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More Amiibo Restocks Coming To The United States

Amiibo collectors with no doubt be pleased to learn that more restocks are coming in the United States for various figures. The news was revealed via Nintendo’s compliance with the United States Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act regulations. The amiibo thought to be restocked include the following: the Splatoon amiibo which includes the 3-pack, Toad, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Lucario and Wario. Other amiibo that have returned to stock are King Dedede, Ness and Shulk. Plus the anniversary Mario amiibo is thought to be restocked fairly soon.

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23 thoughts on “More Amiibo Restocks Coming To The United States”

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            2. wow the anniversary mario amiibo would be the8-bit version and those arent out yet. if you meant gold and silver those are just gold and silver please dont confuse us

            3. This doesn’t mean anything as of now. Just because the CPSIAs for these amiibos were updated does not mean they’ll be coming to the US. Last time they were updated, they all went to Canada. Even if it shows 1, 2, or even 3 months of manufacturing, that isn’t indicative of the quantity Nintendo’s produced. For all we know, they could have made 1 Villager amiibo in June and 1 Villager amiibo in July and said that there was “2 months of manufacturing.” Right now, this is a sign that restocks may be coming, but for now, this doesn’t mean they will be coming for sure, as this article implies.

            4. This doesn’t matter if they’re just gonna be sold out as quickly as before. Need to make sure you restock ENOUGH.

              1. Hell, they need to make sure they – either Nintendo or the stores – tells us WHEN the restock will be happening. Inb4 restocks happen when the next wave arrives. Which would be GG because some stores are limiting how many you purchase on that day, if I recall.

            5. Nintendo claimed that the Marth amiibo was going to be restocked MONTHS ago. But I have still never seen any, ANYWHERE. So I’m ready to import one now.

              When I first bought the Splatoon 3-pack, I never dreamed that it would be a limited edition (or, limited stock). I was going to buy another 3-pack so I could open one and keep the other new. But no stores had any more of them.

            6. “the anniversary Mario amiibo is thought to be restocked fairly soon”
              What? Anniversary Mario? The only anniversary Mario amiibo I know of is the 30th anniversary pixel Mario. And that hasn’t even been released yet. So how can a restock be coming soon?

            7. who gives a rats ass. i want games not fucking useless toys. note to anyone who buys this shit don’t ever do drugs you’ll probably be dead with in six months. this shit is kiddie crack and your all hooked.

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