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Rumour: Rodea The Sky Soldier Wii U Delayed Again?

Those who have pre-ordered Rodea the Sky Soldier with Amazon are being told that their pre-orders are being pushed back to November in the United States. The game has had a long and troubled history and this wouldn’t be the first delay, however if it is true, then its quite disappointing that it has been delayed again. Amazon says that the flight based platformer has been pushed back to 16th-20th November. Rodea the Sky Soldier was meant to come out October 13th.

We have received new release date information related to your pre-ordered video game in the order you placed on *******. The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher.


23 thoughts on “Rumour: Rodea The Sky Soldier Wii U Delayed Again?”

  1. After playing this game at E3 I cancelled my pre order. It was bad. Like REALLY bad. Maybe a delay is what it needs? The graphics were bad by GameCube standards, horrible camera and the Wii remote control scheme shoehorned into GamePad play was clunky and awkward.

  2. Why is it so hard to put a game on the outdated slightly more powerful than PS3 console? Its just a console nintendo made. It cant be thst damn hard

  3. Delays suck but they don’t bug me as much as they use to. Unless it’s only one version of a game getting delayed, in which case, fuck you whoever is responsible! Wait. Is it only the Wii U version getting delayed? ARGH!!!

  4. the game looks like crap anyway. is this what it has come to nintendo making us wait even for shitty games. what a crappy year.ps4 here i come.

    1. Oh yeah, Like Rodea The Fucking Sky Soldier delay has pushed you into buying a PS4. Lol. If you were a real gamer you would’ve already owned a PC, PS4 or Xbone. Get a real job, tell ma and pa to increase your allowance, skip a couple child support payments. Blame Nintendo for you being a cheap ass. BTW: PS4 isn’t exactly setting the world on fire with new (not fucking remakes) game releases this year.

    2. I played the 3DD version and it a was fine 3d plat former with rpg elements.

      The controls are odd as hell until you get used to them which will put a few people off.

      Good voice actors, it’s a interesting little game.

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