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Mighty No.9 Producer Says Despite The Delay The Game Is Almost Finished

A lot of people were genuinely disappointed and disheartened to learn that Mighty No.9 has been delayed until early 2016. Mighty No. 9 producer Nick Yu says that the team feels really bad for letting the fans and backers down. He says that the game is pretty much finished, but they picked up a nasty bug in the multiplayer mode of the game that will apparently make gamers really, really frustrated so they have decided to push the game back while they get this fixed.

Q: How has Mighty No. 9 been progressing over the past few months?

It’s good, however, we just announced that we’re delaying the release of the game until Q1 2016. The game is pretty much done. We were doing bug fixes and we found some bugs in the network system that will affect the multiplayer. It’s not like a ‘showstopper’ bug, but it’ll make players really frustrated. We don’t want that to be the experience for our players, so that’s why we decided to delay and polish the game a little bit more.


72 thoughts on “Mighty No.9 Producer Says Despite The Delay The Game Is Almost Finished”

  1. That fraud is just digging himself a hole that he will never get out of. Especially with the Red Ash BS and getting exposed for the shit he did.

      1. He’s not a fraud. He delayed a bugged game. It was the right thing to do, and I wish every developer would do the same.

        1. Yes, he’s not a fraud. But he and some of the staff who handle the projects got terrible attitude and unprofessional. Just go read about Gamergate bans.
          I’m all excited for any megaman spiritual successor but I’m very disappointed with the way they handle the projects.

          1. It was a joke, since almost everytime they open their mouth, it’s for more money, despite being millions over-budget.

            1. if the game is going to be finished with all the promised stretch goals I don’t see what you are crying about. The end goal for making a game is to make money. This isn’t volunteer work.

          2. Don’t care. Delay it all you want. Lost interest and moved on. Capcom should release a new Megaman game to put the final nail in Mighty No. 9. I’m glad I didn’t preoder this game. Shady business antics. I’ll pass.

            1. How is this shady to you and not the supposed “Wii U Project Cars” port that never existed or that Ucraft BS of soliciting money from Wii U fans over the “system exclusive” lie so that they can port it to other systems which never needed the Kickstarter raise to do so anyway?

              1. Never supported Project Cars either. You could tell that game was going no where on Wii U. No interest for Project Cars on PS4 either.

                1. Not until they bluntly said the version is delayed to high heaven, then exposed their lie about its progression and then canceling it which is also saying they never build a Wii U in the first place. They solicited money from fans to make other versions, just like what Ucraft did.

                          1. Hahaha LOL. But seriously. I’m getting an Xbox One for:
                            -Forza 6
                            -Halo 5
                            -Sunset Overdrive
                            -Crackdown 3
                            -Rare Replay
                            -Gears of War Ultimate Edition
                            -The Master Chief Collection
                            Even though I already own a gaming PC and a PS4, it’s gotten to the point that the XB1 is getting too many things I want that I simply cannot ignore it anymore. :P Btw, I’m getting this amazing console:

                              1. How else am I supposed to play Halo 5 then? Because it certainly isn’t coming to PC.

                                  1. I meant the actual game. Lol. It ain’t coming to PC. Wish it was though. But there’s a lot more I want to play besides Halo anyways.

                                      1. You did read over that entire list of games, right? I’m sure I’m missing some too but those are ones I can name right off the top of my head.

                                          1. And this is your only “reliable” source, some GameSpot-like biased fuckheads who also talk dumb shit about Nintendo and others before numerous times? They’re no longer a trusted means for gaming news anyway.

                                            1. And you haven’t been talking shit about Nintendo? Sometimes i can’t tell if youre troll rollin 24/7 or just smoke waay more k2 than I would Marijuana.

                                                  1. The only thing shady I read was the fact they were withholding information until they knew how long the delay would be. Even that is typical with the video game companies that have delayed games. They could have communicated a little better. Still a mistake on their part. Nothing that should be causing an uproar about unless you are a backer. For me, the game is bought when it is released.

                                                      1. He didn’t say it was by Capcom, smart one. Did you actually read his comment? He’s saying Capcom should release a Mega-Man game to crush the competition before the competition even gets their game out.

                                                    1. better it be delayed than released broken like batman arkham broken: broken pc edition or assassin’s broken unity. i don’t know why people get upset when a game is delayed, im rather happy because it gives them some time to fully debug the game and possible make add-ons.

                                                      1. Batman Arkham knight is only broken on PC. Is really good and nice on PS4. Im loving this system no GAME DROUGHTS WOOO. But i hate it when third party gaming companies. Rush things. Some games gets buggy and have to wait for updates again again, and again. Im not getting star wars battle front day one. Im a wait. I know is gonna be buggy at launch. (EA -.-) im a wait a little longer – im a get that RPG gaming that is coming on my birthday November 16.

