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Nintendo Of America Localiser Defends Wii U Naming

Chris Pranger, one of the localisation employees for Nintendo of America, has taken to the Part Time Gamers Podcast to defend the naming of the Wii U. Pranger says it really infuriates him when people blame the poor Wii U sales on its naming convention and says it is simply fan overreaction.

Pranger says it really irritates him that fans on NeoGaf constantly complain about Wii U sales suffering due to confusion surrounding the ‘Wii U naming convention’ and says this complaint is mostly just fan overreaction to something we can only see now “in hindsight.”

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127 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Localiser Defends Wii U Naming”

    1. It’s not the only reason, but I’m sure it’s a huge reason, people who don’t even follow gaming at all will be confuse, hell a large number of people are still confuse about the system, if you going to have a weird name have a good marketing, look at the Xbox one for example, everyone knows that it’s different than the 360 and is not the original one

      1. Not only that but it is such an awkward name. I don’t even like saying it out loud because it sounds so dumb…
        “Super Wii” is still the best substitute … as is Super 3DS inplace of the even stupider “New3DS”

    1. I like Pranger. He is actually speak about what some people already knew. That’s like saying people thought SNES was just a NES with different carts. Mainstream consumer is not well informed anyway. Anyone who has worked in retail should know it isn’t the name of the product, it is how informed people are about the product. As Nintendo said, they didn’t informed people well enough.

      1. There is a huge fucking difference between Super Nintendo & fucking Wii U. Chris Pranger is a fucking damage control idiot & should be fired with the rest of the neanderthals at Nintendo of America.

        1. Super NES is the successor to the NES and the Wii U is the successor to the Wii. Where is the difference?

            1. That would have been better than the horrible name they have now. Least super actually represents something stronger or is an upgrade from it’s original.

          1. The difference is is that the snes was targeted at kids (who likely read game magazines and stuff) and the wii u epwas targeted at casual gamers (who are likely less informed than most gamers). Yes, there IS a big difference!

                  1. How can you say that Nintendo targeted everyone with both SNES and the Wii U while all historical evidences show they clearly had specifics targets for each home console?

              1. Nintendo, with the Wii and Wii u, target the “casual gaming” audience (basically the ones that bought the Wii in droves because of its gimmick), the other consoles were targeted at gamers (kids or older). Yes, everyone can enjoy them but to claim they’re targeted at “everyone” is hilarious!

                1. They were targeted for everyone. That is Nintendo fanbase. Always have been. They targeted the casual gaming base in those days too.

                  1. But you can’t deny that, with the Wii and Wii u, at the very least, there was FAR more of a focus on those casual gamers than the other types. Some of those other types would’ve preferred better graphics and third party support over some
                    Gimmick. Oh wait! The Wii u wasn’t targeted towards them!

                    1. All products are going to have people that think their product was not targeted to them. It was Nintendo’s job to make sure they didn’t feel left out and they failed. The console as a whole was targeted to everyone as they showcased games that could appeal to people of different gaming background. It depends on what you see as a casual gamer. I have friends that only play fighting games casually. Friends that play sports games casually. Friends that play FPS casually. This is the same for me now as it was back in the 80’s.

                    2. What I mean is is that if Nintendo TRULY targeted everyone then we’d see Nintendo consoles with good graphics, online, third party support, etc… (supporting the “hardcore gamers”) AND a gimmick like the game pad yo rope in casuals.

                    3. Let me clarify the everyone stance. Nintendo does not just go after kids but anyone who are willing to play video games for fun. Sony and Microsoft are targeting gamers who are competitive and may take gaming seriously but they also target kids and anyone who are willing to play video games for fun. Sony and Microsoft’s target audience is the same as the target audience Sega was going for. Nintendo’s target audience was similar to Atari’s target audience.

                  2. I like you, tre, but this debate is making you look like an idiot and a Nintendo fanboy. Like the anon said, if Nintendo truly was targeting everyone, the Wii U would have the Gamepad AND it would be on par with the PS4 & Xbox One and be easy for 3rd party multiplatform porting. But it’s not so therefore it’s not targeting everyone.

