Rumour: XSEED Aren’t Happy With Nintendo Now Deciding To Publish Devil’s Third

NeoGAF member ShockingAlberto, who has a decent track record, is reporting that XSEED are unhappy with Nintendo America’s last-minute decision to publish Devil’s Third. Initially it was reported that Nintendo of America has decided against publishing the troubled title and that another developer would be picking the game up and publishing it in the United States. That publisher was thought to be XSEED. However, Nintendo of America is now publishing the title in North America and this has apparently left XSEED irked and displeased with Nintendo.

XSeed was super not happy with Nintendo taking back publishing. This likely harmed their relationship long term, so we’re even less likely to get situations where Nintendo passes on something and XSeed picks it up.

I’d guess they weren’t coming out and saying so because of an intended marketing plan.

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  2. Given that reviews for this game range from ‘decently fun’ to ‘glitchy PS2 level crap’, they should probably be happy they aren’t the ones who have to deal with it.


    1. While I haven’t played the game myself, I’ve watched several videos of it. Anyone who says that it’s PS2 level hasn’t played a PS2 in a long time. Plug a PS2 into your 1080p TV and see what even the best games look like…it’s not pretty.

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  3. Honestly, I don’t care if this is true or not. XSEED should be focused on actually fulfilling its promises to consumers right now. I love them, but they’ve bitten off far more than they can chew this year with so many games. That’s why they’re a year behind on TiTS while already a month behind in SK2 and, reportedly, EDF2.

    Stop filling your plate and finish what you’ve started.


    1. The situation XSEED is in right now would explain why they didn’t want to fix the near game breaking glitch of Pandora’s Tower for Wii when they released it at the end of the console’s life cycle. Oh & why Harvest Moon: Animal Parade also has a near game breaking glitch. Because they were being idiots & filling up their work schedule with too many release plans.


  4. I think Nintendo was still weighing in on the matter when they approached XSeed, who is happy to accept any business coming their way. When Nintendo broke the deal before its fruition, things are probably okay but not good. Then when Devil’s Third is is said to be doing well, I suppose XSeed is indeed irked at the news and for the fact that they didn’t get the publishing rights.

    That’s my take on it. I don’t believe it will harm their relationship, long term… but this will affect the relationship somehow.

    Personally, Nintendo should just have let XSeed publish the game, then we don’t have to wait until December to play it.

    Anyway, XSeeds Wii U market is non existent so they probably want to test the install base if they managed to get this title. But with the deal off, they will either concentrate on the 3DS or find another Wii U title.


  5. Guys, you and any news source that keeps publishing these false rumors are making themselves look foolish. The sources in the first place were completely wrong and by doing so you look like little kids trying to win an argument you already lost.

    There were too many facts that contradicted your rumors, such as Nintendo never pulling it from their own website as the publisher, just in case any news reporters doing understand this, stuff on corporate websites aren’t permanent. They can be taken down and put up at anytime. Also the retail chains have all said its being published by Nintendo and it would come out later in the year. If any of you took the time to follow up on your sources you would know that. Even Nintendo had to comment on it cause the rumors got so bad, that they had to do handholding for the doubters. They have commented they usually just ignore rumors unless they get really out of hand in interviews.

    Its not like NOA releases games at the same time the same time as NOE or Japan, just look at Yoshi’s Woolly World, that’s not coming out until October. And nope no one even thought for a second that might be published by Xseed.

    Besides, I have even said a few times when saying the rumors were false and the game would be out late in the year sometime like December. I commented on it months ago on this site.

    Here a crazy thought and just spitballing, what if it was to flush out the mole or the bad information (i.e. leaks). And you guys just keep feeding on it.

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    1. Sorry but I still can’t trust Nintendo of America’s word when their idiot Reggie has lied to us countless times before. Not that it matters anymore with Devil’s Third since the micro-transaction for online multiplayer is making me second guess whether I should really support this game, so have at it with defending Nintendo when they could be lying to people like you that believe them to save face. After all, Nintendo has enough failures on them this gen right now & they don’t need anymore, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo was lying once again.


  6. ^^Amen to this. There is absolutely nothing other than speculation and unsubstantiated rumour to suggest that Nintendo ever wavered from their original intent and ultimate fulfillment to release the game themselves. Stop filling your site with rumours and hearsay.


    1. But there is no solid proof to prove otherwise, either. Unless you are going to actually take Nintendo of America’s word for it when they’ve lied to us before this gen. They’ve already lied twice before about the next year (2014 & 2015) not having a game drought for Wii U. Just because their site always said they were publishing it doesn’t mean they didn’t change their mind to not publish it but never bothered to change it on the website. And then when a rumor was out that they weren’t publishing it & Nintendo got a backlash for it, they changed their mind again & felt since they never bothered to change it on their site that they weren’t publishing it that people would take their word for it.


  7. What’s their damage? It’s not like they were publishing Devil’s Third in America themselves, the game wasn’t releasing there regardless of the publisher of the EU or JP versions, so why is it a problem that Nintendo chose to publish it themselves in America when nobody else was going to do it?


    1. They saw it as a potential money maker and think Nintendo took that cash from them since everyone wanna the game. Nintendo shouldn’t have published it. It’s not a good game at all.


  8. NoA didn’t want to publish because it was a crappy game, so they seek out XSEED, who happily agrees to publish.
    Fans get outraged and say NoA is shit.
    NoA reverts their decision and decides to publish it themselves.
    The game turns out to be shit anyway, fans get outraged and say Nintendo is shit and XSEED never publishes a game for NoA again.

    Can NoA ever win?


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