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Nintendo America Posts Survey On Twitter For You To Voice Your Opinions

Nintendo of America has posted an extremely long survey asking gamers what they think of the company’s social media channels. Just to warn you it could well take you an hour of your time to complete the survey, but at least you get your voice heard. You can fill it in here, but be warned there’s no progress bar.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo America Posts Survey On Twitter For You To Voice Your Opinions”

  1. I put they should put pokken tournament on the wiiu because arcades are not popular in the us as is in Japan an it makes sense to do it anyway

  2. They should make a proper console for hardcore gamers with the NX AND wait until the ps5/xb2 launch. Wouldn’t wait the system to launch mid-gen of ps4/xb1 now would we.

      1. That’s incorrect. My definition of “hardcore gamers” is the ps4/xb1 crowd. People, I don’t care much to CoD either, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have a Nintendo system with great 1st party exclusives AND amazing graphics, online, third party support, etc…

      2. And still sells casuals, rehashes and party favor games with fucking toys. Yeah, that spells “hardcore” the peanut gallery where the Wii casuals use to be.

    1. nintendo can’t afford to wait 5-7 more years. just because nintendo consoles have a short life span doesn’t drag sony and microsoft to do the same. nintebdo makes toys now not gamers games. get use to it.

  3. Please make a true metroid, paper Mario (ttyd style), fire emblem (home console), kirby (like returns to dreamland), a proper animal crossing, super Mario Galaxy 3…etc…

  4. My opinion on Social Media is that you should NOT be focusing on Social Media right now. Ffs Nintendo, what are you guys doing?! (*-*)

    Reggie: ” ok so things aren’t looking great out there guys what can we do to make this better or shift the tides a little and gain some momentum!?”

    Nintendo big Cheese#1: ” we could drop the ball and get to work on the new big thing in gaming?”

    Reggie: “hmmmm, yes”

    Nintendo big Cheese#2: ” screw it, lets ask them how they like Social Media and we’ll worry about that other stuff later, whos up for Donuts?!?!”

    Reggie: ” Well I do love Donuts..”

      1. Not really. I got there before they opened though. The location I went to had 32 sets. I bet by now they’re out. Maybe.

        1. I just went to one kinda far from me cuz I was working. They were still doing it so I signed up, 3pm, I was shocked. Guy was answering the phone along the line of ‘home of the retro Amiibo 3 pack preorder’.
          Amiibo are running things now.

  5. I really liked that survey. It gave me many chances to tell them exactly what I think is wrong and should be fixed. Really shows that Nintendo cares what their fans think.

    1. xD Just because they made this doesn’t mean they actually care. I’ll believe Nintendo cares when the NX is everything the Wii U is not.

    1. u can buy a gba cart in english on amazon for $23 and play it on a game boy player for gamecube on a big screen.

  6. Better online and a party chat system I don’t care if I would have to pay for Nintendo games online itsl would be awesome

  7. Galactus The Planet Devourer

    Whatever happened with Club Nintendo? I thought they were going to replace it with something better?

    1. We still have September through December, there’s still time.

      No, I’m not defending them, but by definition of “by the end of the year,” they still have time. Perhaps Iwata’s untimely death pushed things back a bit.

  8. Glad to hear some people took the survey. Again Nintendo Europe didn’t launch that survey. I am surprised I took a survey which will count for US market…. Well if I can help Nintendo just a little…

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