                    1. This is what you are mistaking. The question isn’t comparing with the PS4 and Xbox One. It is about the target audience which is everyone as Nintendo has always targeted. This is Nintendo’s target. Did they target the 3rd Party gamers? Yes. Did they fail? Yes. Did they target people who pick up and play type of games? Yes. Did they fail to get more of those people? Yes. They failed with the Wii U. There target audience was everyone. Why is that hard to understand? They failed in who they targeted. I’m no fanboy of any console at all. I play video games. I don’t care who makes them as long as I can play them. I’m not just going to follow the crowd of what is popular to say when companies state otherwise. I’m not defending the Wii U or Nintendo. I am only stating that the target audience was everyone.

                    2. Well I say that Nintendo should focus on those “competitive gamers” over everyone else…except those that are big fans of their 1st party software.

          2. You want to know the difference, eh? How about the fact super is used frequently in America, Europe, and even Japan to represent an upgrade or something that is stronger? Super Shredder, Super Nintendo, Super Mario Bros as the original game was simply Mario Bros, Super Street Fighter, Super Sonic, supermodel, superstar, Superman, superhero, superhuman, Super Adventure Island as the original was on the NES & simply called Adventure Island, Super Bomberman… Do you want me to go on because there are tons of things that set the word Super apart from the letter U, showcasing how stupid the Wii U name is compared to the name Super Nintendo?

            1. Very good point. Best I’ve seen to say that. Good job XenoRidley. I again with that. Does a name confuse a person if they know what the product is? PS3 and PS4 is the number really enough to know that it is a new product or is it the knowledge of the product that people know that it is a new Playstation. There are people who don’t know about the PS4 yet too. Doesn’t mean it is a bad name just mean they don’t know the product.

          3. Every casual I’ve ever talked too didn’t know what the wiiu was until I explained it to them. A few had heard of it and just thought it was another accessory, like the wiizapper. Keep in mind I use to work in direct customer sales, so I literally had this conversation with at least 100 people when I saw the Wii in their house (collecting dust btw). Even I wasn’t sure what it was when it was first announced because marketing was that bad.

            So yes, the name is terrible and it was paired with terrible marketing.

            1. I don’t like how they named the Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, PS 2, 3, 4, Atari’s many namings or Xbox namings beside original Xbox. I always thought Sega did a great job naming their products.

    1. No the Wii was definitely catchy. The i’s in Wii, looking like little people or wiimotes depending on how you marketed them, the name “wiimote”, “wii” meaning both an interjection meaning excitement (wheeeee!) and the concept of unity and coming together to play games (we), those “We would like to play” commercials. All that was good. The Wii sales definitely speak to that.

      At least better than Xbox. Yeah, I think cool and edgy when I hear BOX… Well, at least it has an X! Now let’s stick a 1 on when it is the third generation!

    1. It’s a bad name. Wii had so many add ons that had “Wii” in their name, that having “Wii” in their next system just makes no sense. Especially given the fact that most of the people that bought the Wii were people who really don’t investigate that + “Wii” was seen as a kiddy and a casual brand by the general public. Even if more advertising would’ve helped it. More advertising and a different name would’ve been so much better.

      1. NES has so many add ons did it make much sense for them to name the Super NES? Advertising would be the culprit if someone don’t know what the product is.

        1. So you’re saying that consumers who are confused about the wii u (even though Nintendo had a horrible name and shit advertising) are to blame?

          1. No, I am saying that Nintendo didn’t explain it well enough. Consumers are always confused about products. It is the companies’ job to make them understand. Nintendo did not do it well enough regardless of the name of the product used.

      2. He said it is bad if you are using it as the name of a new system. Why are you repeating what he said? He essentially implied that wiiu would have been a good name for an accessory, you dumb dumb.

        1. No, I believe he said that it is a good name for a console, but that they only advertised the Gamepad, not the actual console.

  1. Speaking as a retail employee during the time of the Wii U launch and attempting to explain the system to your mainstream consumer for a period of time after that….yes, it’s a bad name. People constantly thought it was a peripheral for the old system :P

    1. I’m sure they did. If it was called Nintendo 6, people would have thought the same thing. It just was hard for people to grasp.

      1. Well in this case, Stranga is right. Chris Pranger is a bitch. I never knew Nintendo had more than one Reggie at Nintendo of America. This Reggie is just more of an asshole.

  2. They’ll probably never accept the fact that the name choice was awful. Honestly it still sounds more like a wii accessory than an entirely new system.

