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Teyon Is Bringing Zombie Defense To Wii U Soon

Teyon is bringing its first Wii U title, Zombie Defense, to the Nintendo eShop on September 3 in Europe and at a later date for consumers in North America. Zombie Defense is described as a modern hybrid of the real-time strategy and tower defense genres. It tasks players with using tactics to decimate waves of zombie, rally desperate soldiers, outfit them with lethal weaponry, innovate new destructive technologies and march to victory in four game modes and 40 missions.

16 thoughts on “Teyon Is Bringing Zombie Defense To Wii U Soon”

  1. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

    Mynintendonews needs to jump on the ball. Mine Craft story coming to Wii U, Fatal Frame Oct 22 is eshop exclusive… There is better news to report than this trash phone game….

    1. Peanut Butter Kit Kat

      I was going to say standards are slipping, but standards have never been that high yo begin with.

  2. Reincarnated Sasori Obinna: The Divine Puppet

    …and Fatal Frame will be free to start. Now if they can dig up how big the download file is for me I’ll forgive them ;)

  3. Hey Yo Alba, Sickr, that neckilthdude. Apparently Kerbal Space Program is coming to Wii U. Just thought id say suuuuup.

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  5. I don’t mind top down viewpoint games but I need a bigger angle than that. I hated the fact Link Between Worlds was quite literally a bird’s eye view with the top down viewpoint.

    1. Then again, this is a mobile game apparently so it doesn’t matter even if the game was third person view with the camera directly behind the character. This is why reading the comments is a good thing because they tell you what the article either doesn’t know or outright ignores.

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