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Summer Games Done Quick Raises A Staggering $1.2 Million

The charitable Sumer Games Done Quick has once again proved to be a success and has raised an incredible $1.2 million for Doctors Without Borders. The final total raised was an impressive $1,231,954.89, which is wonderful. There were 28453 donations, the largest being  $21,498.00 and the average donation was $43.30. Nintendo fans may have seen the Super Metroid race which was also an enormous success and raised $359,941.62 on its own.


Thanks, BilboB

12 thoughts on “Summer Games Done Quick Raises A Staggering $1.2 Million”

    1. Congratulations! Would you like a cookie for your monumental effort?

      Anyway, yeah, this was a great GDQ. Plenty of great runs.

  1. For a sec there, I thought they were saying games released quickly to the populace raised a lot of money. *nudges head at Splatoon*

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