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Here’s Samus In A Stunning Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo

Talented YouTuber CryZENx is back again and this time he has decided to recreate Samus in a stunning Unreal Engine 4 tech demo. CryZENx’s previous works include recreating Sonic, Pokemon, and many more using the exquisite game engine. The demo admittedly looks gorgeous especially Samus’s super shiny suit and the deadly hand cannon. Whether Nintendo will take the realistic route with Samus’s next adventure on the NX remains to be seen.

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165 thoughts on “Here’s Samus In A Stunning Unreal Engine 4 Tech Demo”

    1. Nintendo Lieutenant Cereza

      But they used kind of a gross Samus model. It becomes even more clear when they go first person when the lights on her arm blend into the rest of the cannon.

    2. Dumbass Nintendo, Team Ninja and Next Level Games ain’t got nothing on this, REAL Metroid fans (who won’t accept garbage) and Retro Studios; the real deal who should be in charged of Metroid.

        1. Yo Em! you should do another album with Royce cuz that Hell: The Sequel was amazing! super tight skinny jean fire flame thrower spitting venom fire hydrant flow yo!

      1. I hate all the hate for Metroid Other M when it plays almost identical to Metroid Fusion and stays true to the classic series, Fuck the Prime series

        1. It could’ve been a good game on its own but it just had to be another Fusion without the X, without good gameplay length, no original enemy/mechanic/story/setting designs, no sensical controls or options (speaking of hating Prime, it ripped that off without giving it movement; stupidest control idea ever), no respect for Samus’s established strong/mature/fearless character, no Jennifer Hale recast to voice Samus, no proper Adam Malkovich characterization as a “father/mentor” figure or even good atmospheric music which reminds me; there’s only ONE, I repeat, ONE soundtrack I actually tolerate and that’s Ridley’s remix theme but it also painfully reminds me of that BULLSHIT PDST scene of Samus…, No, NO, FUCKING HELL NO! That’s not Samus. It’s a pussy blonde with daddy issues wearing a Comic Con cosplay-made Varia Suit.

      1. That game has better graphics, though. Ya all took the federation soldiers artstyle and say that you don’t like the artstyle of THE WHOLE GAME. It is just a prologue to the next main game. Why does everyone have to be so salty? A SPIN-OFF doesn’t do anything wrong if the main character(s) is not the one in the main games. If the story ends up with the soldiers dying, everyone can agree that you couldn’t use Samus. And people would complain about anything this game has/doesn’t have because it is not the same. The story might be impossible to fit Samus as the main character. JUST THINK. You would have tought that the majority of the fans of a game series about exploration (not mindless shooting) would reflect a little before acting like some whining 5 year olds that did not get the present they wanted for their birthday and got another one that is about the same thing, and the one they were getting what they wanted the next year. If this game was with Samus on the Wii U with great graphics, you would whine about the fact that it is not a main game. There was no actual Prime 4 planned. I would say that it was obvious. Else, Retro would not have made a DK game. You don’t deserve any Metroid game for this hating with no big and solid reason.

        1. Found the troll!

          You do realise that most people are pissed off at fed force because it means they’ll have to wait EVEN longer for a proper (exploration) metroid…oh wait, a rabid nincocksucker like you can’t comprehend anyone not eating up everything Nintendo shits out!

          1. No. They are pissed because of the artstyle of the game and because there is no Samus. At least, those were the complaints in the top comments on the YouTube video of the trailer. Insulting without even giving reasons doesn’t make you smarter, so please elaborate about the “a rabid nincocksucker like you can’t comprehend anyone not eating up everything Nintendo shits out!” phrase. Give me a reason about why you said that. Try trolling harder!

            1. I called you a nincocksucker because that’s what you are. Bitch please, the main reason people were pissed off over this game was that it wasn’t a proper metroid game…something fans have been waiting years for. In addition, many don’t see it being saying other than a mindless kiddy version of halo with nothing resembling metroid apart from maybe a few names. If you defend Nintendo shitting all over their fans, you’re nothing but a mindless nincocksucking drone. Don’t deny it fanboy.

              1. You:
                -act as if you know what the game is based off a trailer
                -are talking like a little kid who just discovered the internet
                -Tanabe said that he has a story for Prime 4 following the events in Federation Force
                -think that Halo is not online co-op
                -forget that:
                A) if the game was not called Metroid Prime:
                1) It would be another IP that doesn’t fit with this game.
                2) It would be a new IP on the 3DS that is forgoten shortly after launch (like Project S.T.E.A.M.).
                B)They had a new Metroid Prime for Wii U, this title would have been forgoten before it launches.