      1. Yeah, “chocolate” ;)
        If you like the taste of shit. That excuse is pathetic. What the hell is that vomit?, Wii U is not a good name :) !
        I will be here enjoying the comment section, that’s true candie for sure!.

  3. Honestly, when I heard “Wii U”, I thought we were looking at a really expensive addition to the Wii. That’s just what the name led me to believe. So, in short, not the best name to pick…

    1. Seriously, all off Nintendo’s consoles had completely different names. Then suddenly, “Let’s just add a ‘U’ after it. It won’t confuse people at all.”

  4. Completely untrue! Just a few months ago there was a girl in my class that STILL thought the Wii U was the same thing as the Wii. She wasn’t even aware Nintendo released a new console. These are the people that don’t follow the video-gaming industry that avidly, and they make up the majority.

  5. Yes, the name “Wii U” IS bad and it does lead to confusion. But he is also correct when says that the name (alone) isn’t what led to bad sales. Just think about it. The XBOX ONE has a bad name, yet it’s still selling great. The 3DS and 2DS have bad names (you can easily confuse them for DS add-ons), yet they’re both selling well. The New 3DS has an especially stupid name, yet even that one seems to be selling fair enough. It’s legitimate to asume that the name “Wii U” alone isn’t what is causing the bad sales. Of course this doesn’t mean that they should just keep the name. I hope they’re going for something entirely different with the final name of NX.

    1. The thing is the Wii U is pretty much the Wii with much better specs and the gamepad. It still uses motion controls, you can still use the Wii motes and all that. The XBONE is just a 360 with better specs, they didn’t add anything but better specs. So they are both associated cause their pretty much better versions of the console before. I think the NX won’t have the Wii brand because it will be much different. I still hope the Wii motes and gamepad work with the NX thought, i love those things.

    2. The Xbox one got away with astupid name as their target audience tends to be…uh…more informed than nintendo’s (*cough*hardcore gamers*COUGH*).

        1. Enough brains not to name a new console the same thing as the last console but with one stupid capitalized letter U after it, leading to mass confusion, resulting in many possible no sales.

          Still rebooting and uninstalling I see CCCC. Your C rank grows daily boooy.


    1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

      >>>They explained it at the reveal E3, but still:
      “this complaint is mostly just fan overreaction to something we can only see now “in hindsight.”

      Yes, except that the core fans are wrathful because they are the only ones aware of it, the rest are oblivious to it>>>

      >>>I really need to take over the naming department>>>

  6. Everyone ignoire this utter retard. This social reject is nothing but a corporate cocksuker, through and through. The Wii U’s name IS bad (it definetly confused a lot of consumers+it just sounded stupid in general) and the only reason you say other wise is because your eyes are blinded by nintendo’s jizz! And STFU about “hindsight”, from the Wii U’s inception consumers everywhere have said how retarded the name sounds…Nintendo just didn’t want to listen and accept it…and they paid the price!

    In short, Nintendo is making retarded decisions because retard’s run this company. Chris, fuck off and go back to sucking nintendo’s dick.

  7. More stupid shit out of nintendos mouth, I think the wii u will be my last nintendo console unless they get there shit together

  8. These kind of comments from an employee do not help Nintendo. Obviously, he’s not at liberty to admit the Wii U was poorly named but he would have done better to keep quiet on the subject instead of insulting the fans, ultimately the people that keep him employed. Most people agree the name was a mistake that, at the very least, caused confusion about the product. Having said that, I seriously doubt that sales would have been significantly better, had they opted for a different name. Let’s just be glad their next console won’t be called New Wii U! 😊

  9. No, its a terrible name. It would probably be best to never speak of this again. Because obviously someone’s confused here.

  10. WTF really? Wii U us a dumb name especially since they were trying to get back the casual market. Will a mom or dad not into video games know that its a new console when all they see in the little TV ads is something that looks like a Wii and a huge tablet in front of it. Did you not think they would think it was an accessory. Come on Nintendo the name of the system and your poor marketing is responsible for the sales of Wii U.

