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YouTube Gaming Is Now Live

If you are interested in video game streaming then you will probably want to check out YouTube Gaming which went live today. The site is separate from your YouTube homepage and can be accessed at There’s a few people streaming at the moment, so if you want to watch some fast and frantic Black Ops 3 beta action or some Hearthstone streams then go visit the site. There’s also a dedicated YouTube Gaming app for iOS and Android you can download.

25 thoughts on “YouTube Gaming Is Now Live”

    1. Uhh hello! i love gamin i mite trie this out sumtime because i love utube and i love nitnendo! :) i wud like two becume the nxt poodoopie! hes so kool! he is souper famus and i wud like too bee souper famus two like poodoopie! :) makin money dooing wut I love becuas ei love it! i did make a smash bros demo prevew a wile back butt Mother interupted mii wile recording and maid mii uplode it regardles :/

  1. I wish there were only PS, Xbox and pc gaming no nintendo games because nintendo games are nothing but garbage.

  2. Why do we need this? Everyone already streams on Twitch and quite frankly I don’t think Youtube is able to compete with Twitch

  3. sasori obinna: the puppet master

    my pc is trash in doing live streams and requires serious bandwidth connection. why can’t

  4. It’s only available for ipad on ios, so much for potential made for only that. Big mistake google, but I forgot how retarded they are with YouTube.

    1. Yep, Google has all but destroyed Youtube. That’s why I am sticking with Twitch. Google needs to be taught a lesson… Maybe then they will fix Youtube.

  5. Meh, ill still use YouTube the way I always have. Not watching people play video game’s. Man, I miss the days when mtv was ok…and that’s just ok.

    1. Ah yes. Back when M(usic)TV was actually music television. They should change their name to R(eality)TV now. Or they can rename themselves S(hock)&A(we)TV.

  6. YouTube’s gaming content by game, features a trending game section, lets users import their subscribed channel list, and showcases top videos from YouTube’s ever-expanding roster of gaming YouTubers. Arguably the biggest new feature comes in the form of live streaming, which should be live in beta form today.

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