.

        4. the problem with dragon quest and with a lot of JRPG is that some of them never been release in the west (some of the tales of) which means that a lot of people bought a Japanese console and the games.

          Additionally for those who did not have a Japanese console and can’t read Japanese they had to wait for hacker to 1) translate the game, 2) Play the game.

          Now Playstation 4 is region free which is not the case for the 3D and player will just buy the game in Japanese. For the DS it will just encourage piracy.

          If Square Enix thinks the game not going to be successful, Why Square Enix just translate the game in English and release it worldwide. It will be a bumper for a lot of people who don’t speak English very well but at least it will reach a larger audience and cost less money.

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