  11. When you need to make a commercial that explains Wii U is the successor to the Wii rather than an upgraded model, you know you could have given it a better name! I remember when this is a big issue when the console made its debut…

    1. Exactly! The fans knew it was a dogshit name to begin with. This cocksucker is just drowning in his own denial lol!

      1. Not so much denial but bullshit. He has to keep his job so he’s not going to say anything bad about Nintendo. I can’t wait for when all these employees move on and they start talking. We’ll finally find out who was the true genius behind the name.

  12. Meh, mobile phones tablets et al have always had cryptic names and that’s never been a problem. Parents and grandparents at stores have always been idiots as well, regardless of seemingly decent excuses like “the names are sort of similar”.

    But if you wanna pretend that the name is the problem
    (refer to some common sense in the comments above for a better take on the actual one)
    then don’t blame it on being “easy to see in hindsight”, you already had hindsight.
    You released the Wii U straight after the 3DS – a console with the exact same sort of issue in regards to naming.

      1. 3DS is selling like hotcakes, and it’s confusing compared to DS, DSi, DSi XL and so on.
        People are confused about everything, drawing conclusions between that and sales is way hasty.

  13. “…and says this complaint is mostly just fan overreaction to something we can only see now “in hindsight.””

    Yes, it was something we could only see in hindsight; Localisers simply made the mistake of keeping the name as “Wii U” upon bringing it over, and there was much backlash. However, how then does one justify the “New 3DS”? After making that mistake once, I’d have thought it wouldn’t happen again. You can’t say “Oh, it’s something that we regret in hindsight, give us a break already” when you just made the same mistake again without any effort to change for the better.

    I think I’m just angry at Chris Pranger.

  14. Every time I go to buy a Wii U game the employees always ask me if I’m aware that it’s for the Wii U and it’s a different system, like.. No Nintendo, it’s a stupid name..

  15. Except that because it was just Wii with a U tacked on afterwards, the consumers you targeted thought it was an add-on and couldn’t justify the initial $350 price tag for it, on top of it being improperly advertised.

    Sorry, but this IS damage control.

  16. “Pranger says it really irritates him that fans on NeoGaf constantly complain about Wii U sales suffering due to confusion surrounding the ‘Wii U naming convention’ ”

    The terrible name choice is only one element to the poor sales. Bad marketing, rubbish launch line-up, weak specs compared to the competition (though this wouldn’t matter much to the casual crowd) and poor implementation of the gamepad for the first two years have also contributed to the bad sales. The name choice isn’t the worst culprit.

  17. Nintendo had a good idea with the Wii brand as it’s a wordplay for “We” hence the remotes. The Wii U is also a wordplay on “We” and “You” which was obvious in the SMB title because of the Gamepad. But then again lazy people didn’t realize that and just called it stupid.

    Anyway, as some had pointed out already, the Wii U’s problem is not just the lack of promotion but Nintendo relied too much on the Wii’s install base to get them through. But most Wii owners do not follow Nintendo, they are just consumers who bought the console because it was popular.

    Had Nintendo promoted the Wii U aggressively, we may not have this discussion.

    The “New” in the New 3DS was explained in another topic. Yes it may not sound right to most but it does make sense in some part of Asia where English is a second or third language and that includes Japan.

  18. And they JUST said they LOVED putting the word “New” in front of things for convenience. Why didn’t they simply call the Wii U the “New Wii.”

    People would have had an easier time with that name than one that sounds like a peripheral.

  19. Well, with the Wii U’s bounding success, this moron doesn’t have the right to feel agitated about any fan comments imo. Now with Nintendo abandoning the Wii U after a half assed effort at best, they have nothing to defend themselves with except more actions of greed, like any other company in this day and age.

  20. Sorry Nintendo. It was a bad name to use from the start and you should’ve known that early on.

  21. *twitch* Go back to your fucking dumpster, Chris Pranger, where you fucking belong with the rest of the trash at Nintendo of America. You’re full of shit & if you don’t like the fan reaction, tough fucking shit! You dug your own god damn grave, fucking moronic douchebag!

    Chris Pranger is obviously Asshole Reggie because he’s damage controlling like Reggie but he’s being a major asshole in the process. If I ever hear this guy is standing on a ledge ready to jump, I swear I’ll be one of the commenters going “Do a spinning swan dive, douchebag! Entertain us before you hit the pavement!”