                                                        1. i only mentioned the pc ver of arkham knight that is broken hence the name ‘broken pc edition’, unity was broke across all platforms. im upset for the pc gamers that arkham knight was broken yet i barely play any pc games. im also upset that all devs release games broken from the start, nintendo is practically the only one who hasn’t released broken games, sure a handful of games were released with one or two bugs but that is a handful in several years. does that mean they won’t release a broken game? no, they may, even if they do everything right. im not white knighting nintendo because i don’t always agree with their business decisions.

                                                            1. aside from wii u, i have a 3ds xl, ps4 had a pc, motherboard died. ps4 had its hdd die so im planning on a replacement. not sure if i should get a 2tb hdd or get a 4tb hdd and transfer everything from the external 1tb hdd i have to and use that 1tb hdd as the replacement, sure i would have to open it and wipe it clean.

                                                            2. Thank you. A delayed game is not a bad thing. I was prepared to get this game on release date but now will get in Q1. They delayed the game and gave the reason. If people keep complaining over situations like this then what happens to gaming when people choose not to make games as a career anymore.

                                                              1. I agree, a delay isn’t usually a bad thing, but if you said you’d be finished with a project on a given deadline, and made MILLIONS more than you budgeted…you’d think you’d bust your ass to have it done on schedule…or sooner.

                                                                Unless ofcourse, that money isn’t going towards the game development…whichnis where the “shady” comments are coming from.

                                                                Shady or not, it’s a poor-ass way to do business and punish your fans for going way the fuck over in their support for you…it’s not like he got sick, or his mom died of cancer…I would be like, “Family first!” – No, it just took millions of dollars and moved on, not putting the recources this game should have had.

                                                                MILLIONS over budget. He could have hired 2-3 more programmers and bug testers and not even seen a dent in the extra funds.

                                                                He’s full of shit. It’s obvious to anyone that’s been following this Kickstarter from the…well, start.

                                                                1. Good point. Seems I’m missing some of the details. I see the backers getting angry and I can imagine this is how investors feel with the big companies. I just think we focus too much on the bad aspects in gaming that people may begin to feel it’s the norm to do. Great information you gave me.

                                                                  1. Yeah, you really kinda had to see this one from thr beginning to know where some of the angst is coming from. And there are a lot of people complaining because it’s popular to do so with Not-So-Mighty 9, however, in this case. He’s been a greedy bastard and mismanaged the shit out of this game :/

                                                                    It’s sad, because he had SO many people excited in the beginning.

                                                                    1. Hopefully, it is a learning experience as they are new at handling the business aspect of gaming. A lot of people are great at working and bad at business. I deal with the latter everyday.

                                                                      1. He’s been coined a business man. So unfortunately, he knew what he was doing, so it’s more a learning experience from Kickstarter backers.

                                                                        Support Devs that have passion for games and put their heart into their work like Shovel Knight, not devs that are known more for being a businessman than someone who loves games. :)

                                                                    2. If this was a Nintendo game, we’d be seeing a shitload of fanboy comments complaining about the people complaining about this game getting delayed, calling everyone upset retards, crybabies, & idiots. Then again, I’m sure this is the case for comment sections on other sites, though. Only instead of it being Nintendo fanboys, it’s Inafune fanboys.

                                                                      1. Okay, genuinely imagining Nintendo doing a double delay like this after having a kickstarter from their fans and I can see a few mindless fans defending them, but people who call themselves Nintendo fans shat the bed over not seeing exactly what they wanted to see this E3, so I can’t say many would defend them if Nintendo pulled a Comcept with say~ Omega reboot to F-Zero. They would loose their minds and decry Nintendo doesn’t know what they’re doing. Very few people would defend them save trolls wanting to stir the pot and the most brainless of sheep.

                                                                      1. The shady delays and the speed run killed it for me. It looked way too easy. The frst boss was a joke. I get Megaman fans are nostalgic for something new, but these guys are just fucking us around now.

                                                                        1. It’s a shame because this could have been to Megaman as what FRneo will be to F-Zero fans… I mean…maybe it will still be good, but it better be Goddamn good at this point. They have asked all they can from their supporters, and they better deliver if he wants to salvage his reputation at all.

                                                                      2. I understand the development wanting to fix bugs. But I didn’t back. They can take years to fix all the bugs.. as long as the game is actually released on Wii U at retail.

                                                                        But……. It’s probably cancelled for Wii U now.

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