                So you are either a troll, either one of the stupid close-minded so-called “Metroid fans”. They already stated that there were almost only 2015 titles at E3, so I was impressed by how many new titles they had. I was not expecting much, but I got a pretty good E3. (when thinking about the 2015 focus). I’ll leave you, because I don’t like stupid little kids/grown-ups with a childish behaviour insecure of their maturity (else you would not mind “kiddy” games) on the internet.

                1. 1.Oh trust me buddy I’ve seen a shit ton of the game already and it looks like garbage. Woah, shooting monsters into cages with DS-level graphics! Sooo awesome/sarcasm! Based on what I’ve seen so far, this game is nothing more than a shitty kiddy halo that takes a massive shit over a once great franchise.
                  2.You know, why don’t you try calling me “kid” when you’ve destroyed at least one of my arguments so you’d have some ground to stand on. Oh wait you can’t! That’s why you immedietly resort to nothing but damage control and pathetic insults. I may of called you names, but they actually fit your behaviour! Nincocksuckers like you typically religiously defend Nintendo over complete dogshit like fed force because oh holy sacred Nintendo thou shall not be critisized in any way!!
                  3. Just because developers have ideas for sequels doesn’t mean they’re likely to be made. Are you aware that Tanabe wanted to make a metroid game for Wii u but “couldn’t get a team to do so”? That’s a good example of what I’m talking about fanboy.
                  4. When did I ever say that I “think that Halo is not online co op”? Oh that’s right, never. Making shit up in desperation are we?;)

                  Your obviously blind to the facts that…
                  A)If the game didn’t have the metroid logo slapped on it…
                  1)It would be it’s own thing (new ip) and would likely be MUCH better received.
                  2)It’s better to have this title be some forgotten shitty eshop shooter than have it be remembered for shitting all over a good franchise.

                  B)No matter how desperate Nintendo is to push forward this game, nobody would ever care about it positively. If prime 4 was announced alongside it, everyone would’ve ignored and forgotten about it. Since there’s nothing else, Nintendo only pissed off their consumers. Either way, there was nothing Nintendo could’ve done to better promote this game-it will always be difficult convincing gamers to eat dogshit!

                  If you actually thought that their E3 was anything close to being “good” then it’s confirmed that you’re a mindless drone. No, saying that “we’re not going to show off many new games and zelda” doesn’t mean it was the right decision. In addition, what was there new to get hyped about? Federation force? Animal crossing amiibo festival? Nothing. Abc the older games that they did show off, nothing new was unveiled about them asides from those worthless developers stories. No you weren’t expecting much…gotta keep your hopes down or you’ll feel the pain of constantly being dissapointed again and again…

                  XD what a retard

            2. Also, how the hell do you know they’ll announce another proper metroid, giving fans what they want? Oh wait, you don’t lol!

              1. Two words: Tanabe and interview. He already stated that, but you are just too stupid. He said that he wants to make the next main game (I would not call it a “proper” game, since there is no definition of a proper game) after the story of Federation Force (which, if your close-minded head did not think about, has a great potential) and features Sylux and Samus. He said that the soldiers find something and have to fight the Pirates or something like that. That will be like a pologue of the game. And this ignorance you have will make you seem like a stupid ranom asshole that doesn’t have any evidence in what he says, and acts as if it is a fact. And only trolls put lol at the end of every phrase, so you don’t have to prove me anything, since you can’t. Trolling isn’t that funny now, since 50% of the people on the internet are just trolling. You have a sad life. I will just put some hashtags, since you don’t understand anything and just call anyone with another opinion how you want and say that it is a fact, because you say so.


                1. -just because a developer says he has ideas for the next game DOESN’T mean that said next game is in production. Just like Tanabe wants to flesh out the relationship between Sylax and Samus in a prime 4, he also wanted to make a Wii u metroid. Look how that turned out ;)
                  -a “proper” game is one that contains exploration as its main focus e.g. Metroid prime, metroid fusion, super metroid, etc…
                  -so using the words “lol” is now evidence for trolling now? I think we both know who’s the real troll here ;)
                  -you say that I’ve proven nothing to you and never will…yet I’ve been constantly destroying your arguments. If I say “2+2=4” and you reply “lol no” that doesn’t make you right.


