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NPD: Splatoon Sold Around 85,000 Units In The US During July

Splatoon failed to hang in the top ten best-selling video games in July in the United States, but that doesn’t mean that it sold poorly. The ink based shooter sold around 85,000 copies both at retail and digitally during the month of July. It should also be noted that general software sales for the Wii U were up 10% this year compared to the first seven months of 2014. It’s progress! If you’re interested you can see the top ten best-selling video games of July, right here.


65 thoughts on “NPD: Splatoon Sold Around 85,000 Units In The US During July”

  1. That’s pretty good actually. The sales probably increased this month though because a lot of people were waiting for that August update to come out.

                    1. I saw the comparison and immediately knew it was just another remake disguised as a new game with only “Transformers” Arwings and short indoor corridors? I’m not that stupid.

                      1. It even has the same levels and voices as star fox 64 there’s nothing new to the game it’s all the same shit we’ve seen before

                        1. I kinda wish corneria looked like a actual city, and not random strange blocks everywhere, with paths not connected to anything.

                          (I know this isn’t related but posting my opinion anyway)

                      2. And people’s were bitching cuz it did not ca,me in the top 10… at least is doing better than bloddborne and that’s quite sad since bloodborne is amaizing.

                            1. I really do hope Splatoon 2 becomes a launch title for the NX if it gets released in 2017. That game along with the new Zelda and a 3D Mario game would sell a shitload of NXs (assuming it’s a home console)

                                1. And prime 4 or atleast announce development of the game. And Dragon Quest which we all know WAS confirmed and they went back on it because they announced it sooner than they were supposed to. And this is very unlikely but Animal Crossing NX, and Paper Mario (like TTYD) or atleast confirmed development, I do think they will be on the NX eventually but probably not as launch titles.

                                  1. It’s likely that Nintendo has realized that releasing big name first party properties on a 3 year old console with poor sales isn’t the greatest idea, and as such will be bringing many of their best series’ to the NX with announcements for said first party instalments smashing right into our faces on the e3 before it’s launch. I feel like they may pull a twilight princess with Zelda U though, releasing it on both the Wii U and NX……but who knows lol

                                    1. Ofcourse Zelda “U” is going to be a dual release… they need to milk the next Zelda as much as possible to sell new NX systems and old WiiU at a discounted price. Really is a smart strategy. I feel as though wiiU will exist beside NX though, and is not an immediate replacement.

                                    1. Have you dropped it on the top? You may have damaged the connection. Or maybe you have something by the Wii U messing up the connection.

                                              1. The console is too weak to pick up a signal. Should have thought abour added more then 25ft back in 2008. But Nintendo is stupid so.

                                              2. I looked it up for you, people got it to work by plugging the Wii U into a different outlet, or plugging the HDMI into a different port on the TV, also Re-syncing it worked for some, moving the router away from the Wii U or if you have a router that does 5Ghz that will cause it to disconnect put it to use 2.4 Ghz, and restarting your gamepad by holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

                                                  1. I’m waiting for the game to go down in price. I don’t like paying $60 for one game anymore. When I can get SO many retro games for that much money.

                                                        1. I realize that. But due to having doubts that I’ll actually like it, I don’t mind waiting years. I might even buy it used some day if I ever find one cheap enough.

                                                          1. Funny how people belittle this game… is it because it’s NOT in their console? Funny how they have nothing to do while others are enjoying Splatoon.

                                                            I bet Phil Spencer is also planning on something like this that’s why he mentioned it in a previous article.

                                                          2. 85K seems very low for this month especially when kids are out of school. To be honest a country like US should have hit 100K + easy. The lifetime sell in USA+ CANADA so far is 500K-550K…. not very good if you ask.

                                                            Do we know how many consoles has been sold during that month and how good or bad is the slaptoon effect for this month? I really hope th e figure for August will be better

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