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Atlus Reveals Release Date And Launch Edition For The Legend Of Legacy

Atlus has revealed exactly when The Legend of Legacy will arrive in North America. The role-playing game will be available starting October 13 in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS for $39.99. It will be released alongside The Legend of Legacy Launch Edition, a limited collector’s edition of the game that comes in a collectible outer box that houses a glossy hardcover, 40-page art book and a 10-track soundtrack CD of music from the game. Atlus says the Launch Edition will be limited to pre-orders and a small quantity of launch-day pre-orders.

29 thoughts on “Atlus Reveals Release Date And Launch Edition For The Legend Of Legacy”

  1. The wording is a little confusing. Basically, if you pre-order the game, you get the launch edition. I was thinking it was a separate limited edition you had to purchase.

  2. Meh, to stoked for FF: Explorers. And this game looks bad ass, I just gotta slow down on the games! Way to much virtual food on the plate.

  3. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

    I didn’t even know this game existed ’til just now. I find myself not really wanting the limited edition stuff and then regretting it later on after I find that I really like the game and its characters. Fire Emblem Awakening ;_;

  4. Dam that’s awesome they always give us cool special editions that’s why I love atlus they never disappoint

    1. They constantly dissapoint Europe I’m afraid:

      Year long delays to SMT IV
      No physical version of SMT IV
      No launch editions for any of their games
      Games are published by NIS Europe as Atlus can’t be arsed with them

      …the list goes on

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  6. I love these launch editions. They give me a little extra for the same price. It pretty much rewards me for doing what I was going to originally do.

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  10. I would like this game a whole lot more if the scenery didn’t pop into existence. It’s very jarring and distracting. Having a rock or a tree pop into existence literally one foot in front of your character is not cool. It reminds me of a shitty open world game with really bad pop in….

    I would say a must buy if it were not for the pop in scenery. For that I will wait on reviews…

    1. I can respect that stance, but that doesn’t bug me. GTA: San Andreas (my very fav sand box game) had hilariously inconsistent pop in for me at time. Many a planes I flew got one wing ruined due to an invisible tree appearing in what was a space “just” barren enough for me to fly through.

      I can understand if it bug you or anyone though as it can be jarring. But at least you’re not likely to move so fast the ground doesn’t load under you… I think… Hehehe good time San Andreas… good times…

  11. Damn, Atlus, just take all of my money, why don’t ya?! (Since apparently Nintendo isn’t taking any of it right now with stupid ideas for holding back content as if I’m some idiot that needs my hand held.) Not that I’ll get this special edition. But… to go physical or digital. Hm. Decisions, decisions.

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