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Watch Kids React To Pokemon Snap

Yes, it is time for another Kids React video. This time the team have gathered together a bunch of kids and have given them a Nintendo 64 and a copy of the much-loved Pokemon Snap to play around with. As with all these videos the results are amusing and sometimes surprising. Check it out, below.

35 thoughts on “Watch Kids React To Pokemon Snap”

    I’m sorry, I’m just a little pissed off…..

    1. Apparently millions, including myself. Its fun to see the reaction of people playing or interacting with something you like.

      1. To be fair and honest, there are people like myself that find no joy or point in video’s such as this one. It’s fine I suppose that you and millions want to waste time on such things but not everyone is the same.

        With that said, Pokemon snap was a great game forna while. Once you mastered the process and levels enough you could get high scores and the good pictures. After that I played it for a while mostly to watch the details in each level. Good times on the N64, but it was a great system so yeah. No Pokemon Stadium, but hey : ).

        1. Notice how I didn’t say (everyone). I know there are people out there that clearly don’t enjoy those videos (hence the first comment). I was just telling him that there are people who actually enjoy these types of videos.

          1. Fair enough, these video’s really yank my legs though. Personally I feel its a total waste of an already wasteland of internet video space but whatever, i gotcha. Just tossing my view on it as well.

      2. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

        Apparently millions, including myself, can give a fuck less about some staged “react” videos that add to the decline in intelligent beings prevalent within our failing ecosystem.

        Exploitation of the retarded(those who view this garbage) for monetary gain, but, as is the reality, millions of complete MORONS get some nonexistent satisfaction in watching “reactions” of people whom they know nothing about. Just like watching Disney marvel superhero movies, same retards keeping themselves leveled with those of similar low standards. I bet those who watch “react” videos are those who laugh at dick jokes and a guy getting kicked in the groin…

        Next video: kids react to wearing clothing…
        Dumbass reply to justify watching shit: “it’s fun to see the reaction of people playing or interacting with something you like”

          1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

            Not gonna happen, shit head…I’ve been on this site longer than you have…I have shown my support for sikr and how MNN is THE standard that should be adopted by other Nintendo sites…those which in comparisons are complete garbage…everybody knows MNN is where it’s at…don’t approve of shit react videos, but you take the good with the bad(shit)

              1. Some people start out reading before commenting, that’s what I did. Spent a year or so reading, then joined in the mud slinging!

          1. TeeYousAColdMackPlayaNYouKnowDat

            the Internet is saved! “Kipandperrie” watches kiddie react videos and stands stall against all who disapprove. Big bad “kipandperrie”, you stay on their necks!!!!

            Haha. Dumbass

  2. No matter what, it’s always funny to see people react to Prof Oak’s sarcasm. Also, those kids only played the 1st level. I’d like to see them try out the Waterfall or Cave level.

  3. You mean ” watch the same damn kids who they use for every one of thier videos react to Pokemon Snap” .. Yea, no thanks. Im tired of hearing the opinion of the same 7 teenagers over and over again.

  4. Pokémon Snap is one of those games that I played for a few minutes, and I was left scratching my head in confusion. I was like, “what’s the point of this”? It was like being at a zoo on a SLOW rail cart and taking pictures. BORING!

    1. These kids have no idea what it was like back then playing the n64. (my favorite system) Playing a game in 3D was like an alien talking to you.

      1. If an alien starts talking to me, people are gonna learn really fast that they’ve been faked for centuries. Jus sayin.

  5. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    I mean it’s a no brainier that a sequel to this game is practically an idea that creates itself with Wii U gamepad. Ugh! Why wasn’t it done? Sad.

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