  22. Fuck him, b/c he is an idiot!

    I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to explain what a Wii U is versus a Wii… and I’m not talking to grandmas… I mean hardcore Sony/Microsoft/PC gamers.

    Everyone still thinks it’s a wii with a new controller.

  23. The poor vision of concept… poor name… poor marketing… high price… and lack of games from third and second parties killed the Wii U. Hell, first party support sucked until DKCTF and MK8.

  24. Obvious damage control is obvious. Love the Wii U, but anyone with some common sense can say that it’s the least impressive name for a Nintendo console.

    1. Very True. At least when the Super Nintendo came out everyone knew it was the second system they’d ever released in the market, Remember back then 60fps was the standard and Bits where a big thing in gaming. Everyone understood what 8 bit was and what 16 bit was in comparison. It was so much more refined and improved from the 8 bit NES. I cannot believe someone defended wii u’s name using Super Nintendo as an example. Obviously not born back in those times. Do you understand the difference in 8 and 16? do you understand the difference in nothing and U? Those where completely different times. Every shop i go into for a wii u game I’m asked if I’m aware its not for the wii. Poor naming, poor marketing and advertisement, underpowered, lack of third party support, lack of first party support at launch and lack of a real proper online infrastructure with social media and twitch functionality and also a big lack of amiibo’s which actually make them big money and even more to scalpers. it all adds up to a poor system lifetime. You just cannot cater to everyone in the world beyond the world of gaming and within it without big compromises. Online gamers, Fighter game fans, Simulator fans, 1080p 60fps fans, third party publisher fans such as bethesda and Rockstar. These are all Core gamers themselves that are not being catered to. Years ago these same Core gamers where the people who done a ton of the promoting for the system and bought their next console day one and continued to spend and support. The advertisements rocked and got the point across. They where also in heavy competition with SEGA and the Bit wars was in full swing. My mom knew what a super nintendo was and did right up till the wii days but now a days doesn’t even know what a wii u is despite seeing it in her sons home.

      Nintendo Says the Wii u is for everyone to enjoy. However i think they’re not looking deep enough. They’ve lost many of the fans they gained back in the NES/SNES days who now have grew up and are using Xbox Ones, PS4’s and PC’s. I grew up in the bit wars as a nintendo supporter. Now a days I’m a very happy gamer with my PC and my Wii u, just they’ve been trying to do the impossible while forgetting about most the people who made them who they are today. The Core Gamers and their Sub genre interests. Gaming is an extremely Diverse medium of entertainment. There are millions of gamers ready to spend money but nintendo was more interested in trying to get new gamers in instead of catering to Everyones needs who where already apart of gaming today. They are doing better today in my opinion though but its certainly done the damage already, i hope they are not in too deep with this Cater to Everyone Nonsense. Yes Gaming should be fun for everyone but that is why so many core gamers dropped from nintendo. The other options offered them more fun.

      I really do enjoy my wii u but it could never be my only game system. I think many gamers only have the privilege of only owning one console per generation, and if it doesn’t appeal to as many of their needs as possible, they’ll happily look to the next console. i could only afford one console for many years and it was nintendo back then who ticked all the boxes. Now a days its just there as my source to the Nintendo Games I love. I’ll never choose a third party 720p title over the same game with more options, better graphics and lower price such as on the PC. Where as you’re average new to gaming Wii gamer is lucky to own more than 5 games its entire 10+ year lifespan. A core gamer will spend monthly on building his game library, Supporting the company for many years to come. Nintendo need to go back to their roots. Gaming is bigger than ever, Games have made more money than any hollywood movie ever made. There is no reason for Nintendo to be losing money in this market besides their ignorance of how diverse and big gaming has became. I don’t know how a common person such as myself has this worked out and they don’t. Its incredible to hear about some guy from nintendo of america be so ignorant to go as far to say we gamers are over exaggerating, They just don’t know how big this medium has became and its a shame they’re not listening to us. I’ll be a nintendo supporter for years to come. It’l take a lot to have me not interested in the next big Zelda/Metroid/Mario/Kirby/DK game to the point i’m not buying their consoles but many, many more people aren’t as invested into nintendo as people like myself. I hope they improve and maybe have a chance to come back with a proper sequel of the super nintendo days.

