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Japan: 312,000 Packs Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Have Been Sold

We suspected that the Animal Crossing amiibo cards would be a huge success in Japan and that was further backed up by Nintendo who said that they were delaying the second wave of cards as demand of the originals had outstripped supply and that they were working on producing more cards. Now it has been revealed via Media Create that Nintendo has sold over 312,000 packs of Animal Crossing amiibo cards. We also have data that shows that Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer sold an impressive 523,000 copies in its first week on sale in Japan. That’s pretty impressive.

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21 thoughts on “Japan: 312,000 Packs Of Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards Have Been Sold”

  1. These figures are relatively good, but the attach rate is a bit crappy…. they’ve sold more copies of the game than cards…
    Also: how many cards are there in a pack? They mention they’ve sold that number of cards, not that number of packets of cards

  2. I still can’t believe they haven’t figured out a good stock starting point. The figures proved successful, obviously the cards were gonna sell well too. Guess I’m gonna have to hit like EVERY store and buy a ton right on launch day to try and get them all. With 100 in this first wave do they really need to put out a second so soon anyways? There’s a lot more to collect, especially if you want them all, so they should really slow the waves down for the cards. Oh, and make more of ALL AMIIBO. I don’t know why they’re so ignorant with Amiibo stock, especially in America.

    1. Shows that the only reason they are still around is their name…..and their last generation of gimmicks.

    2. And Nintendo is letting Wii U die asuall. And there making alot of money from the amiibos, New 3DS, Regular 3DS, 3DS XL, Regular New 3DS and New 3DS XL. And The Wii in the US. Amiibos beat the Wii U all ready in the sells empire. Let WiiU go away please. And bring on the NX. And make NX work with WiiU and please dont let NX have a dumb name, like the WiiiiiiiU. Someone call a police! (WiiU WiiU WiiU) wtf it sounds like a police. Da fuq Nintendo. Good day We U

              1. How can he shut his mouth, when he typed his comment? I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with him at all, just curious how that’s possible…

            1. Gotta love it when people support shit like this, giving Nintendo no reason at all to rethink their actions. No wonder they’re not changing their indifference about what their supporters want, when the same people who ask for a change are supporting things that are being criticized.

              1. Namie, how do you do this every day? How do you come here and have the will to try and prove to these people that Nintendo is wrong if they obviously can’t see it and don’t want to see it?

                You’ve been trying for years and failing. You know what they say about insanity.

                1. Haha, I’m not trying to convince anyone, really. I’m just expressing my personal opinion and view on things, people are welcome to both agree and disagree. But of course it’s always very nice to meet people who share the same thoughts with me.

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