            3. Not just the shitty Pre-DS visuals and no Samus but the presentation is mostly about a casual space soccer play…that’s not anything close to what the fans wanted for years.

              1. The Pre-DS visuals is a very bad excuse, since Hunters had characters with a lot less polygons in it. Federation Force will maybe be a little better optimized for many characters on screen, 60fps and/or will get a graphical upgrade. It might be 1 and 1/2 years until the game releases, so they have plenty of time. The next game will maybe be about Samus finding about what happened with the soldiers. Tanabe talked about it in an interview. The “Space Soccer” is just for you to understand the controls and a fun 3 vs. 3 online minigame. Don’t tell me that in the Metroid Universe noone can have fun by playing/watching a sport. More content doesn’t mean the game will be worse. If the content is not good, Reviewers have to point it out. But it does not affect the player. I did not have hopes for anything Metroid, since it was stated that there were only 2015 games, and a big game like Metroid will not be announced and released in the same year. I did not like no Prime 4, but that was like promised by the 2015 games. And announcing Prime 4 at the same time is almost as bad as when Square had announced Final Fantasy 11, while 9 and 10 were not released. Here is a comarision, and note that on the Federation Force screen are more elements, and the WORK IN PROGRESS sign in the trailer showed that there was place for more polishing:


                1. Just because the graphics apparently look better than prime hunters isn’t saying much if it still looks like garbage. Besides I actually think hunters looks better than fed force in some areas. At least it had a mature look to it!

          2. What people don’t realize is that FF basically confirms that a new proper Metroid is being worked on, because Nintendo themselves said they wanted spin-offs in between big releases, hence why we’re also getting Tri Force Heroes and that Animal Crossing/Mario & Luigi plus Paper Mario games.

            1. Well they could have saved this fucking spin-off for AFTER we got a true Metroid game that wasn’t shitting on a majority of it’s fanbase. *cough*OtherM*cough*

          1. Try harder. You seem like a troll if you don’t give reasons. Of course, I already know that you are a troll. You are acting like a child. Seriously, grow up…

            1. Fans have given you plenty of reasons-you’ve just been covering your ears shouting “lalalalalala can’t hear you lel” and then claiming there were not arguments put forward to begin with. God you’re pathetic!

        2. There is no “next main game.” WTF are you talking about ? Nintendo pretty much said one was Not in development.

          So sad to see Nintendo fans holding on to hope on something that doesn’t existm

            1. Who in the name of fuck would think I hate Metroid Prime?! I’m all about Metroid Prime and all of the awesome 2D Metroid but I never played Metroid 2 (hoping for a remake named Metroid: Extinction)

  1. Wow, if random youtuber can create something like this, imagine what Nintendo could do! Im so sure they´ll have new Metroid Prime styled game in development for NX.

    P.S Maybe it was just me but it kinda reminds me of this Zelda tech demo

    Nintendo should consider making games using these semi realistic art styles again.

      1. It’s time to move on man… Look, Metroid Prime and Mario Galaxy were great. Though we would not have gotten those games if Nintendo didn’t take a risk. “You can’t beat a classic. Keep those platformer Mario’s coming!” “Mario 64 is brilliant! I want another game like Mario 64!” “I want Mario Sunshine 2!” “Why are we getting a 3D Mario game that’s not truly 3D? I want Mario Galaxy 3!”

        “What is Metroid Prime? Is it some kind of Halo rip off! Can’t we go back to the platformer?” “Other M sucks! I would like an HD Prime trilogy/Metroid Prime 4!”

        If Nintendo kept listening to their fans, then we would be having the same games with no innovation. Gamers tend to want the same great game over and over. It’s why COD, Halo, and Madden/Fifa are stationary. Well Madden/Fifa because no one else can make them.

        1. And they should be listening because that’s exactly why their fans are leaving. Their arrogance is why they’re failing right now and before. Hardcore has left, dumbass casuals has left and won’t be coming back, who else is left to buy their shit? You tell me.

          1. It could go both ways. People don’t really know what they want as far as new goes. This applies to gamers as well. If Nintendo listened and kept making platformers then we wouldn’t have Mario 64. If Nintendo listened and didn’t make Mario 64, Mario GameCube, Mario Wii, etc., then we wouldn’t have Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy. Sometimes Nintendo’s new and innovative games suck, but if Nintendo didn’t take the risk then we would have either 3D Mario platformer 300 or Mario Wii U(like Mario 64) as the main Mario. We wouldn’t have Metroid Prime.