      1. I like that comment. Hi! I was the one who used the Super NES comparison. You are right people knew a Super NES was successor to NES. Why can’t people understand Wii U is successor to Wii. Why do people understand that the XBox One is the successor to XBox 360. Consumer are weird. There are people that just say the new iphone but don’t know what version they on. I agree that Nintendo is attempting to expand gaming. Maybe they see that from N64 to Gamecube they were losting consumers and figure they couldn’t win them back so they went out for a new group of people. Alot of people say that Nintendo lost a lot of gamers to Playstation and Xbox but I would like to add that I also believe they losing their console gamers to their handheld. People say where did the Nintendo gamers go but the handhelds are fill with them. Also, a lot of the early Nintendo gamers quit gaming altogether. Nintendo must find a solution that everyone can be happy with. It will not be easy for them. Gaining back disgruntled consumers is a hard thing to do. The key will always be who can get the mainstream gamers who are the majority in gaming. Those are the gamers not loyal to a company.

        1. I’d say the reason the name was bad was because it pretty much forced the to market it greatly (so consumers weren’t confused)…something Nintendo is terrible at doing so. THAT’s why every new iPhone or the xb1 didn’t confuse many consumers-the companies actually advertised their shit!

      2. Not to mention when you hear the word super, you naturally think “oh this must be stronger than the average/original.”

  25. It infuriates me that NOA and NOJ is run by people who know so little about branding and psychology that they could only see this problem in hindsight. Is this company run by the crew from Spaceball One? How could anyone give this branding or “New 3DS” the thumbs up?

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  27. Dustin, I couldn’t agree with you more. Branding is something nintendo is failing at hard. Wii, is and was a brilliant name brand. It was universally easy to say easy to recognize easy to remember and was so different at the time it was pure gold. It encompassed and represented the uniqueness of the system with full force. Best name for a console they ever came up with in terms of blue ocean strategy and branding. Then the travesty and train wreck of wiiu happend. An absolute terrible name. In hindsight I can think of one way the name wiiu makes perfect sense. It’s a name befitting a console who’s lacking a clear identity. It represents nintendos own lack of commitment and clearly shows where the company hesitated and was scared to abandon what the wii established as a brand. It’s a testament to its own lack of direction and internal confusion. I can see what they tried to do by adding U to the name. But it was so poorly executed and marketed that there was no hope of wiiu ever becoming a strong recognizable brand. They should have followed up the Wii with the Yuu (with dots above the u’s)or even wii 2. What the hell were they thinking? They destroyed any chance of continuing the brand. Their marketing department should be fired and replaced. “new 3ds” further demonstrates why someone needs to be removed from their job. Absolute horrific branding. Whoever defends the brand wiiu is an idiot who knows nothing about branding or marketing. I love my wiiu and the fun it brings me everyday but I hate the name especially since it most certainly contributed to it commercial failure.

  28. Well, the name certainly hasn’t helped at all. I already hated the name “Wii”. But then they call it’s successor Wii U….which is even worse. I Sure hope that the NX has a final name that’s actually cool.

  29. I also know A LOT of people who think that the Wii and Wii U are the same thing.
    So yeah the name Wii U really wasn’t the best choice.
    And a lot of parents have no clue that there is a difference, so they buy Wii U stuff for their childrens Wii. Or like happened to a nephew of someone I know, he asked for a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 last Christmas, instead he got a Wii mini bundle with Mario Kart Wii.
    So at the end, it all comes down to bad branding, else people would know the difference by now.

  30. I just watched an award go to super mario maker at a videogames event for “best wii game”…and I have to listen to this dumbass? Not even people in the industry call the Wii U by its name. How about walking into a store and actually see the confusion first hand over the wii and wii u mr. pranger?

    1. He won’t. He’s too busy being an asshole to the fans that are criticizing Nintendo. He’d fit right in here at My Nintendo News with the people that defend Nintendo even when the company is in the wrong & calling us that criticize Nintendo crybabies, whiners, retards, etc in the process.

  31. I think in the end what hurts the Wii U isn’t the name but the lack of games out there I mean there are only like 20 to 30 games for the Wii U and barely any advertising I know all the Wii U games are great but its still not enough I mean the wii probably had a couple hundred at least and they were all decent and not expensive people aren’t buying the Wii U or its games because its $60 for one game the wii prices were reasonable

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