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Monster Hunter X Videos Showcase The Hammer, Hunting Horn, Gunlance And Lance

Capcom has stayed true to its word and continued to produce informative videos showcasing the refined weaponry in Monster Hunter X. The latest batch of videos show off the Hunting Horn, Hammer, Lance & Gunlance all of which look lethal. The video follows the Sword & Shield and the ruthless Dual Blades videos which we published the other day. You can check those out, here.

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8 thoughts on “Monster Hunter X Videos Showcase The Hammer, Hunting Horn, Gunlance And Lance”

  1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I bought MH4U in the hopes that they’d put it on the Wii U. The search options the Wii U had were far superior to the ones we got on 3DS. I was naive to think so. Mega Man legends 3. We were almost there Capcom…

    1. I’m pretty sure it was explicitly stated over a year ago that MH4U wasn’t going to be placed on Wii U, because they succeeded in figuring out how to put online capabilities on the 3DS. In multiple interviews the devs mentioned that the sole reason there even was a Wii U version for MH3U was because they couldn’t put online capabilities on the 3DS version at that point, and didn’t want players who loved online to feel left out, or to get angry, so the primary focus in the development of the Wii U version was online, thus a better online than MH4U. I imagine MHX will receive a much more finely tuned online searching system, and online mode in general.

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      Yeah it came out this February. They better not COD this franchise. I already dropped Resident Evil. >_>

      1. Well MH4 came out in 2013 (4G came out in 2014) in Japan. So they pretty much release a new MH game every 2-3 years and release there G/Ultimate updates a year later. So its not really a yearly thing. besides they started on cross when they were working on MH4.

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