            Nintendo doing their own thing doesn’t ALWAYS work out though. Metroid Other M is a great example that sometimes listening to your fans is the best thing. Metroid Federation Force could be another example. Then again it could end up like the Wind Waker fiasco where gamers hate it today, but later on they like, appreciate, and call it a unique masterpiece. Who knows?

  2. Wow the fans are beating Nintendo at their own game! Nintendo give us a proper fucking metroid title you clowns!

      1. Yeah because that model TOTALLY looks like the other m model! It’s not like one has vastly superior lighting or anything fanboy!

        1. It’s the engine. They took something premade and just polished it, and improved lighting and such. It’s not an easy thing to do but its not as hard as you’re making it out to be. As for the backgrounds, well those are presets.

            1. Sure, if you dont care for the little things. The arm cannon looks bland, the bloom effect is too much its blinding, the transition from First Person to Third Person gave me an aneurism, and the steps she takes don’t match her speed.

              If you don’t care for those things then yes, i guess it could be a million times better.

                1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                  The grape juice has never offended me or sad anything fucking retarded yet. Just like you, you haven’t gotten on my nerves yet. I only disrespect the dambass ratchet bitches. The irrelevant fucks like skeletons and the tetrabitch.

                        1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                          I’m not fucking arrogant. The only arrogant bitch is you. Remember I’m the motherfucking boss. Maybe i should go back to my hardcore mode like I was in my debut days. I stop because these bitches banned me but I know away around the ban.

                            1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                              Nope. There’s a difference. I Used the whole book of cursing words. I’ve gone fucking soft. But not soft enough to be mowed down by these broke down bitches.

                                1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                                  Deez Nutz! < You wouldn't get the get the joke because 1. You're not an American and 2. You're fucking old as shit.

                                    1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                                      And that is what makes you a lame ass old fat ass bitch who can’t even get a slice of ass. Bro, one day. I’ll send you a nasty ass slut from new York to fucking seduce you.

                                      1. Nintendo Tetrarch Quadramus-NX

                                        >>>Seduce me? Mechanoids are incapable of such useless rituals, specially from meatbags that are way beneath us>>>

                                        1. 💃I'm a Boss Ass Bitch💯

                                          Silence bitch. This new York hoes are good at seducing anything. They’ll find way. Even if comes down to just screwing around with one of your rusted ass screws.

                                          1. That’s probably because I find all the profanity and insults that get thrown around hilarious. Especially when it involves Nintendo Commander.

                        2. What a tease. Nintendo doesn’t make the games, gamers go nuts and start making tech video’s showcasing the abilities of possible games, Nintendo says….Meh…

                            1. I know man, but there’s a line between being upset over all with a company you’ve personally supported for a quarter of your life, and just going on all out war against them. I guess I feel people should calm down a little, if Nintendo doesn’t deliver a heavy hitter next console release then ill fully switch to pc and whatever else I want.

                              Play Continuum. : ).

                        3. This may be a tech demo, but it does show how Samus would look great in a realistic environment. The glare and morph ball trail was too bright for me but that can be adjusted for the real game.

                          Maybe, just maybe, the NX will have a Metriod game that looks as good as this.

                        4. All this really did was agitate the already obnoxious metroid fanbase of not getting a prime 4. I want a new metroid more then anything…however i prefer not to act like a savage in the process.

                          1. Wrong again. Metroid fans like me would rather have another 2d instalment over another prime. Also, telling Nintendo, a soulless corporation, to go fuck itsself for not giving fans want isn’t exactly “savage”…

                            1. Theres a pretty thick line between giving companies a elaborate constructive criticism on their bullshit. Compared to out right slander, cursing up a storm, death threats and a sad need to make a petition to cancel a game you don’t care for.

                            2. And nintendo being soulless real seems like a personal gripe you have with them. Nintendo does dumb shit that baffles me…but to call them soulless seems abit farfetch.

                              1. How are they not soulless? You honestly think Nintendo cares about you, like they’re your best friend? Lmao!
                                Also, what’s wrong with slander towards videogames companies? Nothing…unless you’re a sensitive fanboy who can’t handle their favourite corporation being critisized.

