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Nintendo Of America Confirms Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition

Nintendo of America has revealed on Twitter that North American gamers can look forward to a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles X bundle when the game launches later this year. Whether it is the same as the European one (which you can see here) remains to be seen. The European special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X contains the game, art book, map, double poster and is a steelbook.


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37 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Confirms Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition”

  1. Good to know they spoke out now, or we could have had another Devil’s Third on our hands with people speculating that Special Version is canceled or being put out by a third party….

      1. I got Xenoblade Chronicles 3D just because it was New 3DS exclusive, but I freaking loved it. Most played game on my 3ds. Definitely getting the special edition of X at launch.

        1. Or if you own a PS3 and enjoy Studio Ghibli films (spitited away, My Neighbor Totoro, The secret world of arriety, etc) I’d also recommend Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It’s a pretty cool RPG. It’s kind of cutesy and kiddy looking but it’s a solid title.

          1. never tried that games, I hear that Ni No Kuni was a bit of a let down due to constant talk from useless teamate in a fight phase (AI is really poor) who even hold you hand too much in the game. However few say to me the game was horrible, the graphic and style were queit good by all account.

              1. I’m not sure but I think i heard that the game will be something that has already released on the other consoles.

            1. Aside from Chrono Trigger (and even that took a LONG time for me to really get into), I’ll never understand the appeal of JRPG’s. I just can’t stand anything about them.

              1. The appeal is that they’re FREAKIN AMAZING AND THIS IS SO A DAY ONE BUY FOR ME!!! Well not the bundle since I already have a Wii U, but I’ll DEFINITELY get the game.

              2. I wasn’t big into JRPGs either until I played the first Xenoblade Chronicles. If they release it on eshop in NA or if you have a new 3ds I strongly recommend you get it. It’s rather incredible.

                1. I guess it like me with smash Bro I don’t see the appeal . But as long as people have fun and enjoy themselves it’s all matter. What I don’t like is people who try to shove in your throat their taste of games. People have different taste and one should respect the other.

              3. Only reason I bought a Wii U was for this game, there better be a man special edition after all that waiting.

              4. “We’ve made you wait long enough for the Xenoblade Chronicles X special edition. Here’s a Wii U bundle with a regular deluxe Wii U, a regular Gamepad, & a digital copy of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Enjoy! :D”

                1. Don’t forget it will also be understocked to create false demand. And will continue to be understocked.

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