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GameStop Confirms Its Amiibo Pre-order Event


We all knew it was coming, but GameStop has confirmed that it will be holding a pre-order event for those lucrative amiibo. The special event will be happening on Saturday and will give gamers the chance to grab an amiibo retro three pack. This GameStop exclusive retro themed three pack contains R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and Duck Hunt figures. You can check out the official page for the event, right here.

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34 thoughts on “GameStop Confirms Its Amiibo Pre-order Event”

    1. I dunno. I blame Nintendo of America for screwing up the NA amiibo situation and they continue to make things even worse with this. At this point, I may actually just import all future amiibos rather than give NoA my money. Anyone with me?

      1. It’s not entirely on Nintendo of America, though, since every country is having stock problems with certain amiibo. Is Nintendo of America to blame for how bad it is in America? To a degree, yes. But that doesn’t absolve Nintendo’s main HQ for the debacle.

          1. If I’m not mistaken, some of what is rare in the States is not rare in other places. Namely Japan because Nintendo always makes sure they get the best treatment so things are usually nicely in stock there.

  1. Any word on Canada getting this promo? Last I checked at my local EB Games store, they weren’t even doing preorders for future amiibos…

      1. I’ll stop by my Eb games just to be safe. I’m not taking any chances on this one. At least if I don’t get it, importing them is my plan B.

  2. Is this going to be like the last major pre-order at GS? We all gather then hit their servers all at once at 9am, I don’t have time for that anymore. I’ll save myself 2-4 hours and just import, will save me money in the long run.

  3.’s more stuff you CAN’T get. Sure I can import the other characters, but R.O.B. is different from the japanese version. ( I wanted both ) But seriously Nintendo, why give Gamestop such power considering they hacked your section down to a few shelves in favor of your competition. Then again that IS your fault too. You said you’d make so everyone could get these things, it be better if you show them to us.. then set them on fire on one of your Nintendo directs.

    1. They have no ‘power’ whatsoever, they’re just trying to limit chaos upon actual release. Nintendo isn’t giving them more stock than the other retailers. I WISH other retailers did openly announce pre-orders, because then I’d actually have a sliver of chance in obtaining sout after Amiibo.

    1. Mr. Game & Watch, Duck Hunt, & R.O.B. are awesome characters. Don’t hate on them so harshly because you are getting your butt whooped by them.

  4. Open an hour early for preorders? Well that means I can’t wait in line- have a 10-hour shift in the afternoon and need my sleep for it.

    Fuck back-to-school season.

  5. I do hope they’re at least boxed separately. I’m going to run by GS in like 2 hours and see if you can only pre-order them on the special 8/8 day or w/e. Cant hurt to check : )

  6. Guys, don’t fall too hard for it. They’re rare now, but they won’t be forever; where I live they’ve restocked amiibos everywhere, and the shelves have been full with them (and not just marios/donkey kongs either; every character) for several months now. It was actually pretty depressing because I thought the Captain Falcon amiibo I managed to snag on release day was incredibly rare and worth heaps, but now it’s worthless because retailers have packed their shelves full of him. So yeah, don’t cave; it’s a marketing tactic. They produce low quantities initially to pressure people into clamoring for them, and then they’ll trickle back in every now and then until they’re no longer rare in the slightest. You’ll get your Pits and Foxes one day; just be patient :P

  7. The girl I talked to at GameStop said they weren’t getting singles of Rob, duck hunt or game & watch. Of coarse that could all be part of the plan, but im just having my Final Fantasy Explores pre order money switched over so I dont even have to go by the place woot woot.

  8. I had a really nice time pre-ordering my retro three pack. About only ten people showed up @ 9 a.m. and it was really fast and easy.

    Best amiibo experience yet… oddly.

    1. To all Canadians reading this post, EB Games did have the same amiibo preorder event as well. I was second in line and I did get my preorder.

  9. My sister, niece, nephew, myself (and I think my brother) all scored a preorder. Sweet! There was only 2 or 3 others in line (queuing) when I got there.

  10. I doubt this 3 pack will be rare at all. The GS I go to had 64 preorders available and on the first day only 9 of those preorders had been taken up.

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