                                In addition, when did I ever say that I thought the petition was an acceptable idea?

                                  1. I love how you call me “defensive” yet you’re the one defending a corporation for failing to give what their fans want! And please. you’ve been crying this entire time while I’ve been destroying your arguments time and time again. You’re just another member of the Nintendo defence force-eager to silence all opposition and negativity towards them…

                                    Seriously though, why get so butthurt over consumers demanding more from their suppliers?

                                    1. …..Yeaaahhhh your being pretty defensive over a comment that honestly had nothing to do with me defending nintendo in the first place. It just seems like you just wanted to start a argument over trival shit.

                                      Are you sure your not the fanboy? cause seem hella passionate about this more then me.

                                      1. If being a fanboy means getting pissed of over “fans” trying to demonise those that complain about federation force, all the while calling any expression of dissapointment as “savage”, then yes I’m a fanboy. Interestingly enough, the “fans” that say calling another corporation soulless “seems a bit far fetched” are pefectly normal and fine, while those that insult Nintendo and call them out for their bullshit are entitled lol!

                                        1. Again the issue isn’t fans disliking fedration force. Thats fine, i don’t even care for the game myself. What i dislike was some of the behavior thats all fans could have handled it way better.

                                          I don’t consistently keep up to date on what goes on with the big three, so yes calling them all souless is uncertain farfetch to me and calling out nintendo for their bullshit is not entitlement what so ever..dunno where that came from..i call out nintendo all the time.

                                          1. Even with the petition I wouldn’t say they were acting “entitled”. Most who signed it just saw it as the biggest voice for expressing their dissapointment towards Nintendo. Hardly any of them actually though/wanted to cancel the game. I’d know because I was one of those who signed it. If most were serious about cancelling it and NOT just joining the biggest “fuck you Nintendo” crowd then I wouldn’t signed it.

                                      2. Also, I’m “passionate” about critisizing daddy Nintendo because I’ve been waiting half a decade for a new one…only to get shat on. Hell, I bought the Wii u for the sole purpose of playing a new one. If you like the look of federation force fine, I don’t care. What I have a problem with is those that try to shut up and demonise the “h8ters” because…reasons.

                                        Anyways, it’s clear this educational lecture of mine is being wasted on your types so I think I may leave…aw, who am I kidding? I love seeing drones defend corporations lol!

                                        1. Seriously though, I’m done debating/hurling insults at one another. It’d be nice if fans like you didn’t try to demonise those who critisized Nintendo but oh well, we’re not all perfect now are we?

                                        2. This is definitely a personal issue and clearly you wanted to vent. I’ve told you this already. I implore that people criticize nintendo or any of the company for their shit. I just prefer fans do it in a way that doesn’t make them look bad. Dunno if you noticed, but people have been giving metroid fans iffy reactions based on the small minority that cause shit; and usually its the small minority that often make people over generalize the whole fandom.

                                          So yes i will take that L for not properly explaining myself. so if it feels like i offended well thats nots the case cause i wasn’t looking for an argument.

                                          Your defintely more a nintendo fan then me seeing how i never owned a wii u. You set to much expectations for them.

                                          1. Who wouldn’t just wanna unleash their rage at Nintendo after buying a titanic u only to be shat on by a company you once loved. Sorry if things got a little personal, but I really feel like Nintendo has seriously let down their consumers like me for example.

                                          2. Maybe you’re not as bad as others, but I’ve had to put up with this kind of bullshit for years. People blindly defending games from legitimate complaints, calling those complaining “entitled” and “whiny babies”. I fucking hate it when anyone suddenly goes full densive over a company and tries to stop complaints of any kind. Sure, there’s better ways of complaining than making petitions but any sort of complaining (when fans are shat on) is better than nothing.

                                          3. Mmmmmm no worries, i respect the passion you have at the very least. You just wanna see a great company you grew up and loved get its shit together. I think nintendo has probably the best first party IP known to man imo…as much as i like Xbox and playstation.

                                            My original comment really wasn’t about people demoralizing federation force, it was more along the lines of no matter how upset you are about it the game just handle it in a civil matter. It better to give them shit in a good way then a way that cause everybody to see metroid fans like cry baby fools. So my choice of wording wasn’t great.

                                            I was only alittle aggravated by you calling me a fanboy, something i detest. Other then that i was fine with everything else you were calling me.

