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That Dr Mario Super Smash Bros Stage Leak Was Fake

Oh dear! Well, as many of you expected the Dr. Mario stage leak for Super Smash Bros was an elaborate fake. The perpetrators behind the leak took to Twitter to announce their involvement in the ruse. To be honest it was rather a good fake, but it doesn’t appear as though we will be getting that Dr. Mario stage we had secretly been waiting for.


Thanks, cheatmaster30

30 thoughts on “That Dr Mario Super Smash Bros Stage Leak Was Fake”

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  2. StupidPeopleAreStupid

    Why do these dickheads 1 bother and 2 apologise afterwards? Far too much spare time on their hands in between wanking.

      1. StupidPeopleAreStupid

        So they waste their time making a fake level only to apologise to everyone? Need to stop wasting their time and lives and fuck off.

        1. You sound like the one that doesn’t have a life. What, with bashing people for making creative leaks of a popular fighting game. The Smash Community sucks ass sometimes, such as yourself.

          1. So we should give all hoaxes a pass because they are creative? lol That’s funny. I’ll remember that the next time someone does a hoax about someone dying. I don’t want to bash them for being “creative.”

  3. I didn’t believe this to start with. If Dr mario had a stage it would have been included in the game front the beginning.

    That being said, I really would like some more characters and stages for smash. Hyrule warriors has tons of DLC and I would love smash to see some more DLC love. and I’m not talking just a character. Put them in packs. Like have a “Past Smash Pack” that includes all the characters and stages from past games, not just mewtwo. I can’t be the only one missing young link and ice climbers and the stages that follow.

      1. Nintendo would make a killing bringing them to smash 4 via DLC and all they have to do is port over the existing character models and make a few changes. Plus not to mention all the new characters they can add, like Skull Kid, Waluigi, Machoke, King K. Rool, and the list goes on.

        1. They did mention a possibility of promoting assist trophies to fighters. So Takamaru, Waluigi, Lyn, and Skull Kid will be top priority before any other assist for sure.

          As for DLC in general, I would not mind Daisy if she had a moveset that just made her a really rough princess character that had two meteor smashes, a rapid jab and lots of moves to fit her tomboy personality.

          Besides her, probably Goemon or Lana. These guys are some of my favorites. Goemon could use Impact and Lana could be another Zelda rep against a Fire Emblem rep in terms of the same style of play.

  4. Why apologise? You apologise when you do something accidental. When it’s intentional your just an asshole.

  5. Why didnt Nintendo think about a Dr. Mario stage when Dr. Mario was in R&D at the time the decided to bring him back? That was stupid.

  6. Now that you look at it, it is kinda obviously. Stuff is just moved between the shots on the stage listing and the apparent “gameplay” which you can tell by the background. Plus it says original when it is highlighted in Extras

  7. Shame. I wouldn’t mind a Dr. Mario stage. But I am glad we won’t be getting THAT Dr. Mario stage they showed because it sucked.

  8. The Dig Dug leak was also fake.

    Off-topic: Yoshi’s Wooly World has good legs in Western Europe but in Japan the situation is still miserable due to a complexity of reasons.

  9. The announced update is set to bring Tournament Mode to the game for the first time, as well as the ability to upload highlights straight to Youtube. Hyrule Castle and Peach s Castle are coming as stage DLC, as we learned about previously.

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