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Ubisoft Explains How Zombi Works Without A Second Screen

One of the bigger news stories this week was the announcement by Ubisoft that they are bringing the beloved Wii U launch title ZombiU to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. A number of you were wondering how the game would retain its intense atmosphere without the second screen. Thankfully, Ubisoft has explained how the new, and possibly improved, Zombi will work with traditional controllers.

“We knew from the beginning that maintaining the tension and feel of the original was one of the main challenges, as the way ZombiU was presented on Wii U cannot be reproduced,” says Hélène Henry, Zombi’s producer.

  • Devs wanted to maintain a minimal HUD in order to preserve ZombiU’s sense of loneliness.
  • Mini map now appears in a corner of the screen. Only appears when you need it.
  • Increase of FOV to give player more spacial awareness.
  • Accessing your backpack still does not pause the game. Backpack interface appears in the middle of the screen while player can still see to the left and right to watch for zombies.
  • Multiplayer mode from Wii U removed as it simply couldn’t be done without two screens.
  • Two new melee weapons: shovel and nail bat. Shovel has longer range and can hit multiple enemies in one swing, nail bat does more damage and also can hit multiple enemies.
  • Flashlight has a new high setting with a wider, farther reaching beam but it will attract even more zombies when you use it.
  • Flashlight now has a battery and has to recharge (ala Half-Life)
  • Game “will perform better on newer consoles” (obvious) and controls have been tweaked to be more responsive.

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53 thoughts on “Ubisoft Explains How Zombi Works Without A Second Screen”

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          1. The multiplayer was the best part!!! Sure the game was good, but me and my friends love to play multiplayer. Honestly they didn’t do it out if lazyness. Xbox has smartglass, and Sony has the vita. They so could have used those things to add multiplayer, and could have even made it better (new maps, tweeked gameplay, new weapons, zombies, even modes, and a second survivor. Not adding it is not the full game. And just like the gamepad they could have used things like the new Xbox hepatic triggers, and Kinect. While ps4 could have used eye toy and the touch pad. Ubisoft is so lazy. Nintendo should have bought the IP from them.

            1. They could’ve used SmartGlass and the Vita but the amount of complaints would’ve been out of this world. The game pad is pretty much built around the Wii U so the connectivity is fluid. SmartGlass and Vita on the other hand, Disconnect is you sneeze or blink the wrong way. Specially with how crappy Internet speed are here in the states, and you know how entitled we are.

            2. Noone has executed a second screen like Nintendo. The gamepad streams flawlessly. (I wish it had better range and battery life tho)

              I admit, I have a lot of fun with multiplayer also! :D

            3. “Nintendo should have bought the IP from them.”

              Yep and you invalidate everything and anything you say by uttering a comment like that.

            1. If this game gets enough money they could possibly make a sequel. That would be relevant to the Wii U or NX

              1. It is about Zombi (U) though, and I am sure some people wanted to know it’s fate. And to be fair, someone would probably want to buy the Wii U version, as two new weapons are not worth a loss of multiplayer.

                1. It’s about Zombi, not Zombi U. It’s ‘fate’ is that Ubi didn’t keep it exclusive, somewhat like Rayman (that was worse), and created a worse game for the competition. But they don’t know any better.

                  No one is buying the U version, it’s in the bargain bin. The REMAKE will probably sell tho because it’ll probably be marketed.

                2. Cause that’s why people buy the game- for the unbalanced, local multiplayer that you will play twice at most.

                  Please stop.

                1. so thay did the most basic fucking things ever and act like thay worked hard on it?

                  yep thats ubisoft in a nutshell >_>

                  1. Insult the company; don’t insult the programmers who actually do the work, especially if you are incapable of conducting the same work they do :)

                2. I find it funny no one at first gave two shits about this game, ppl even bashed it called it trash and ect. But when it gets ported everyone is like “it can be a nice game, I might buy it.”
                  “Oh seems cool I’ll buy it.”

                  Seriously dude… Really…..

                3. “Multiplayer mode from Wii U removed as it simply couldn’t be done without two screens.”

                  You know, i would have expected a more powerful console to be able to have a split-screen multiplayer mode…

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                  CASUAL PHONESTATION





                5. Oh please no. Can wii u get attention, 3ds us already successful, ocarina, majors and ect. Wiki has only tlozww

                6. The only way to save this game is to make it third-person perspective (like The Last Of Us) instead of first-person. That ruined it for me. Never stood a chance.

                  1. Making it third person would ruin the whole point of the game. You’re not supposed to stand a chance. Last of Us is also not a survival horror, hopefully that isn’t what you were implying. -_-

                7. It is amazing that Nintendo fans bitch about things that don’t even pertain to them.

                  Also, the recharging flashlight was already a thing. Apparently sickr doesn’t play wiiu games ;)

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