                              2. Nintendo pissed off metroid fans and they rightly called them out for it. Sure, there were some idiots like those that signed that petition, but most of them were rightly frustrated with having to wait even longer just to play a new metroid game.

                                1. Metroid Fans had ever right to call nintendo out for that your absolutely right on that matter. However examples like that petition was was just a no go. There are much better ways to get your thoughts across rather then that. Ever since federation force…its just been getting worst.

                                    1. It is impossible to act “entitled” about videogames…unless you’re preventing others from playing said good awful game. Fed force looks like utter shit but I’m not going to stop those that want to play it from playing it. Instead, I’ll merely laugh at their sorry asses!

                          2. You shouldnt act like savage, many times Nintendo created great game, people complained and whined anyways

                            This is from over 10 years ago:

                            As you can see they are discussing/whining about Wind Waker and Metroid Prime. Nowadays it is agreed that WW and MP are one of the best games in each series. But i would encourage anyone to look back at that topic, its hilarious readed nowadays lmao. Somethings never change, whining about what Nintendo does being one of them.

                              1. That is just your opinion, because I did never see ANYONE complain about Wind Waker in the last years.

                                1. If their are people seriously defending what is essentially a corporate ‘fuck you!’ Towards consumers, you know that they are blind to reality!

                            1. That’s a REALLY bad example because people are still against both those titles. When something goes too far from the source it will receive endless backlash.

                        5. Movement look terrible in 3rd person and the arm cannon looks disproportionate in 1st person. Environment looks unnaturally shiny too.

                        6. looked like shit AGAIN ZORG UNREAL 4 rather than commonsense it looked like SHIT

                          way way to shiney,very very plain,cannon looked like dogshit,way to much-bright lighting

                          other m and prime 3 samus DESTROYED IT

                          1. I don’t like it either. Too much glare. She doesn’t move well in third person either and in morph ball form she’s rolling all over the place. However, compared to all the other tech demos for UE this one does look the coolest I think. Still it’s nothing Nintendo couldn’t accomplish if they tried.

                        7. It looks really good for what it is with a little more polish and with an actual gaming company making it, this could be great! Except there’s a few problems. First off metroid really shouldn’t be in a place that looks like a castle, it should be on an alien planet or something, this would fit Zelda WAY more. Secondly that area is REALLY TINY, it would need to be MUCH bigger to work. And lastly the XBONE and PS4 for don’t have a chance at running something like that.

                            1. Not he graphics are too good. From the games I’ve played on the XBONE this slams all of them. I’ve played Forza Horizon 2, I’ve seen others play Forza 5, and some others ok having trouble remembering the names for. As is they may be able to run it fine, but if you polished that demo and added the amount of detail an actual video game company can put in their gonna have trouble running it they can at all.

                              1. Oh that. Well I don’t know. UE4 is scaleable, so even mobile phones run it. I see what you mean, but that’s because the PS4 and XBO are outdated as hell already. It’s sad seeing that my 3 year old computer runs laps around my brand new XBO. That being said, if optimized well enough I can see this running on them. Just not as nice.

                        8. I don’t know why everyone thinks this looks good.. It’s unreal engine and capable of amazing things but this doesn’t look like a Metroid game at all smh

                        9. A lot of naysayers on here. It’s a concept to show what’s possible on the development side, stop focusing on the details. It’s not like it’s the concept for an actual title.

                          Personally I think it looks great and would like some sort of title in this fashion for NX, but I just don’t see it happening as realistic is more XB/PS.

                        10. AWESOME! I wonder if the Wii U would be able to pull this off. Either way, it would be cool to see an actual Metroid game like this.

                        11. I swear to fucking god the community here is absolute shit. Every fucking article you see flame war after flame war.

                        12. I still find it ironic how they took Metroid (a series I never liked) and turned it into a first-person series (Metroid Prime). And first person games are my most hated genre. I’m just glad they did it to Metroid and not something I actually liked.
                          Like, if they did it to Zelda, I’d never play another Zelda game again.

                          1. “first-person game” is not even a genre. I bet you’re one of the guys calling Splatoon a FPS. Get your fucking research right next time.

                            By the way, OoT was supposed to be in first person. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zelda U had the TES/Fallout way of switching between 1st and 3rd person.


                        13. *sighs at what could have been with a Wii U Metroid title instead of that abomination coming to the 3DS at some point*

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